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John Simpson
Boris Johnson on Today, @BBCr4today: 'People around the world are going 'wow - they've made this incredible decision to go global''. This is certainly not my experience. From US to China to India to SAfrica, people I'm hearing from think we're opting for imperial nostalgia.
11 Feb, 09:17 AM UTC
Mike Galsworthy
A fully delusional Boris Johnson now on @BBCr4today saying that countries around the world are looking at us and saying “Wow!”... Yes, but not for the reasons you think, Boris. 🤦🏻‍♂️
11 Feb, 08:17 AM UTC
Letters of Note
Eton College writes to Boris Johnson's dad in 1982 Letters of Note's photo on Boris Johnson
11 Feb, 02:45 PM UTC
Mike Galsworthy
Why on Earth is @BBCr4today interviewing backbencher Boris Johnson on Brexit anyway? I’m tired of the bullshitty fraudulent infotainment from this man.
11 Feb, 08:20 AM UTC
David Lammy
Boris Johnson on #r4today says others are looking at Britain and saying "wow, they have made this incredible decision to go global." Hard to be more wrong. Support for the EU across Europe is at its highest in 35 years. The only leaders who like Brexit are Putin and Trump.
11 Feb, 09:19 AM UTC
Joanna Cherry QC MP
Listening to Boris Johnson spouting meaningless drivel on @BBCr4today. What an utter charlatan. Pity he’s not getting the roasting he deserves #BrexitChaos
11 Feb, 08:21 AM UTC
David Schneider
Boris Johnson’s right to say that people abroad are looking at Britain and saying “Wow!”. Though only in the sense that you say “Wow!” when you look at footage of the Hindenburg exploding.
11 Feb, 01:36 PM UTC
Jo Maugham QC
The lies told by Leavers - Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and the rest - have already made us significantly poorer.
11 Feb, 07:22 AM UTC
Have I Got News For You
Boris Johnson says the UK needs to assess its foreign aid situation, as post-Brexit it’s unclear exactly how much countries will have to send to us.
11 Feb, 03:46 PM UTC
Mike Galsworthy
Christ! Boris Johnson on @BBCr4today not acknowledging that going on WTO means tariff barriers pop up to our exporters all over the world... ...and soft-peddles the myth of WTO Article 24 (which we can’t use, btw). He really is streaming the utter nonsense this morning.
11 Feb, 08:27 AM UTC
Kevin Maguire
I'm old enough to remember when Boris Johnson expressed pride in Britain's international development budget. It was a few years ago when the lying charlatan was bothering to keep up the pretence of modern compassionate Conservativism
11 Feb, 08:23 AM UTC
Krishnan Guru-Murthy
I know it’s Monday morning and you’re possibly already a bit grumpy but if the choice at the next election is between Boris Johnson/Jacob Rees Mogg and Jeremy Corbyn/John McDonnell how are you feeling about that?
11 Feb, 08:51 AM UTC
Dr. Jennifer Cassidy
Boris Johnson has just said on BBC Radio 4 saying that countries around the world are looking at the UK and saying “Wow!”. Oh indeed they are Mr Johnson. Indeed they are. #r4today
11 Feb, 09:01 AM UTC
Mike Galsworthy
Boris Johnson now talking on @BBCr4today ... says he wants UK regulations “to develop in their own way”... Well that’s a gentle euphemism for slashing regulations.
11 Feb, 08:24 AM UTC
Sanity at last! Boris Johnson backs calls for UK foreign aid to be redirected
11 Feb, 03:37 PM UTC
Cornwall for Europe #FBPE
Boris Johnson has a hearing problem. People around the world are not saying "Wow! They've made this incredible decision to go global." They're saying we've gone stark raving bonkers. #r4today #bbcr4today
11 Feb, 08:43 AM UTC
Jonathan Bartley
No one should be under any illusions about what the agenda of right-wingers is for the aid budget. Their obscene agenda is to cut it, denying the most vulnerable around the world the vital help that they need. It must be resisted.
11 Feb, 08:28 AM UTC
Boris Johnson accuses police of ‘wasting time’ on anti-transgender crime instead of tackling stabbings
11 Feb, 08:04 PM UTC
Andrew Lilico
Britain, Australia should forge post-Brexit free-movement pact: Boris Johnson
11 Feb, 11:03 PM UTC
David Cameron and Boris Johnson: Bullingdon Club initiation 1987 Balderdash's photo on Boris Johnson
11 Feb, 10:29 PM UTC
Tom Newton Dunn
Excl: Theresa May preparing to resign as PM this summer so she can influence who succeeds her, Cabinet ministers believe Tom Newton Dunn's photo on Boris Johnson
11 Feb, 10:45 PM UTC
David Kurten ن
BoJo goes soft: will now back Theresa May's awful Withdrawal Agreement with a 'time-limited backstop'. What rubbish - The only true Brexit is a WTO Brexit! #NoDealNoProblem
12 Feb, 05:33 AM UTC
Frank Torr #NHSLove #JC4PM2019
To anyone who still has faith in 21st Centuary politics I would say: Theresa May David Cameron Boris Johnson The rest of the Tory Party Nigel Farage LibDems Brexit Jess Philips John Mann The SNP Trump Austerity Foodbanks. We need a Corbyn government now. #GetTheToriesOut
12 Feb, 01:59 AM UTC
Food bank use has increased due to universal credit, government admits - Politics live - The Guardian
11 Feb, 04:42 PM UTC
R. Brabi
@RT_Deutsch Dieser Gavin Blabla ist so eine typisch britische Lachnummer, der toppt fast noch den schrecklichen Boris Johnson.
11 Feb, 10:00 PM UTC
John Rentoul
Theresa May hints at quitting as PM in the summer to stop Boris Johnson getting the job
12 Feb, 07:12 AM UTC
mark william suter
Boris Johnson: this one is for you!
12 Feb, 07:14 AM UTC
Paul Slatter
Duffer at school? Little discernable talent? Tenuous relations with the truth? No sign of empathy or self-awareness? Exaggerated sense of importance? Tricky, either army or politics... Politics, that's it...young chap has all it takes to be a Conservative!
12 Feb, 07:11 AM UTC
Jeff Gazzard
Or, as Borisconi actually said, "fuck business." @CBItweets call it right. Or as I would say, fuck YOU Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson
12 Feb, 07:11 AM UTC
paul martin
350,000 HOMELESS: Boris Johnson backs call for multibillion end to UK aid budget its got out of hand the money is clearly needed in UK
12 Feb, 07:10 AM UTC
George Trefgarne
1. Theresa May to quit in the summer and preside over orderly 3 month leadership process in October says the Sun
12 Feb, 07:10 AM UTC
@JohnWight1 Also a bit like making Liam Fox trade secretary, Boris Johnson foreign secretary ...
11 Feb, 03:53 PM UTC

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