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boomers love to install 30+ slot machine apps on $59 android tablets
15 May, 05:42 PM UTC
NBA Australia
BREAKING: @BenSimmons25 announces he will play for the Australian Boomers 🇦🇺 this off-season! ➡️ NBA Australia's photo on Boomers
15 May, 01:39 AM UTC
Werner Twertzog
It is important for massively indebted young Americans to have more children so that aging “Baby Boomers” may have luxurious retirements, before everything collapses, because their happiness is a global top priority.
15 May, 08:10 PM UTC
hanna cantrell
Baby boomers will use the same tissue to blow their nose for 15 years straight but won't use a reusable cup
15 May, 06:45 PM UTC
Dr. Barker Maveric
full ride to illegal immigrants who will work in silicon valley kicking us off our platforms. thanks, boomers!
15 May, 05:19 PM UTC
Crazy that women are gonna have to get black market abortions because some p.o.s boomers can’t get over their misogynistic god-complex
15 May, 04:11 PM UTC
Carl Af Finspång
Kommer inte leda någonstans: 1. Sossarna gör inga skattesänkningar frivilligt. 2. Helgonet Greta vill inte ha billigare bensin. 3. Boomers bakom upproret är lättkontrollerade.
15 May, 09:54 AM UTC
Werner Twertzog
By “luxurious” I mean not dying in the streets, like Gen X plans to do, after the Boomers are safety enjoying their nineties, and tenure.
15 May, 08:28 PM UTC
when will all the baby boomers die out?? they are ruining this country
15 May, 01:01 PM UTC
@danielmarans Biden boomers are fucking infuriating. They won't be around for the oncoming climate disaster so they don't give a shit about it. Makes me sick.
15 May, 05:39 AM UTC
Political JuneTeenth - #SonOfMemphis
#ADOS, we cannot stand by while Boomers in SC grease the skids for #JimCrowJoe to coast to the nomination w/out an articulated and full-throated black agenda. "No Black Agenda, No Black Vote!!" #Tangibles2020 #LineageMatters #Reparations2020 #FBA #b1
15 May, 03:27 PM UTC
Second City Bureaucrat
Hi, I'm a journalist and my beat is Q Anon boomers. Nice to meet you. I'm also a journalist. My beat is twitter accounts that say things the bosses disagree with.
15 May, 08:48 PM UTC
María Cruzálida
El aire huele mucho a que se están quemando nuestros bosques pero huele más A LA VERGA QUE LES VALE PINCHIS BABY BOOMERS ME CAGAN
15 May, 03:54 AM UTC
Nick Fink
Note how it’s boomers and gen Xers who are the most mad about this. Millennials understand vacation time and not being beholden to your employer. Which explains why most workplaces suck. The bosses are the “get online and complain that people aren’t working for free” people.
15 May, 04:28 PM UTC
the Virgin Mary
Dont legalize abortions. Mandate them. Allow for late term extending to the age of Baby boomers. Abort baby boomers
15 May, 08:09 PM UTC
Millennials aren’t having kids like the baby boomers did. Now all of a sudden, Republicans wanna go harder on the attack for abortion and gay rights. Y’all forced us to go to college. Excuse us for doing the math and figuring out kids aren’t a good move in this economy.
15 May, 08:34 PM UTC
15 May, 07:22 PM UTC
John Ajaka
Let’s stop calling them pro-lifers and use more fitting names like - anti-choice - mysoginists - boomers - people who are gonna pay for all these damn kids
15 May, 05:35 PM UTC
A Thanos Limo. 👍🏻
@WeWuzTraps @CubeEternal @LuigiDolan Zoomers are legitimately just as bad as boomers get out
15 May, 08:47 PM UTC
🐸 hbd nrx 🐸
Major GOP constituencies: Anti-immigration/alt-right Evangelicals Free market fundamentalists who haven't caught on to woke capital Pro-military neocon boomers (despite some shift toward Dems)
15 May, 08:43 PM UTC
Bill Romaine, Lobster Cop
@_ThiefAnt_ @BoomerHatfield OR Commemorative Boomers' Face pins, sold on a black card with eulogy on the back about his face and how great it was.
