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Adam Aaronson
I was trying to take a picture of Luka Doncic, and then Boban Marjanovic started waving to a nonexistent crowd
25 Feb, 11:52 PM UTC
All Things Mavs
26 Feb, 01:15 AM UTC
Allan Lem
The Boban Marjanovic DFS experience summed up in one screenshot
26 Feb, 12:21 AM UTC
Mike Chiodo
better not give Baguette Boban DPOY over Ben
26 Feb, 01:22 AM UTC
All Things Mavs
wow that was an awkward fall by Boban... he stayed in but that was scary
26 Feb, 12:22 AM UTC
Liberty Ballers
Simmons and Embiid blitzed Luka, Embiid recovered to block a Boban jumper, Seth Curry semi-transition 3, Sixers up 13
26 Feb, 01:09 AM UTC
FantasyLabs NBA
Lineup note: James Johnson starts second half ahead of Boban Marjanovic on Thursday.
26 Feb, 01:36 AM UTC
Esteban Letona
Nadie le gana un rebote a Boban, es imposible. 😅 5 rebotes (3 ofensivos y 2 defensivos) en 4 minutos de partido. #MFFL
26 Feb, 12:22 AM UTC
Boban first half game*
26 Feb, 01:41 AM UTC
Boban Rajović je pojava koja te iz depre digne čim mu sliku vidiš
26 Feb, 01:36 AM UTC
Dallas Mavs France
Carlisle a fait le choix de ne pas revenir avec Boban pour commencer la seconde période.
26 Feb, 01:38 AM UTC
Welp no Boban bailout tonight That's what I get smh
26 Feb, 01:40 AM UTC
Liberty Ballers
Mavs downsize in the 2nd, no Boban
26 Feb, 01:36 AM UTC
Paul Hudrick
Interesting choice to go with James Johnson here. I get Dallas wanting to go smaller. Don't think the Boban matchup worked out.
26 Feb, 01:37 AM UTC
Boban is a funny guy but has no business on the court of a team trying to win games.
26 Feb, 02:02 AM UTC
Rikola Vučević 🐢
Trying to force feed Boban and his toaster hands 38 possessions in a row will do that.
26 Feb, 01:48 AM UTC
Bu Bu Buce Bucevic
I'd have much preferred luka had an inefficient scoring game than have 7 TOs. Those force feeding the ball to the likes of Boban and Johnson hurt us because they literally all led to points the other way.
26 Feb, 02:10 AM UTC
Kendall Pugh
Mava pulled boban and went bad takes are good every now and then
26 Feb, 01:36 AM UTC
AP 🐄🐖🐑🐅🐓🦃🐬🐸🌲🌱🍎⛳🏀🎾
@FastEddieFear Except he sucks and won't start the 2nd half because he was -19 in 11 minutes .... Also Opportunity Cost. You can't play Boban with JV and Vuc ready to go WILD!!!!!
26 Feb, 01:18 AM UTC
@MavsDraft boban, burke, iwundu, jj and brunson
26 Feb, 02:12 AM UTC
Mike Nichols
Is Carlisle tanking? Why is he not playing Boban, rather play James Johnson & Cayley-Stein seriously
26 Feb, 02:11 AM UTC
Boban might be a -19, but Doncic is -20 and you don't see him getting benched!
26 Feb, 02:06 AM UTC
Yaya Dubin
James Johnson came in and change the terms of engagement for Dallas' defense. Nice call by Carlisle making the switch from Boban.
26 Feb, 01:53 AM UTC
Kyle Green
@Awesemo_Com Embiid, Rose, Boban, ... keep it up...
26 Feb, 01:51 AM UTC
Rikola Vučević 🐢
He’s passing it to dudes like Boban and James Johnson lol.
26 Feb, 01:48 AM UTC
Kendall Pugh
@TheAbeHernandez Him bringing boban back was pure comedy
26 Feb, 01:40 AM UTC
Kendall Pugh
Really started this game with boban man
26 Feb, 01:38 AM UTC
Kevin Gray Jr.
James Johnson starting the second half in place of Boban for the Mavericks
26 Feb, 01:37 AM UTC

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