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Carlton FC
35 disposals. 13 clearances. Seven tackles. One goal. One Richard Pratt Medal as best on ground. Take a bow, captain. #BoundByBlue #AFLBluesPies Carlton FC's photo on #BoundByBlue
11 May, 06:37 AM UTC
Carlton FC
The great man. #BoundByBlue #AFLBluesPies Carlton FC's photo on #BoundByBlue
11 May, 03:39 AM UTC
Carlton FC
The Bluebaggers are in full voice! There's been plenty to smile about today. Hey, Diesel? 😊 #BoundByBlue #AFLBluesPies Carlton FC's photo on #BoundByBlue
11 May, 05:42 AM UTC
Andy Lee
We ran off and got this at 3qrt time. Went a bit early 😬 #AFLBluesPies #boundbyblue Andy Lee's photo on #BoundByBlue
11 May, 06:49 AM UTC
Carlton FC
With a few key defenders missing from the Blues' team, Caleb Marchbank rose to the occasion against the Pies. #BoundByBlue
11 May, 09:45 AM UTC
Carlton FC
Actual footage of Matthew Kreuzer today. 🚜 #BoundByBlue #AFLBluesPies Carlton FC's photo on #BoundByBlue
11 May, 06:07 AM UTC
Carlton FC
Not the finish we wanted. We fought for four quarters, but Collingwood comes away with the win. #BoundByBlue #AFLBluesPies Carlton FC's photo on #BoundByBlue
11 May, 06:24 AM UTC
Collingwood Games Notes: - Kreuzer is vital to this team - Cripps is a monster - 8 free kicks in 4 quarters - 24 free kicks to Collingwood - Mitch McGovern looking good - Curnow/McGov/McKay ✅ - 8 FREE KICKS IN 4 QUARTERS I'm too heartbroken to write more @CarltonFC #BoundByBlue
11 May, 06:24 AM UTC
For his second game Stocker went more-than-alright: 16 disposals, 4 contested 88% efficiency (3rd best in the team) Equal most inside-50s (with Setters) and all with a bit of grunt & attitude. I like him a lot. #BoundbyBlue
11 May, 08:18 AM UTC
Patrick Cripps is literally the heart and soul of the @CarltonFC. The effort he brings to his game is nothing short of amazing. If anyone is determined enough to bring this club back where we belong, it's Crippa! A true leader! He is #boundbyblue in so many ways. 👊💙
11 May, 08:07 AM UTC
💧Anthony McLean
How good is J SoS he tries his guts out all day. Love his effort! #BoundByBlue
11 May, 09:38 AM UTC
Carlton Blues Fans
Free kick count round 4-8: Opponents 100 Carlton 57 #BoundByBlue #AFLBluesPies
11 May, 06:34 AM UTC
Stella Cripps
Just got home now after the #AFLBluesPies game. 1. Collingwood supporters are disgusting, sexist. 2. MCG security sucks. 3. The umpires were pathetic. #BoundByBlue
11 May, 08:56 AM UTC
Did Carlton Win?
Me when I witnessed the debut and following games of Sam Walsh #BoundByBlue #FutureChampion https://t.co/pRyEjzzbZH
11 May, 08:59 AM UTC
Richard Bot Tuffin 🌈
Almost! But geeze, i'll take being even with the Pies at half time any day of the week. Work to do but overall, a great effort from Carlton. Well done Baggers!!! #aflbluespies #boundbyblue
11 May, 04:49 AM UTC
I agree with this 1000% #CrippsisCarlton #BoundbyBlue https://t.co/oOg0zjbuGv
11 May, 12:35 PM UTC
Dr Steven Crane
Pretty impressed by Liam Stocker. Nothing seems to faze him, he's just a competitor and obviously confident in his skills. BTW, his legs have definition on their definition. Hate to put too much on the kid but let's just say he all the tools for a long career. #BoundByBlue
11 May, 10:43 AM UTC
The Ian Prender-Cast
In nearly 2 hours of frenetic, combative, hard fought footy Collingwood have infringed 7 times. Based on that alone they’re a brilliant, quite extraordinary team. #BoundByBlue #AFLBluesPies
11 May, 06:15 AM UTC
Casboult as a defender?? I thought he did well and we all know that Levi does have great hands as well.. could he be a great help for Jones and Weitering? Or would it make us too tall? #BoundByBlue
11 May, 01:13 PM UTC
Today @CarltonFC was missing: - Sam Docherty - Jarrod Pickett - Kade Simpson - Nic Newman - Liam Jones Matthew Kennedy still bizarrely playing VFL. Lochie O'Brien's got some work to do. Darcy Lang, there's a good player in there. Among others, there's depth there #BoundByBlue AJ.'s photo on #BoundByBlue
11 May, 10:07 AM UTC
Paul Walsh
#BoundbyBlue #AFLBluesMagpies #AFLBluesPies #AFL #AFLPiesBlues #GoBlues Paul Walsh's photo on #BoundByBlue
11 May, 07:41 AM UTC
Did Carlton Win?
Come on boys #BoundByBlue
11 May, 03:48 AM UTC
💧Anthony McLean
@Bolta10 @CarltonFC you and the team should be very very proud of your recovery today from last week. Keep the chins up and fight like you did today and more wins will be here soon! #BoundByBlue
11 May, 09:46 AM UTC
Wally Reggett
Shame we didn’t get the win! But a great team effort today after a off week last week! We are heading in the right direction! And this bloke is the best in the business! #Beast #BoundByBlue https://t.co/7F2DFgldhg
11 May, 08:53 AM UTC
The Ian Prender-Cast
Carlton’s 2019 season thus far, a thread. Let’s see if there’s a trend ⬇️ #BoundByBlue
11 May, 08:27 AM UTC
💧Anthony McLean
Just watched Buckley press conference - what a smug prick! Reminds me of why I hate Collingwood! #BoundByBlue and proud!
