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Greg Olear
#Kavanaugh is back in the news today, so I'm re-upping this:
29 Jun, 05:38 PM UTC
Frozen Water 🏁
Boof really just told son “I don’t wanna play that.” Nigga all u do is spin records. That’s all u do. Who u think u is? DJ Quik? Kid Capri? Oh you must be Jimmy Walker. Boof you ain’t nothin. You don’t deserve nothing. You don’t get nothin...
30 Jun, 01:21 AM UTC
Frozen Water 🏁
How Boof playing all the right Fab records NOW? Nah run my fade @DJBoof!!!!!!!!!! I swear.
30 Jun, 01:50 AM UTC
I feel like Fab and Booth are going to have a LOOOOOOOOOONNNNG convo after this lol. And its going to be Fab yelling at Boof #Verzuz
30 Jun, 01:53 AM UTC
Randy Cruz
Fabolous to DJ Boof right now... #Verzuz
30 Jun, 01:06 AM UTC
Kazeem Famuyide 🍎
Fab when he gets back in the whip and talks to Boof @Kazeem's photo on Boof
30 Jun, 01:55 AM UTC
The Blue Djin ➡️ Not Dead Yet 🔬🥽📚🔭⚾️☕️🇦🇽 🧶
@joelockhart @david_hemond @SenatorCollins But, can you find out who paid off his debts, his mortgage, his country club fees? Americans deserve to know who owns #BoofKavanaugh . Also, why did Chief Justice Roberts just "tear up" the 57 pending judicial complaints about Boof's behavior?
29 Jun, 08:56 PM UTC
Virgil Cent
@LowKeyUHTN Fab gon be lookin at Boof tomorrow morning like
30 Jun, 01:55 AM UTC
The Theme Song to the Sopranos
Fab gotta delete boof’s number after this yo
30 Jun, 01:19 AM UTC
Jaevery McLovin
DJ BOOF: AHaHa u remember this fab? Fab:
30 Jun, 01:52 AM UTC
This nigga Boof having the time of his life playing Fab’s hits after the fact. 🤣🤣
30 Jun, 01:53 AM UTC
Grumpy Elitist Nigga
Nigga Boof said “Remember this chick” in reference to Lil Mo’ like she was just a random drunk bitch that topped off the crew at Essence Fest
30 Jun, 01:55 AM UTC
blame boof
30 Jun, 01:53 AM UTC
Humble & Noble
Boof wanna get bookings so bad
30 Jun, 01:44 AM UTC
Signed By McFly ©
Boof number still the same..
30 Jun, 01:54 AM UTC
Jada wanna hear freestyles and Boof wanna play the tour set 😭
30 Jun, 01:57 AM UTC
Nah, DJ BOOF gotta fight me. How he playing ALL THE FIRST AFTER???? 😡😡😡😡
30 Jun, 01:58 AM UTC
Max Julien
Na son I blame Boof on this lmaooooooo
30 Jun, 01:52 AM UTC
Rich Homie Gech .
Fab & Boof OD fumbled. Smfh.
30 Jun, 01:50 AM UTC
DJ Boof going to lose his job #Verzuz
30 Jun, 01:57 AM UTC
Nah Boof and Fab dropped the ball!!! He should've played these "for funs" in round 1
30 Jun, 01:51 AM UTC
Jimmy Jump
30 Jun, 01:56 AM UTC
Bad Gyal KneeKnee
Boof should’ve got the boot!
30 Jun, 01:59 AM UTC
I Feel Like A Black Supremacist
Dog If Im Fab this nigga Boof gotta see me lol
30 Jun, 01:53 AM UTC
AmeriKKKa’s Most.
Boof dropped the ball... from a hits standpoint Fab got it...
30 Jun, 01:52 AM UTC
Boof was point shaving the entire time. Fab was gonna lose regardless but Boof didn’t help at all
30 Jun, 01:59 AM UTC
V🖖🏾 🇭🇹
Nigga really gave us BOOF when he should’ve gave us Dj CLUE. He really Missed an important cultural opportunity there.
30 Jun, 01:58 AM UTC

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