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Brett McMurphy
One of my favorite Bobby Bowden stories. There was pregame brawl before 1998 FSU-UF game & UF QB Doug Johnson threw a football at Bowden but missed. Johnson wasn’t disciplined. Bowden was asked what would have happened if his QB threw at Spurrier. Bowden: "He would have hit him"
21 Jul, 08:00 PM UTC
Big Cat
Bobby Bowden’s FSU run still blows my mind for its outrageous consistency. From 1987-2000 Florida State won 10 games or more every single season and never finished a season ranked outside of the Top 5. In those 14 seasons they won 11 Bowl games including 2 National titles.
22 Jul, 12:09 AM UTC
Jim Henry
'I am at peace': FSU's Bobby Bowden diagnosed with a terminal medical condition via @tdonline
21 Jul, 05:51 PM UTC
ESPN College Football
Bobby Bowden has been diagnosed with a terminal medical condition, he and his family announced in a statement to the Tallahassee Democrat. "I am prepared for what is to come. ... I'm at peace," Bowden said.
21 Jul, 06:40 PM UTC
Barstool FSU
Sending prayers to the legend of Florida State football, Bobby Bowden. #PrayersforBobby #FSUSTRONG
21 Jul, 06:07 PM UTC
Adam Schefter
Bobby Bowden is 'at peace' after being diagnosed with a terminal medical condition:
21 Jul, 11:37 PM UTC
CFB Home
Bobby Bowden - Built FSU to the brand they are today. - 377 Wins - 2 National Championships - 12 ACC Championships - 14 Consecutive Top 4 Finishes - Great man off the field, the character limit has to make me stop. Peace be with you and your family. @CFBHome's photo on Bobby Bowden
21 Jul, 06:00 PM UTC
Big Cat
Obviously Saban is the GOAT and going to wind up with even crazier records. But man did Bobby Bowden know how to win Football games. And the tactical glasses always fucked. @BarstoolBigCat's photo on Bobby Bowden
22 Jul, 12:12 AM UTC
Tomahawk Nation
“One of the greatest to ever coach.” Jimbo Fisher shares thoughts on Bobby Bowden: @TomahawkNation's photo on Bobby Bowden
21 Jul, 10:20 PM UTC
🍢 Toafili Stan 🐐
Reinstate Bobby Bowden's wins, you cowards.
21 Jul, 06:03 PM UTC
Sports and Law Part Deux
WARNING: if I see any negative BS about Bobby Bowden it will get an instant block! Some of you took shots at him these past few years. Will not be tolerated.
21 Jul, 06:24 PM UTC
Brigitte Gabriel
Pray for Bobby Bowden, a GREAT leader and an even GREATER American! 🙏 @ACTBrigitte's photo on Bobby Bowden
21 Jul, 10:52 PM UTC
Michael Lombardi
I went to every Bobby Bowden clinic talk I could when trying to get into football. I wrote him a 1000 letters and he replied back every single time. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.
21 Jul, 11:55 PM UTC
Fifth Quarter Clemson
Words can not express how influential and iconic Bobby Bowden is. His legacy will not fade over time, he was more than a coach. My prayers this evening will go out to him and his family.
21 Jul, 10:53 PM UTC
Matt Hayes
Mike Leach on Bobby Bowden: "A tremendous person and a great example as far as a person. An example to all of us. A guy that made all of us want to coach. He threw the ball before most people were inclined to. I don’t think the game would be the same without him.” #SECMD21
21 Jul, 06:42 PM UTC
Saturday Gameday
As #ACC legend Bobby Bowden announces he has a terminal illness, it is hard to think of #FSU football without him. 377 wins, 2 national championships, 12 ACC crowns, finishing in the top 5 every year from ‘87-‘00. A model of consistency and excellence
21 Jul, 07:55 PM UTC
FSU Legend Bobby Bowden Has Terminal Medical Condition, 'I Am At Peace'
22 Jul, 12:15 AM UTC
College football legend Bobby Bowden says he has a terminal medical condition @Forbes's photo on Bobby Bowden
22 Jul, 12:44 AM UTC
Double Fries No Slaw
Jimbo with comments on Bobby Bowden. This will get you right in the feels. 😔😢
22 Jul, 12:54 AM UTC
I cannot take this and the news about Bobby Bowden in the same day
22 Jul, 12:51 AM UTC
Toby Srebnik (he/him)
@KLV1063 I will never forget what happened next. “This is Bobby Bowden.” I was stunned. He then spent 10-15 minutes with me on the phone answering all kinds of questions about the subject… (3 of several)
22 Jul, 12:36 AM UTC
MFG / Door Dash / costume guy
Bobby Bowden the greatest coach ever . The greatest coach in all of sports .
22 Jul, 12:24 AM UTC
So sorry to hear this. He’s the only Seminole I ever liked. The good days of college football. Prayers for Coach Bobby Bowden from #GatorNation
22 Jul, 12:58 AM UTC
Bowden one of those people who makes everyone feel special merely by being his engaging, warm self. via @tdonline
22 Jul, 12:55 AM UTC
Nick Gamblin
@GatorsFB @FSUFootball I'm a life long Gator fan who grew to love Bobby Bowden, even when his teams were beating us more often than not. I'll be praying for him.
22 Jul, 12:54 AM UTC
Bryan Minehart
@SiClancy One time WVU Head Coach Bobby Bowden!
22 Jul, 12:52 AM UTC
Check out the catalyst @anthlewis from TDC speaking with one of the greatest Bobby Bowden!
22 Jul, 12:59 AM UTC
@SomePeopleSuck6 Did you create this account out of rage at me accurately relaying a Bobby Bowden anecdote
22 Jul, 12:56 AM UTC
Bowden diagnosed with terminal medical issue
22 Jul, 12:56 AM UTC