15 May, 08:53 PM UTC
David Robert
Holy kids! 😯 Kids Day at @boomersbaseball Boomers Stadium this afternoon. 🐔🏟⚾️🚌 #Boomburg #BoomerCountry
15 May, 08:34 PM UTC
A Cavalier Brit ✝️ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
@yacks_91 Can't wait for all the boomers to get the wrong one, Skull mask boomer protest incoming
15 May, 08:39 PM UTC
dating app for boomers called "okboomer"
15 May, 09:00 PM UTC
🇳🇿 GC
15 May, 08:46 PM UTC
Y'allqueda is real. Forced birthing bills, "false rape allegation" bills, confederate boomers carrying guns onto college campuses, what's next? They oppose sharia law so much that they implemented a fascist Christian theocracy. Same shit, different faces.
15 May, 08:41 PM UTC
Do you ever think about how baby boomers completely robbed us of our future and get really, really mad and have to pull your thoughts in another direction so you don’t explode? @SloaneSays I think you might feel me on this one
15 May, 08:44 PM UTC
Retro Housewife
My Gen X'r friend would say, "Welcome to his world!" Stuck between the moron Baby Boomers and the narcissistic Millennials his generation was called the "negative generation." They simply knew what the future would be! @sewernugget
15 May, 03:25 PM UTC
Roy McAvoy
@FuckinWhiteMaIe boomers: OMG HES STILL GOT IT!!! Roy McAvoy's photo on Boomers
15 May, 08:55 PM UTC
the boomers may have the congress but we continue to monopolize the doge memes
15 May, 08:54 PM UTC
Jesús Fernando
'Baby boomers' están por descubrir que no es lo mismo renegociar una deuda anterior que compartir ganancias o, peor, dejarle el negocio estratégico nacional a privados extranjeros para que ellos se enriquezcan. Ahí radica la soberanía 🤦‍♂️
15 May, 08:52 PM UTC
Squatemalan Defense League
@Al_Rotter @HappyZhirinovsk @liangweihan4 @JonMugwort Boomers raised on the Cosby show still have not gotten that memo unfortunately for their sake
15 May, 08:49 PM UTC
Meagan JY
@destineelaisha Waiting patiently for the boomers to die out LOL 🤣 But yes i agree 100 %
15 May, 08:47 PM UTC
Tim Sullivan at the Wheel
@ASU_SuperFan @AZShawnO 1/ The reason I asked is this: The boomers benefited from growing up in an emerging global economy in which America was, quite literally, the only First World Nation who hadn’t had its domestic infrastructure, it’s manufacturing base, and its male population nearly completely
15 May, 08:46 PM UTC
close the border
I guess the anti-white Charlottesville add really resonated with the boomers out in PA?
15 May, 08:42 PM UTC
I swear, I honestly thought that America would evolve outta this bullshit. Boy was I ever wrong - it’s much worse now than it’s ever been and Trump and baby boomers are to blame for this
15 May, 08:42 PM UTC
Ram Etarin
@anniemae04 Millenials outnumber boomers now.
15 May, 08:38 PM UTC
Loren 🇮🇸
Baby boomers (con carrera, que tiene tela la cosa) descubren lo que llevamos aguantando la gente joven al entrar al mercado de trabajo desde que empezó la crisis
15 May, 09:00 PM UTC
Carl Spackler
@RaccoonRavitz @GatesKeith The sick part is they are all indoctrinated into this grand idea of what the south was all because of the Daughters of the Confederacy and it happens till this day down there. Baby boomers in the south were raised on lies that do, admittedly, sound good if you don't know better.