11 May, 09:35 AM UTC
Lukas Avramov
Couldn’t agree more with Sam here. Blues fans don’t blame the umps, Good teams find a way to win and the pies are the best team in it. Our time will come just need to be patient and excited by pushing the best team till the final siren. #BoundByBlue https://t.co/s9atuiBOYl
11 May, 09:25 AM UTC
@CarltonFC Cant question the effort or dedication to the game... proud of the boys ..#united #boundbyblue
11 May, 09:13 AM UTC
Jay Bee Aitch
@CarltonFC On a positive note.... Young @jacksilvagni proving a few people wrong over the past couple of weeks.. Doing really well! #AFLBluesPies #BoundByBlue
11 May, 08:59 AM UTC
It's the mentality...or lack of actually. What a ridiculous thing to say. Not ruthless...just plain dumb. 16 premiership cups. #BoundByBlue 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 https://t.co/7O0rcDNvjQ
11 May, 12:45 PM UTC
Paul Walsh
That blockbuster Hawthorn v Geelong on Easter Monday attracted 66,300. (Hawthorn home game). For lowly @CarltonFC’s home game against C’wood..little change out of 70,000. Maybe people pay just to see Patrick Cripps. #BoundbyBlue #Carlton #AFLBluesMagpies #AFL
11 May, 11:22 AM UTC
The Vagabond Papers
BREAKING: Carlton coach offers a novel view of his team's performance against Collingwood. #AFLBluesPies #BoundByBlue The Vagabond Papers's photo on #BoundByBlue
11 May, 11:16 AM UTC
Kristy Sedlarczuk
The word of a @CarltonFC supporter... you can never call it early. Never... #BoundByBlue #CarltonFC #AFLBluesPies https://t.co/hmMdTO5yPv
11 May, 10:02 AM UTC
Timmo ☧
You know what? Carlton you guys played your heart out, lead the grand finalists multiple times! Obviously still thinks to work on but as long as us fans can see progress then that’s all we want. Plus a win would just be an added bonus😉 #BoundByBlue #AFLBluesPies
11 May, 09:51 AM UTC
Rabi Yonzon
Proud of the coach we got, all we need now are them W’s #BoundByBlue #TrustTheProcess https://t.co/MLdj75Ebef
11 May, 09:37 AM UTC
Wally Reggett
@Macetrott And yea we have bn fucked for a while now, salary cap breaches, bad drafting ect but finally imo we have a list that in the coming years we can push for a flag! Just doesn’t happen over night. #BoundByBlue
11 May, 11:38 AM UTC
Mark Prentice
Hope to hell Carlton keep playing Stocker & Williamson even when Newman & Simpson come back if possible. They both have big futures. #BoundbyBlue
11 May, 11:20 AM UTC
Mathew Hood
#BoundByBlue #FreeKickCollingwood https://t.co/zmNnauzyTM
11 May, 10:20 AM UTC
The Cannulator™
And they’re worrying about shaking goalposts at the @AFL @3AWisfootball #FreekickCollingwood #BoundByBlue https://t.co/eSqWpnu7Dq
11 May, 10:09 AM UTC
@JonoBaruch The way he throws himself into a contest, first and second efforts must inspire others. #BoundByBlue
11 May, 09:48 AM UTC
Stella Cripps
Who wants to come get drunk & have sex while watching the ‘95 grand final? #BoundByBlue
11 May, 09:42 AM UTC
Carlton defender with No prior opportunity gets tackled. Surrounding pie players all throw their arms in the air, on cue 50,000 rabid pie supporters stand and scream “BALL” at the ump. In sensory overload ump awards free. Goal. Happened more than once. #AFLBluesPies #BoundByBlue
11 May, 06:50 PM UTC
👩‍💼National Insurance Brokers👩‍💼
Maybe my blue boys at @CarltonFC need to send a few people up the post? 🤷‍♀️ We need to try something & if the rule book doesn’t matter anymore... why not? 🤦‍♀️🥴😂 #BoundByBlue #afl @AFL
11 May, 01:52 PM UTC
John M
The way it panned out #BoundByBlue John M's photo on #BoundByBlue
11 May, 01:42 PM UTC
Paul Walsh
Dunstall on @FOXFOOTY after the Crisp goal with 5 mins to go regarding Elliot touching the ball “He got a fingertip on that....yep, maybe not enough to turn it over.’ What does that mean? And where’s the score review after each goal?@CarltonFC screwed again #BoundbyBlue #AFL
11 May, 12:36 PM UTC
Wally Reggett
@Macetrott Well he was interviewed on Wednesday and said he wasn’t going anywhere, so go ask him? 🤷🏻‍♂️#BoundByBlue
11 May, 11:35 AM UTC
Phuc Yu Htoo
@BrendanFevola25 Oven Fan here #BoundByBlue were robbed
11 May, 11:32 AM UTC
Stacey Dart
Proud of the Blues today. Did well against 19 #boundbyblue #robbed
11 May, 10:14 AM UTC
Stephen Raitman
@ThePrender_Cast @thepumper5 @heath_buck @DrBlackVelvet @CarltonFC Hate feeling like a Saints supporter of the 70’s n 80’s. Near enough AINT good enough!! #BoundByBlue GWS next week
11 May, 09:51 AM UTC
David Winch
Doing it hard atm, hope the @CarltonFC don't make another Ratten like decision. #AFLBluesPies #BoundByBlue
11 May, 08:51 AM UTC