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Karim Benzema
¡ Bravo Castilla ! Un gran paso 🔥#HalaMadrid #RMCastilla @Benzema's photo on Boris
09 May, 01:01 PM UTC
Nicole Diekmann
Twitter kennzeichnet jetzt Tweets von Boris Reitschuster.
08 May, 01:45 PM UTC
Murdo Fraser
So, after 5 years, 2 General Elections, Brexit, a Tory landslide, Boris as PM, the result is that the SNP have made a net gain of 1 seat, and not even won a majority. Questions will be asked of @NicolaSturgeon as to why she inherited a majority from @AlexSalmond & threw it away
08 May, 07:34 PM UTC
Boris Palmer ist eine helle Leuchte. Annalena Baerbock ein nasses Streichholz in einem dunklen Keller. Boris Palmer wird aus der Partei geworfen, Annalena Baerbock Kanzlerin. Mehr muss man über Deutschland nicht wissen.
08 May, 06:41 PM UTC
martin compston
You’re right Matt clueless jocks as ever not knowing what we voted for. Thank god we have Boris and co on their umpteenth election loss to guide us through what’s best for us
09 May, 12:48 PM UTC
Peter Stefanovic
Boris Johnson is facing new rules to force him to correct his lies to parliament after the Commons Speaker backs demands for tougher action to promote honesty in politics Together we CAN make a difference
09 May, 10:15 AM UTC
Question Everything...
BORIS said that once the vulnerable were vaccinated, we would get back to normal... 👍 Since then, he's ordered over 500 MILLION DOSES of covid19 vaccines. (That's 7 vaccines for every man/woman & child in the country!) As always, BORIS was LYING...🤬
08 May, 06:57 PM UTC
Jo Maugham
Imagine the EU telling the UK we couldn't even hold a referendum? Because that's what Boris, if that suggestion is true, plans to say to Scotland.
09 May, 08:48 AM UTC
Howard Beckett
Boris Johnson will introduce a bill this week to destroy our NHS.
09 May, 09:31 AM UTC
Toby Young
So, Boris is using the words “build back better” to summarise his legislative agenda. How do I persuade @JamesDelingpole that he isn’t using the World Economic Forum’s phrase because he’s been enlisted in a global conspiracy, but is just trotting out a tired cliche?
08 May, 06:16 PM UTC
Ross Colquhoun
🔍 The SNP winning 62 seats on the constituency in Scotland is the equivalent of a Westminster party winning 552 seats across the UK. Boris Johnson’s mandate to Get Brexit Done during a pandemic was 365 seats. - Cameron (2015) 330 - Blair (1997) 418 - Thatcher (1983) 397
09 May, 11:25 AM UTC
Labour Are Toast!
Angela Rayner has been screeching for 3 weeks about Boris Johnson’s wall paper & demanded he should lose his position. Yesterday Angela Rayner lost her position & Boris Johnson is still our PM. Brilliant campaigning from Angela! 👍😂
09 May, 11:25 AM UTC
(((Dan Hodges)))
Boris's enemies are still so blinded by Brexit hatred they can't see the truth. People actually like him > Mail On Sunday >
09 May, 08:22 AM UTC
Gerry Hassan
In 2015 the Tories won the UK election with a commitment to hold a Brexit referendum with 36.9% of the vote. Four years later Boris Johnson won the UK election with a commitment to 'get Brexit done' with 43.6%. In 2021 the SNP won 47.7% of the vote on a mandate to hold #indyref2.
08 May, 09:46 PM UTC
The same soft power Russian operatives who were ALL OVER Prince Michael were ALL OVER Boris Johnson 👀 @peterjukes @fascinatorfun @carolecadwalla
08 May, 09:52 PM UTC
Jo Maugham
Have been told Boris Johnson is keen to enact legislation outlawing a referendum. Query whether civil servants will talk him out of it.
09 May, 08:42 AM UTC
Peter Stefanovic
Has this boll**** been corrected in any interview by any journalist since Boris Johnson said it?
