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NPR Books
We are so proud today to bring you Books We Love, NPR’s annual guide to our favorite books of the year. We have dedicated this edition of BWL to our friend and colleague, books editor Petra Mayer, 1974-2021.🧵 1/7
24 Nov, 12:14 PM UTC
Linda Holmes Thinks You're Boo-ing Great
And … it’s Books We Love day! (Formerly known as the Book Concierge.) So much appreciation and gratitude to the fabulous team that puts this together.
24 Nov, 12:13 PM UTC
morg (twonka)
ahhh!!! HONEY GIRL is on NPR’s best books/books we love 2021 list!!!! 💛💛💛💛💛
24 Nov, 02:30 PM UTC
Natalie Escobar
Books We Love (f.k.a. the Book Concierge) from the team at @nprbooks is here, and it's beautiful. We dedicated this year's edition to @petramatic, who left us way too soon on Nov. 13. She was so excited to bring this to y'all—spend some time with it today.
24 Nov, 12:34 PM UTC
Amal El-Mohtar
Good morning everyone. @nprbooks' BOOKS WE LOVE--formerly the Book Concierge--is up, & dedicated to the memory of Petra Mayer.
24 Nov, 03:19 PM UTC
Jackie Ess
Darryl is on @nprbooks 2021 Books We Love list!
24 Nov, 04:12 PM UTC
Adam Serwer 🍝
Grateful to @nprbooks and @meg_anders for placing THE CRUELTY IS THE POINT on their “Books We Love” list along with so many wonderful books and authors.
24 Nov, 03:07 PM UTC
Matt Bell
I’m thrilled to see APPLESEED on NPR's Books We Love list, where Jason Sheehan calls it “an odd mix of magical realism, pioneer mythology and weird science... and a strain of dreamy strangeness that makes it a meditative thriller with an ethical heart."
24 Nov, 02:33 PM UTC
Honorée Fanonne Jeffers
So honored & happy to be on the “Best Books 2021: Books We Love” List of NPR, along with @SonofBaldwin & @iSmashFizzle !
24 Nov, 03:02 PM UTC
Danielle Kurtzleben
On NPR Books We Love day, I want to plug Anita Hill’s “Believing,” which is definitely the smartest book I read this year:
24 Nov, 04:04 PM UTC
Son of Baldwin (Robert Jones, Jr.)
Thank you, @NPR, for including so many of my peoples, and my own novel #TheProphets, on your list of #BestBook2021: Books We Love.
24 Nov, 04:43 PM UTC
Dolly H Alderton
Ghosts is one on @NPR's "books we love" list for 2021 and I am very very *serene yet moved smile + single tear emoji* @AAKnopf
24 Nov, 05:23 PM UTC
We sent copies of @jackie_ess’ Darryl and @indefenseofska to @Eve6 this summer. This week Darryl made @nprbooks’ Books We Love List and the ska book made @pitchfork’s Top 11 Music Books. The Eve 6 Effect is real. We will now be sending all of our books to Eve 6.
24 Nov, 05:13 PM UTC
Nate Powell
Proud to see SAVE IT FOR LATER on NPR’s best-of-2021 “Books We Love” list: “As ever, Powell’s drawings are just stunning: vigorous, heartfelt and supremely accomplished. Save It for Later is an invaluable record of these times, and a great read besides.” @Nate_Powell_Art's photo on Books We Love
24 Nov, 05:25 PM UTC
NPR Politics
NPR's Books We Love (formerly the Book Concierge) is back with a brand new batch of hand-picked titles! Here are more than 360 of our favorite reads from 2021:
24 Nov, 05:25 PM UTC
Jude Joffe-Block
What an honor for me and @TGSterling to see Driving While Brown included in this incredible edition of @nprbooks Books We Love and described as “a smart, well-documented book about a group of people determined to hold the powerful to account.”
24 Nov, 01:39 PM UTC
Terry GreeneSterling
Honored, humbled, gobsmacked that the new book I coauthored w @judejoffeblock DRIVING WHILE BROWN made NPR's Books We Love list for 2021 in four categories!!
24 Nov, 04:02 PM UTC
Erewhon Books
We're honored to have 2 books on @nprbooks annual Books We Love. Thank you @skrishna for choosing @AngelaMHur's "gorgeous journey," that is Folklorn & thank you @tithenai for choosing E. Lily Yu's "devastatingly beautiful," debut novel, On Fragile Waves.
24 Nov, 05:28 PM UTC
Publishers Weekly
NPR Unveils 'Books We Love,' an Interactive Reading Guide | @NPR @PublishersWkly's photo on Books We Love
24 Nov, 05:20 PM UTC
Paula Yoo 유보라 📝📚📺🎥🎻🎸🇰🇷🇺🇸
FROM A WHISPER TO A RALLYING CRY: "The story of Vincent Chin will grab you and not let go, even long after you've read the last page." Thank you @LisaYee1 @nprbooks for the honor of my @NYRBooks #YA #VincentChin #NBAwards #BostonGlobeHornBookAward 📚on @NPR "2021 Books We Love."
24 Nov, 05:17 PM UTC
Nate Powell
Here’s the complete 2021 “Books We Love” list:
24 Nov, 05:25 PM UTC
We’re thrilled to report THE ISOLATION ARTIST by @pphbkeyes has landed on @NPR's 2021 list of BOOKS WE LOVE! “Keyes’ book reads almost like a mystery novel. Even if you’re not an art aficionado, you’ll find it hard to put down.” Read the full rave here:
24 Nov, 05:32 PM UTC
jackson howard
"Invaluable as both an archive and a blueprint for contemporary organizers of all stripes." @sarahschulman3's LTRS is one of @NPR's books we love!!!! (also maybe my favorite end of year book feature??)
24 Nov, 05:31 PM UTC
Curtis Brown, Ltd
Congratulations, @LindaSuePark and @KeklaMagoon! THE ONE THING YOU'D SAVE and REVOLUTION IN OUR TIME were included in @nprbooks's Books We Love list for 2021!
24 Nov, 05:40 PM UTC
Univ of Texas Press
Lovely to see @kimruehl's book A SINGING ARMY in the @nprbooks "Books We Love" guide to great reads! 😍 #ZilphiaBook #GiveBooks #ShopLocal #BookConcierge #ReadUP #KeepUP
24 Nov, 02:43 PM UTC
Nora Flanagan
My friend @jarrettdapier’s children’s book, Mr. Watson’s Chickens, is on NPR’s Books We Love! “Chaotic energy” and gay characters not centered on persecution or parenting (of humans)? YES TO THIS!
24 Nov, 05:55 PM UTC
Sanjay Sipahimalani
Mixing and matching the filters on NPR’s ‘Books We Love’ is almost as satisfying as actually reading the books. (Almost.)
24 Nov, 05:27 PM UTC
NPR's annual "Books We Love" list is here! It's chock-full of great reading suggestions for the readers in your life - including you!
24 Nov, 05:59 PM UTC
Books We Love 👂THANK U SO MUCH🙂
24 Nov, 05:56 PM UTC
Not THAT Karen, thank you
It’s here—clicks on a cover, or scroll to find your genre. There really is something got everybody in Books We Love 2121. Hapoy reading!
24 Nov, 05:54 PM UTC