15 May, 09:00 PM UTC
Jessica Evans 🇪🇸
@ttlovesactually Biden & Sanders are so old they are technically in the generation BEFORE baby boomers.(The Silent Generation) Trump just barely makes the cutoff. Either way I'm sick & tired of old white men. We need someone who's going to have to suffer the consequences of his actions/inactions
15 May, 09:00 PM UTC
Do you suppose Baby Boomers think they are the generation that built the social safety net? Because that was mostly their parents’ generation—the ones who made it through the Depression and WWII. Boomers grew up with it...
15 May, 09:00 PM UTC
Brendan Conway, CFA
Just bought my copy of “The Theft of a Decade: How the Baby Boomers Stole the Millennials’ Economic Future,” by @josephsternberg of the @WSJ. Pictured behind Joe and me: yachts, presumably owned by Boomers. Brendan Conway, CFA's photo on Boomers
15 May, 09:00 PM UTC
bri ◟̽◞̽
AND ANOTHER THING so when boomers phone was ringing and the girls had to dig in his pockets to get it, FIRST how did it get there SECOND they didn't catch even a little glimpse of the body when they were digging around ??? bri ◟̽◞̽'s photo on Boomers
15 May, 08:59 PM UTC
Chris Kepu
@mikeb927 @Z00lue @BenSimmons25 Here here. Much respect and hope Raptors now go do likewise with the rest. @BenSimmons25 can come home now and help our Boomers.
15 May, 08:59 PM UTC
What if Russia spread antivax propaganda to boomers on social media, while western civilization reinforced pro-vax ideology in the next generation through memes?
15 May, 08:59 PM UTC
Lee Olsen
Stoked to hear @BenSimmons25 announce he'll be playing for the #Boomers in the upcoming World Cup. I've got my tickets to the warmup game against the USA in August... can't wait!! (Graphic created for @FIBAWC 🏀🌏) Lee Olsen's photo on Boomers
15 May, 08:58 PM UTC
It’s an incomplete analysis. You’d have to understand America’s reluctance to enter the war DESPITE evidence Jewish people were being exterminated. Baby Boomers lived in a country beginning to come to terms with its racist past. Not all BABY BOOMERS wanted change. E.g. 👵🏻👨🏻‍🦳MAGA!
15 May, 08:58 PM UTC
Dr Mary Ann
More about living with dementia. Will baby-boomers change our perceptions of this disease? The vibrant life of a man with early-stage dementia challenges every common assumption via @qz
15 May, 08:58 PM UTC
@NetHistorian Need to get the boomers on it.
15 May, 08:58 PM UTC
@_Funeral_Plans_ Another Baby Boomers Boon! No worries, it's the end of the world in 12 years time according to the Eco zeitgeist.
15 May, 08:56 PM UTC
Ram Etarin
@anniemae04 oh right. I thought you meant.. BOOMERS.
15 May, 08:56 PM UTC
The Mighty Quinn
@BillPLCguy @prayingmedic You are getting duped by grifters. But by all means keep fighting the illuminati or whatever & stay blind to all the grifting happening around you. They are taking advantage of the boomers because they are the easiest marks unfortunately.
15 May, 08:56 PM UTC
Sam Wilkinson
Not to worry! The important thing is that we focus on continuing to make life easy for Baby Boomers!
15 May, 08:56 PM UTC
Adam Crowl
@cstross Quisling for the Boomers. Knew it. Just reading a Laundry Files tale. Cthulhu for President 2016, or some such. Much love.
15 May, 08:55 PM UTC
Sixers Army
BREAKING: @BenSimmons25 announces he will play for the Australian Boomers 🇦🇺 this off-season! Sixers Army's photo on Boomers
15 May, 08:55 PM UTC
Abhrajyoti Chakraborty
No generation is more self-absorbed and more entitled in my experience than the boomers.
15 May, 08:54 PM UTC
Talk To The Hatter
@EldritchMor @THESuperJenn Don't look at me. Blame the Boomers...
