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Will Brinson
Jets let their GM: Go nuts in 2018 free agency Trade everything to draft Sam Darnold Fire Todd Bowles Hire Adam Gase Spend tons of money on Le’Veon Bell Spend tons of money on CJ Mosley + more Run the 2019 NFL Draft Then fired him. Justified or not the process is real weird.
15 May, 03:39 PM UTC
Rich Cimini
If Christopher Johnson has doubts about Mike Maccagnan, he should’ve fired him with Todd Bowles after the season. It would’ve been a fresh start. To let him run free agency and the draft makes no sense. #Jets
15 May, 04:20 PM UTC
Ralph Vacchiano
So the Jets fire Todd Bowles, but keep Mike Maccaganan ... then let him lead the new coaching search, spend $100M-plus in free agency, and run the draft (including the 3rd overall pick) ... and THEN fire him and elevate a coach they've had for four months? Makes no sense at all.
15 May, 04:09 PM UTC
Joe Caporoso
If you follow me, you know how I felt about Maccagnan as a GM. He was terrible and he should have been let go with Bowles (it has basically become a TOJ drumbeat for 12+ months) but this timing is wild and shocking. Gase won a power play in 3 months?
15 May, 03:38 PM UTC
My mom has been through A LOT recently. #Cancer. Two surgeries. Other health issues. It’s been tough. SHE’s been tough! She also wanted to keep things private - until now. This is her story. Watch this video in full HERE: Perez's photo on Bowles
15 May, 05:36 PM UTC
@j0shhyy17 you look like you ask 15 year olds on snapchat for nudes
15 May, 07:29 PM UTC
Cromartie Jr.
A couple thoughts on this crazy news: 1. Maccagnan should’ve been fire with Bowles obviously, so this is weird. 2. Adam Gase BETTER deliver the goods this season if he wants to play wolf pack leader. 3. Joe Douglas >>> Mike Maccagnan so sign me all the way up.
15 May, 04:55 PM UTC
Rob Taub
So lets recap the last five months in New York sports: Bowles fired, Gase hired, Porzingis traded, OBJ traded, Lev Bell signs, Dolan gets trolled, Daniel Jones at six, Knicks lose out out on Zion, Macagnan fired. You can't make this stuff up.
15 May, 04:46 PM UTC
Flug is gebucht. Ab morgen bin ich dann da Chef voms #Jets FO. Kann ja nur besser werden. (Warum man ihn nicht mit Bowles gefeuert hat(was logisch gewesen wäre) und ihn noch den Draft und FA machen ließ, ist mir ein Rätsel. Hätte er mal einen Center gedraftet😅)
15 May, 04:27 PM UTC
Chris Nimbley
The problem didn’t exist before free agency and once it surfaced it was too late to do during free agency/draft. So yes #Jets should’ve fired Macc with Bowles but for entirely different reasons
15 May, 07:27 PM UTC
Kelley Kay(e) Bowles O’ Sugar (& SPICE!)📚🙅🏻‍♀️
For #InternationalDayofFamilies, #HarpersPower is #celebrating Isabella (mom), Michael (dad) and Uncle Pasta! Learn the story of this #family! #YA #gratitude #love #book #UpLit #IARTG #RT @aioniosbooks @thrillerwriters
15 May, 07:00 AM UTC
Todd Bowles right now... Joel's photo on Bowles
15 May, 04:38 PM UTC
Otis Livingston
Let’s go live to Todd Bowles down in Tampa... Otis Livingston's photo on Bowles
15 May, 04:53 PM UTC
JJ Bowles (Limerick's Oldest Pub)
JJ Bowles River Terrace - the perfect spot to cool down with a cold beer: Limerick to get summer sun as temperatures set to hit 20 degrees today
15 May, 01:35 PM UTC
Kevin Bartner
@BrianCoz You don’t make this move at this time unless you already have someone lined up.
