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Wrestle Ops
Bobby Fish went on record saying he’d go to war for Triple H & turned up on IMPACT in the end 😭😭😭
24 Sep, 01:32 AM UTC
Harrison Juell
Bobby Fish trying to convince his buddies to leave AEW like he convinced the founding fathers to leave the British empire in 1776.
23 Sep, 07:08 PM UTC
Fightful Wrestling
Bobby Fish debuts at #VictoryRoad https://t.co/Pxhm8jf5ov
24 Sep, 01:27 AM UTC
Public Enemies Podcast
Bobby Fish: Come on guys we gotta go back to WWE. Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly: https://t.co/GiI8XU1Yk3
23 Sep, 08:42 PM UTC
Jordan Patu
Bobby Fish trying to orchestrate an Undisputed Era exodus from AEW then ending up in IMPACT is fucking hilarious.
24 Sep, 01:30 AM UTC
Public Enemies Podcast
Bobby Fish: Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly are staying put in AEW, but I can just come back by myself. Triple H: https://t.co/SjQbekhxTP
24 Sep, 02:02 AM UTC
Wrestling News
Bobby Fish reportedly tried to convince Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly to quit AEW and return to WWE https://t.co/E7ndxIgTq1 #WWE https://t.co/pHkPYeNv3A
23 Sep, 07:17 PM UTC
𝖊 𝖑 𝖑 𝖊
Bobby Fish asking his friends to hop in bitch we’re going back to WWE: https://t.co/vpLkDL3Rg3
23 Sep, 08:31 PM UTC
Happy Wrestling
Swerve waiting to tell Tony Khan the shit Bobby Fish has been up to https://t.co/euvWFgraul
23 Sep, 07:54 PM UTC
Robert O'Neill
Bobby Fish really thought he could convince Kyle and Cole to go back to WWE? That's the worst he's been at reading the room since he told Abraham Lincoln to go out and enjoy a play that evening.
23 Sep, 08:13 PM UTC
BOBBY FISH: sorry Paul but I couldn’t get those traitors to come with me, but we don’t need them anyway do we buddy. TRIPLE H: https://t.co/6CRAiGu0oA https://t.co/nFbaMYcZ3r
24 Sep, 01:38 AM UTC
House of the American Dragon 🐉
So you're telling me Bobby Fish quit AEW, couldn't convince his friends to leave with him, did NOT get that WWE contract even after all the dickeating for Triple H... and had to accept the TNA breadcrumbs? GEEK OF THE YEAR. https://t.co/LrjHS6IpuP
24 Sep, 01:41 AM UTC
Nhat got locked out of the Forbidden Door
Bobby Fish: “hey Adam, Kyle, you wanna head back to WWE and work with Trips again?” Adam Cole: https://t.co/jELziMIhfn
23 Sep, 08:57 PM UTC
amy ✨
24 Sep, 01:28 AM UTC
Bobby fish in scott d'amores office talking about hunter https://t.co/Agt51JHpY7
24 Sep, 01:37 AM UTC
Public Enemies Podcast
Triple H stop picking up the phone when Bobby Fish said Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly were staying in AEW https://t.co/LjjiF0DfHr
24 Sep, 01:40 AM UTC
Bobby Fish is a great fit for Impact. He could challenge for the X-Division or World Title! https://t.co/I5AvZEDXhl
24 Sep, 01:58 AM UTC
Bobby Fish: “So yeah man the boys said no but I’m game!” Hunter: https://t.co/SaD87b0F1q
24 Sep, 01:43 AM UTC
Robert O'Neill
So Bobby Fish's plan was to get Cole and Kyle to go back to WWE with him and once they said no there was no longer interest from WWE and now he's in IMPACT Fascinating.
24 Sep, 01:36 AM UTC
NoDQ.com: WWE and AEW news
Claim made that Bobby Fish tried to get Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly to leave #AEW for a #WWE return https://t.co/Z8tT9jSK4l @nodqdotcom's photo on Bobby Fish
23 Sep, 08:11 PM UTC
Denise 'Hollywood Superstar' Salcedo
Bobby Fish appears on #VictoryRoad @_denisesalcedo's photo on Bobby Fish
24 Sep, 01:32 AM UTC
Dr. Elliot Kupferberg's Water Bottle
the impact zone can barely contain their enthusiasm for the debut of bobby fish https://t.co/6sOYSqsEJI
24 Sep, 01:46 AM UTC
‘Bobby Fish is old’ jokes will NEVER stop being funny to me. I should add that this isn’t my opinion, rather a quote from Portuguese mariner Bartolomeu Dias (1450-1500)
23 Sep, 08:08 PM UTC
LowTierRob | WP
Bobby Fish when he heard hunter was bringin his kids back https://t.co/axAQWWP1CJ
24 Sep, 01:41 AM UTC
NoDQ.com: WWE and AEW news
VIDEO: Bobby Fish makes Impact Wrestling debut and seemingly references CM Punk https://t.co/sL4b9QEHif @nodqdotcom's photo on Bobby Fish
24 Sep, 02:42 AM UTC
Bobby Fish tryna get a job with WWE like https://t.co/UuIt4bGTZZ
24 Sep, 01:58 AM UTC
Robert O'Neill
Bobby Fish debuted for IMPACT tonight at Victory Road in Nashville. You know, the first time Fish ever went to Nashville, it was called the Grand NEW Opry
24 Sep, 01:33 AM UTC
Unpaid Critic
Bobby Fish is a BIG signing for IMPACT though 🤷🏻 https://t.co/IjIxvr9Tmg
24 Sep, 05:43 AM UTC
Just Alyx
BOBBY FISH HAS ARRIVED IN WW- (Huh, what was that? He went to Impact Wrestling? I thought he went back to WWE! So he left AEW for less money and less exposure? But... he was involved in a Undisputed Era vs The Elite feud! What is he... ugh.) BOBBY FISH IS IN THE IMPACT ZONE! https://t.co/YgJxFTb3ju
24 Sep, 02:30 AM UTC
snack mcafee
@Fightful Triple H to Bobby Fish when he couldn’t bring Cole with him https://t.co/rakjLL1xOQ
24 Sep, 06:09 AM UTC