15 May, 08:54 PM UTC
@youngamericanz I don’t understand this challenge anyway. It’s like: “Hey everyone, let’s make a video of teenagers who aren’t old enough to have used extremely outdated technology, and film them trying to figure out said outdated tech.” Let’s see the Boomers try to navigate an Xbox instead.
15 May, 08:54 PM UTC
Bruhhh this dude really knows how to appeal to a boomer's heart. We all know boomers can't get enough of infomercial collector's coins, Trump, or Jesus.
15 May, 08:54 PM UTC
Bernie Bro Abroad🌲🌊🐐🍄👽
@krypto_klepto Baby Boomers Ruin EVERYTHING
15 May, 08:54 PM UTC
Jo Bond Loves RNZ ❤️
I give millennials a chance, I give xennials a chance, I give generation xers a chance, I give baby boomers a chance, I give the silent generation a chance, and I even give generation z a chance.
15 May, 08:54 PM UTC
Leslie Campisi
Love this CEO profile of Rhian from @MyKindur in @CrainsNewYork
15 May, 08:53 PM UTC
Sixers News
BREAKING: Ben Simmons announces he will play for the Australian Boomers 🇦🇺 this off-season!
15 May, 08:52 PM UTC
Abigail Shannon
@CovenOfEmily :)) i looked at her page and she’s one of those baby boomers who don’t know when to use an apostrophe before an S Abigail Shannon's photo on Boomers
15 May, 08:51 PM UTC
Steve Glover
@cstross 1959, but Norn Iron. Not sure we even had Boomers....
15 May, 08:51 PM UTC
60s Folks
'Boomer And Gio': NBA Draft Lottery Was Like Opening A Disappointing Christmas Gift  WFAN By WFAN.comWFAN's Boomer Esiason and Gregg Giannotti spent Wednesday morning's show coping with the reality that Zion Williamson i... via @60sfolks #boomers #seniors 60s Folks's photo on Boomers
15 May, 08:48 PM UTC
Reading is in progress, @josephcoughlin. I will gladly share my takeaways soon. @TheFantastic55 #wisdomwednesday #aging #aginggracefully #babyboomers #boomers
15 May, 08:48 PM UTC
Mogul Sports Group
✊Just a kid from Horsham 🇦🇺mitchellcreek55 #mogulsportsgroupnba #mogulsportsgroupaustralia #nba #nbasummerleague #NBAMinicamp2018 #nbasummerleague2018 #nbl #nblnews #aussiehoopla #basketball #boomers #dallasmavs…
15 May, 08:47 PM UTC
World Cup - Ben Simmons announces he'll play for Boomers in 2019 World Cup
15 May, 08:46 PM UTC
Christopher J. Slaby
Pretty interesting development here. As someone originally from NJ, I am surprised that it’s not yet legal (lots of Boomers who see no problem with it). I wonder how this moment will look and fit into the narrative when the history of pot legalization gets written.
15 May, 08:45 PM UTC
eSports Championships
Part 1 of the ESC Ascension Cup highlights have now been uploaded! QF 1: Ice Cream v E1ement Ice QF 2: Chaos eSports v Wind and Rain QF 3: ExoTiik v Boomers Check it out: #RocketLeague #RL #tournament #2v2 #eSports #ESC #eSportsChampionships
15 May, 08:44 PM UTC
Amy Richmond
@ln3ldy @Brasilmagic Yes, or grandparents even. It pisses me off to no end when Boomers and older say Millenials are whining - I'm Gen X, I know what I paid for an apartment when I was a starving artist. What Millenials are supposed to pay, absurd!!
15 May, 08:40 PM UTC
@Gus_Noriega Solo x el marketing de su campaña debería decir otra cosa. No entiende. Generación Baby boomers. Tamos viejos ya!
15 May, 08:40 PM UTC
Greg Smith
Students at TLC caught 3 fowl balls today at the Schaumburg Boomers game. #ourndsec #ndsectlc Greg Smith's photo on Boomers
15 May, 08:39 PM UTC
15 May, 08:39 PM UTC