15 May, 04:14 PM UTC
BAT Press Office
#ICYMI Meet our new Chief Executive Jack Bowles and the Management Board team leading our #TransformingTobacco journey. Find out more on our website: BAT Press Office's photo on Bowles
15 May, 11:05 AM UTC
I will always put others feeling before mine and that’s my problem
15 May, 07:08 PM UTC
Zac Bowles really just needs to shut the fuck up
15 May, 07:17 PM UTC
Pauline Siu Bowles, OCT
Learning about Samuel Champlain @FCT_DPCDSB #Ottawa @s_blackmore1
15 May, 07:18 PM UTC
Pauline Siu Bowles, OCT
View of Parliament Hill across the Ottawa River @FCT_DPCDSB @s_blackmore1 Pauline Siu Bowles, OCT's photo on Bowles
15 May, 07:14 PM UTC
Pauline Siu Bowles, OCT
@FCT_DPCDSB just arrived at the Art Gallery @s_blackmore1 #Ottawa
15 May, 07:10 PM UTC
Corey Ditmars
Then why let him draft this year? Should’ve been fired with Bowles
15 May, 07:03 PM UTC
Danielle McCartan
All these people out here claiming they wished Macc was gone with Bowles... not so fast. I was definitely in the minority for YEARS saying what a bust Maccagnan was. The proof is in the pudding. Show me the pudding. Go back through my work. It’s there.
15 May, 07:02 PM UTC
Jim & Cami
@maltman613 Especially when they could have fired him when they fired Bowles
15 May, 07:49 PM UTC
Coach Todd Bowles
@nyjets you seriously couldn’t last 2 months without being the biggest clown show in New York
15 May, 07:36 PM UTC
Pauline Siu Bowles, OCT
@FCT_DPCDSB students using GPS to navigate on their group scavenger hunt #Ottawa Pauline Siu Bowles, OCT's photo on Bowles
15 May, 07:29 PM UTC
Tony Rand
@MMehtaNYDN This is a great article but why didn't you bring the same smoke to Mac when Bowles was fired? He was a god awful GM. Thrilled he's gone
15 May, 08:01 PM UTC
Charlie Allnutt
📸.. Digging through the archives today and found this little beauty... love you too the 🌙 and the ⭐️’s & back again nan! ❤️❤️.. sue_bowles #family #love #cute #instagood #happy #sorrynotsorry #throwback @ Lymington
15 May, 07:59 PM UTC
Michael Oliveri
@MMehtaNYDN The Jets gave both Macc and Bowles an extension that you fully endorsed at the time and of course are criticizing now. It must be nice to be bad at a job like you are and keep it.
15 May, 07:56 PM UTC
Working with hospice care has both touched and broken my heart at the same time
15 May, 07:56 PM UTC
Christopher Jordan
@nyjets This was great timing on this to keep us pumped up during the off-season; pacing it with Bowles firing, Bell pick up, The draft and finally Mike gone! Looking forward to the fall and hopefully this is not a bunch of build up for a typical Jets let-down.
15 May, 07:55 PM UTC
Sloup: Combat Wombat
Fire Bowles and Macc: D- somehow Sign and draft pass rusher: B-, Polite is a decent draft day value but only one player with question marks Sign Bell: A+ Draft 3 OL: D+, Meatloaf said 2/3 "ain't bad," so I assume 1/3 is bad. I like Edoga, though
15 May, 07:54 PM UTC
Paula Bowles
Profile photo taken by my talented brother @bristolanimator 👍
15 May, 07:50 PM UTC
Paula Bowles
@JTIllustration @ContactAnAuthor @Plum_Agency Haha, thanks Jim 😌 I try to keep my photos to a minimum, but, self promotion etc I think requires mugshots 🙄😝
15 May, 07:50 PM UTC
@matt_wrobel @kingtags22 @ErnieAcostaWFAN @daverichard He didn’t hire Bowles, but he did cost Bowles his job by giving him terrible players.
15 May, 07:46 PM UTC
George Fame
@GaryMyersNY Who hired Gase? Seems the GM was out of favor with Jets management...maybe he kept Bowles around too long.
15 May, 07:43 PM UTC
#PlayMW Bowles Gleyber Jamie Collins Trey Mancini #RoeVWade ACC Network FOR FREE
15 May, 07:43 PM UTC
Grove Peate
@Jets_Central Strange timing but shuda wouda cuoda was when they canned Bowles and right before the draft. I guess his picks sucked again.
