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Luka in the Suns series: — More points than Booker — More rebounds than Ayton — More assists than CP — More steals than Mikal @statmuse's photo on Booker
16 May, 12:42 PM UTC
Scooter McGavin
Pat Bev: "How did you look at (Devin Booker) before?" SAS: "He's a star" Pat Bev: "What kinda star: a five-pointed star or a six-pointed star?" This is why I will always love Pat Bev 😭😭😭😭😭😭 https://t.co/SotOdsX7Xp
16 May, 02:57 PM UTC
People slandering CP3 but not enough people are talking about Booker. He escaped criticism last year in the Finals and he is doing it rn…
16 May, 10:26 PM UTC
Jeff Skin Wade
I know this is childish, but all I can think about is Devin Booker getting mad that he got double-teamed in a summer pickup game
16 May, 02:57 PM UTC
Luka scored more points than Booker in this series, 218 to 164. Luka took more rebounds than Deandre Ayton, 69 to 57. Luka gave 49 assists when Chris Paul gave only 40. Luka had 15 steals while Mikal Bridges had 9 in this series. 😳 https://t.co/7SHBlp9YUS
16 May, 12:40 PM UTC
x - Jays Enthusiast
Jayson Tatum in an elimination game: 46 points in 43 minutes Devin Booker in a elimination game: 11 points in 37 minutes Never compare these two ever again
16 May, 02:15 PM UTC
Tommy Beer
Leaders in each statistical category in the Mavs-Suns series: Points: 1. Luka Doncic: 228 2. Devin Booker: 164 Assists: 1. Doncic: 49 2. Chris Paul: 40 Rebounds: 1. Doncic: 69 2. D. Ayton: 57 Steals: 1. Doncic: 15 2. Mikal Bridges: 9 3-pointers: 1. Doncic: 22 2. Crowder: 16
16 May, 02:06 PM UTC
Basketball Forever
Frank Ntilikina held Chris Paul and Devin Booker to 3-40 FG when matched up on them. https://t.co/r6uxgXXsDU
17 May, 01:03 AM UTC
Luka a marqué plus de points que Booker dans cette série, 218 contre 164. Luka a pris plus de rebonds que Deandre Ayton, 69 à 57. Luka a donné 49 passes décisives alors que Chris Paul n'en a donné que 40. Luka a réalisé 15 interceptions contre 9 pour Mikal Bridges. #MFFL https://t.co/zNmE3UEZIh
16 May, 12:51 PM UTC
Tomer Azarly
Stephen A. Smith says Devin Booker is on the same level as Paul George, and Patrick Beverley was not having it. @TomerAzarly's photo on Booker
16 May, 06:26 PM UTC
FLEX From Jersey
Going to be an interesting offseason in Phoenix. Im told the Suns will have a unique opportunity to land a true Superstar who wants to be in Phoenix with Booker while allowing CP3 to take a lighter load as a 3rd option at 37. Right place at the right time situation for the Suns👀
16 May, 06:16 PM UTC
Stephen A. Smith tagged the wrong Devin Booker and got a wild response 💀 @FIBA's photo on Booker
16 May, 04:53 PM UTC
𝗝𝖆 ⌖
@Dame_Lillard sorry dame but he’s right, cp3 and booker deserve the same slander that harden or pg get
16 May, 07:15 PM UTC
NBA Memes
I just know Ben Simmons is somewhere thanking CP3 and Booker for letting him get a break from getting cooked on social media 😂🤣 https://t.co/98zKI3yteP
16 May, 06:13 PM UTC
Joey Linn
Feels like a good time to remind people that Devin Booker shot 29% from the field with 8 turnovers when defended by Patrick Beverley in last year’s WCF. Chris Paul got going in that final game because he picked on Boogie in drop coverage while Pat Bev was on Booker.
16 May, 07:00 PM UTC
Bally Sports Southwest
✅ More Points Than Booker ✅ More Rebounds Than Ayton ✅ More Assists Than The Point God ✅ More Steals Than Bridges Luka Doncic had a series vs the Suns @BallySportsSW's photo on Booker
16 May, 11:39 PM UTC
NBA Memes
In the nine full quarters since Booker's "Luka Special" comment, Phoenix was outscored by 55 points, Booker was -62, and Luka was +55. 😭 https://t.co/TVLa6ZlL89
16 May, 08:01 PM UTC
Charles Booker
My name is Charles Booker, I am a lifelong Kentuckian, proud husband, father, and the person who is going to retire Rand Paul this November. Please help me win this race by chipping in today: https://t.co/mOYcXjFKvo
17 May, 12:31 AM UTC
Yvonne Lochner
Tomorrow is primary Election Day in KY. Have you made plans to get to the polls & vote? This is your chance to choose a Dem candidate that can defeat useless Rand Paul in November. But, you need to make sure Charles Booker advances. Vote @Booker4KY on 5/17! #DemVoice1 https://t.co/qiYBk64h70
16 May, 07:53 PM UTC
Bruno 🇪🇺☮🎶
Booker T. Jones https://t.co/kgylxtsY7u
17 May, 05:22 AM UTC
17 May, 07:14 AM UTC
Vampire Killer (Taylor's Version)
Vince furiously making phone calls to Eric Bischoff and Booker T, begging them to make some more inflammatory statements about AEW so the news cycle can shift from his bobo Notes app press release
17 May, 11:53 AM UTC
Que ves?👀 Sabana Perdida PlayStation Plus San Isidro Al Horford Dallas OTAN Megan Fox Sputnik Albert Pujols Luka Booker Warriors #EclipseLunar #Tiroteo Suns Nueva York Giannis Mavs Tatum Lebron Buffalo #BBMAs  Boston Miami Chris Paul https://t.co/sMWcxlvf76
16 May, 01:36 PM UTC
The Booker Prizes
Join the shortlisted #2022InternationalBooker translators for an evening of readings and discussion in the lead-up to the announcement of the winners. Book your tickets here: https://t.co/9pr3pxKKr1 @BlackwellsMcr @epwa66 @TheBookerPrizes's photo on Booker
17 May, 10:31 AM UTC
@TreySongz @_Hitmaka @RayJ @mzprincesslove @4everBrandy @natejonesonbass #tuesdayvibe Great Replacement Theory Celtics Black Freddie Gibbs Milan #WPElections Swalwell Pat Bev Booker Cantaloupe Neil deGrasse Tyson Matt Barnes Jordan Peterson Cara Delevingne Matt Barnes https://t.co/8LdSy9iyr2
17 May, 11:59 AM UTC
@TreySongz @NICKIMINAJ @coi_leray @Outkast @dreamdoll @troytaylorttu @johntalsr #tuesdayvibe Great Replacement Theory Celtics Black Freddie Gibbs Milan #WPElections Swalwell Pat Bev Booker Cantaloupe Neil deGrasse Tyson Matt Barnes Jordan Peterson Cara Delevingne Matt Barnes https://t.co/FxuFra3bSp
17 May, 11:56 AM UTC
Ky Dem
Get out and vote for Charles Booker today and we’ll be one step closer to send Rand Paul packing
17 May, 11:24 AM UTC
Rev_Run Hate Account
@CP_JETLife @sbnumbah1 Chris Paul and Booker disappeared
17 May, 11:57 AM UTC
I’d like to see Senators Chris Murphy, Kristin Gillibrand, Amy Klobuchar and Cory Booker in leadership along with Sheldon Whitehouse.
17 May, 11:53 AM UTC