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🏆 BOOMER SOONER 🏆 The Oklahoma Sooners are your 2021 National Champions! @OU_Softball @SportsCenter's photo on Boomer Sooner
10 Jun, 09:24 PM UTC
Bleacher Report
BOOMER SOONER! 🥎 @OU_Softball slugs their way to another #WCWS title @BRWalkoff @BleacherReport's photo on Boomer Sooner
10 Jun, 09:21 PM UTC
Adrian Peterson
Boomer sooner baby! @OU_Softball let’s go!!!!!!!!
10 Jun, 01:36 AM UTC
Holly Rowe
If you need some motivation to watch softball at 3 p.m. ESPN on a Thursday check out ⁦@OU_Softball⁩ productivity. Literally BOOMER Sooner. @sportsiren's photo on Boomer Sooner
10 Jun, 05:20 PM UTC
Damon Lane
Boomer Sooner!!!! Congratulations Oklahoma Softball on another National Championship!!!
10 Jun, 09:20 PM UTC
🥎️BREAKING: BOOMER SOONER! The Oklahoma Sooners beat Florida State Thursday 5-1 to win the Women’s College World Series Championship! #BoomerSooner #KOCO5 @koconews's photo on Boomer Sooner
10 Jun, 09:25 PM UTC
mitch moore
Yo it smells like boomer sooner in here🤧🤧🤧
10 Jun, 09:27 PM UTC
Nathan Hiatt
BOOMER SOONER: No. 1 @OU_Softball wins 5-1 against No. 10 @FSU_Softball in Game 3 in Oklahoma City. “G” Juarez (@ggotgame45) with the final out. As @Nicole_Mendes_ said, the #Sooners don’t lose twice to the same team. So happy for Jayda Coleman (@jaydac00). 🥎. #WCWS
10 Jun, 10:15 PM UTC
bruh man 5th flo
Yes sir !!!!!! BOOMER SOONER !!!!
10 Jun, 09:57 PM UTC
MaK and Jo
@78jocelyn_alo Congrats 👏 on the amazing season Boomer Sooner!
10 Jun, 11:36 PM UTC
@SchutteCFB Boomer Sooner from a Husker Fan.
11 Jun, 12:29 AM UTC
Shawn Stapleton
@78jocelyn_alo Congrats, was rooting y’all on from Georgia, Boomer Sooner
11 Jun, 12:28 AM UTC
Willie McCloud
Boomer Sooner Mindset Boom
11 Jun, 12:14 AM UTC
@BOOMERandSOONER Boomer Sooner babee 👊🏻
11 Jun, 12:12 AM UTC
Stacia Price
And another one! Boomer Sooner!!
10 Jun, 11:54 PM UTC
T Wildcat
10 Jun, 11:45 PM UTC
Eva Cantor, NG+ Poster
"Boomer Sooner" is actually code for "I have spontaneous CTE".
11 Jun, 12:44 AM UTC
Chris martin
@78jocelyn_alo BOOMER SOONER great job
11 Jun, 12:37 AM UTC
Martin Chase
@H2oJayden @MasonSmith_LSU Enjoy the process! Boomer Sooner
11 Jun, 12:32 AM UTC
Cindy Solis
@soonergridiron Thank you sooner girls great year and great class , BOOMER SOONER BABY 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🔥🔥🎉🎉
11 Jun, 12:32 AM UTC
David K
@78jocelyn_alo Great Series you all did wonderful so proud of you Boomer Sooner! Champs again!
11 Jun, 12:31 AM UTC
@78jocelyn_alo Congrats!! BOOMER SOONER BABY!! I am so glad I was there to watch the Final game today. You Rock Alo!!! Great job!
11 Jun, 12:30 AM UTC
@bethmowins Where are you and your Boomer Sooner girls partying tonight?
11 Jun, 12:28 AM UTC
@78jocelyn_alo Awesome play this season! Boomer Sooner!
11 Jun, 12:24 AM UTC
@78jocelyn_alo ODERINT, DUM METUANT ! Let them Hate, as long as they Fear ! Boomer Sooner !
11 Jun, 12:14 AM UTC
11 Jun, 12:11 AM UTC