09 May, 12:26 PM UTC
BritainBeyondBrexit #GodSaveOurQueen
.@bbcnews coverage of the Scottish election is disgraceful Especially @kirstywark who is gushing about Sturgeon and the SNP, clearly pro-independence, anti-Boris Johnson, anti-Conservative, anti-union Once again @BBC are doing all they can to help break up the UK #DefundBBC
08 May, 04:53 PM UTC
Jonathan Engler 🌸
I’ll hug who the fuck I want to when I want to. Enough with your Kim Jong impersonations. @BorisJohnson_MP @MattHancock @CMO_England @uksciencechief You serve us. You don’t tell us how to live our lives.
09 May, 08:26 AM UTC
Rod Bishop 💎
#Labour boxed in. Boris has captured the right (ex Farage), centre & working class. Soft left is Liberal. The young left are going Green. It leaves communists & spongers. Good luck with that. #KeirStarmer has the charisma of a damp rag.
09 May, 01:53 AM UTC
Cancel Cancel Culture
Boris must immediately end the BBC licence fee. They are trying their bests to see the break up of the UK 🇬🇧
09 May, 08:19 AM UTC
Ben Fuller
#Gove saying the #SNP didn’t win a majority - encouraging us to think in FPTP HofCommons terms Well, the #SNP won 62 out of 73 constituency seats Scale that up to the Commons - equivalent to 552 MPs! #Boris has 365 #scottishelection2021 #NicolaSturgeon #indyref2 #Marr #Ridge
09 May, 07:42 AM UTC
Dr Ali G #NHSBlueHeart💙 #FBNHS #PleaseWearAMask😷
Good afternoon #PrimeMinister, Reading the @Telegraph article below has caused me significant angst. As a healthcare professional who has seen just what #COVID19 can do, I am struggling to understand the rationale behind this decision. 🧵 @BorisJohnson
08 May, 05:12 PM UTC
Politics For All
🚨 | NEW: Boris Johnson press conference tomorrow. He is expected to say hugging will go ahead as planned on May 17
09 May, 07:33 AM UTC
Tom Bohn
„Das ist das, was die #CancelCulture mindestens verlangt. Abbitte und Unterwerfung.“ Boris #Palmer, WELT Vermutlich versenkt Boris die #Grünen vor der Bundestagswahl im Alleingang. Die #Identitaetspolitik hat ein fettes Eigentor geschossen.
09 May, 07:43 AM UTC
Mario Sixtus 🇭🇰
Hat Boris Palmer sich schon mit Sophie Scholl verglichen?
09 May, 11:23 AM UTC
Edinburgh Bobby 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇪🇺⚽️🏌️‍♂️
Just looked over Boris Johnson's grovelling "Team UK" letter. Where was Team UK when Scotland wanted furlough extended, borders closed and lockdown to happen sooner? Team UK was entirely focussed on saving the economy of Southern England. #indyref2 #Marr
09 May, 11:28 AM UTC
Mas Piyu
[BREAKING NEWS] Sadiq Khan Kembali Menang, London Bakal Dipimpin Lagi Muslim Untuk Periode Kedua. Beredar spekulasi jika dia bisa mencoba mengikuti jejak pendahulunya (Boris Johnson, eks Walkot London) menjadi Perdana Menteri Inggris. 👉
09 May, 09:13 AM UTC
Oh, what a lovely fake war! As with Arlene Foster and Northern Ireland, Boris Johnson gives not a fig for fishing. From Cornwall to Scotland, Britain’s fisheries, which he vowed to protect, are being laid waste by his deceitful damaging Brexit.
09 May, 06:29 AM UTC
Jon Jones
We’re working to make sure that we have an effective social care plan at the moment. That work is going on. Michael Gove today. "I have a fully prepared social care plan ready to implement." Boris Johnson July 24th 2019.
09 May, 11:53 AM UTC