15 May, 07:40 PM UTC
HRH Prince William
Prince William at the wedding of Princes Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles at Windsor Town Hall (April 9, 2005) HRH Prince William's photo on Bowles
15 May, 07:37 PM UTC
Cody J
@OmarKelly Don’t think he’s going totally Sparano, he just is closer to Sparano on the spectrum than let’s say Cam Cameron, Joe Philbin, or Todd.Bowles
15 May, 07:35 PM UTC
Karen Dancy
@pauline_bowles @FCT_DPCDSB You guys should try geocaching there’s a virtual at the eternal flame
15 May, 07:31 PM UTC
@kein_Sitzmoebel Macc war ein schlechter Drafter. Die guten Draftpicks (meist 1st rnd) hätte ich auch gemacht&ich bin wahrlich kein NFL GM/Scout. Hat oft Fehler gemacht in FA (meistens aber nur einmal). Weine ihm nicht nach. Hätte ihm mit Bowles gefeuert. (Nach dem BUF @ home Spiel letzte Saison)
15 May, 07:31 PM UTC
@nyjets Why can't you guys stop being such a clown show? You're giving Gase the keys to the city despite him having done nothing to deserve it. If you were going to fire the GM why not do it when you fired Bowles? So tired of rooting for this joke of a franchise.
15 May, 07:30 PM UTC
@garyvee You would get our votes for the GM position! Hard to have patience with the Jets organization Gary, why fire Mac now? Why not before the draft ? Or shipped him off with Bowles. Typical Johnson family.
15 May, 07:25 PM UTC
Scott Stump
@jerseybaseball I have no problem with Maccagnan getting canned, it's the timing. Fire him with Bowles and start all over from scratch. Now the new GM inherits a coach he didn't pick and you let Macc make all these huge decisions on players this offseason
15 May, 07:18 PM UTC
His Royal Freshness
I think it’s funny how the jets let Bowles go but hired gase like he better 😂😂 both got ran by the pats and buffalo
15 May, 07:16 PM UTC
Ernie Acosta
@kingtags22 @Scott13NY @daverichard He didn’t hire Bowles. Where did you get that from?
15 May, 07:14 PM UTC
Mark Checki
@CoachMcCartan Maccagnan put Bowles out there. Other than the fact that they were both in the Redskins organization, there was very little linkage. In fact there was allegedly a lot of he said he said.
15 May, 07:10 PM UTC
Zachary Ghalayini
@SportsDayTB @NFLSTROUD @TBTimes_Sports Is todd bowles cycling on his peloton and laughing at the Jets fiasco
15 May, 07:08 PM UTC
@ErnieAcostaWFAN @Scott13NY @daverichard To say “well other teams blow drafts too”. He’s been here quite a while. He hired Todd Bowles, which was enough to show he was a dope. This team is so flawed it’s amazing.
15 May, 07:05 PM UTC
once they knew they were firing Bowles, they should’ve been smart enough to clean house totally. now the new GM will have a coach he didn’t hire and that’ll be an issue unless they hire a “Gase guy” as the GM. naturally, this is a mess.
15 May, 07:04 PM UTC
Don Romeo
@Cnimbley @JetsInsider @Cnimbley You are 100% correct! His drafts were horrendous minus a few nice picks. Should have left with Bowles.
15 May, 07:04 PM UTC
Coach Todd Bowles
If Adam Gase really didn’t want Leveon Bell and CJ Mosley then maybe the Jets fired the wrong guy
15 May, 07:03 PM UTC
@UrinatingTree I totally agree with Maccagnan being fired, it's just the timing of it all that confuses me. Why didn't they fire him with Todd Bowles or right after the draft was over?
15 May, 07:01 PM UTC
Ryan D'Alessandro
@mattcolalella @jasonms316 @FieldYates @joebaseballs Woody Johnson changed the Jets organizational structure when he hired Bowles and Maccagnan. I don't think they'll ever have success when the Coach/Gm have a conflicting agenda/aren't married to each other. Not having “one-voice" from football operations does not seem ideal...
15 May, 07:00 PM UTC
Ian Lerner
@DrewfromJersey Are you not curious why they didn’t just fire MAC when they fired Bowles? I’m not mad for Mac being gone, just don’t get the timing
15 May, 06:59 PM UTC