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Sanders Kennedy
Did the CEO @jerrodblandino of @TooFaced sister exposed herself as the blackmailer? Did they threaten to out NikkieTutorials? Saying “that’s not the only thing she’s been LYING about” sounds like a threat. #BoycottToofaced @SandersKennedy_'s photo on #BoycottTooFaced
14 Jan, 03:22 AM UTC
Sanders Kennedy
Oh so she wants attention huh? Time to #BoycottTooFaced https://t.co/86pKbk9K1r
14 Jan, 02:11 AM UTC
Macy Lycan
Looks like @TooFaced can join its bestie, @katvondbeauty, exclusively sold at a TJ Maxx near you! #boycotttoofaced
14 Jan, 03:06 AM UTC
Sanders Kennedy
Now she wants to change her story? Girl you knew what you were doing and meant when your changed your bio. It’s too late, we see you for what your are! #Transphobic #BoycottTooFaced @TooFaced https://t.co/ZpKOyTQflL
14 Jan, 05:12 AM UTC
Ali #FreeAngelo
.@boxycharm can you please look into removing @TooFaced completely once your contract with them expires? 🙏🙏 #TooFacedIsOverParty #BoycottTooFaced https://t.co/i29Cx3q7c2
14 Jan, 03:40 AM UTC
@ThreeDailey @NikkieTutorials I know cancel culture is bad, i know the drama and beauty community are divided.. but can we pleeaasseeee #BoycottToofaced cosmetics?? Taking a jab at someone's gender and sexual identity is really too low. Its 2020. Be👏a👏better👏human👏👏!
14 Jan, 04:36 AM UTC
#BoycottTooFaced @NikkieTutorials , I won't support a brand that keeps bashing you, lying on you, and being overall bullies. Myself and so many others LOVE you so much❤❤ https://t.co/RC5J7Gu1ji
14 Jan, 10:17 AM UTC
#BoycottTooFaced they’re trash!!!! I’ll never use another product of theirs!!! What a disgusting crust bucket. https://t.co/PIrCbGs4pz
14 Jan, 10:02 AM UTC
14 Jan, 09:50 AM UTC
Everyday Drama
And nasty but her having to comment on Nikki's coming out as Transgender video is a step too far! I will never buy Too Faced again! #BoycottTooFaced #TooFacedIsOver #nikkietutorials #TransIsBeautiful
14 Jan, 08:38 AM UTC
Mrs Ashley Hattie 😘
@SandersKennedy_ @jerrodblandino @TooFaced That’s disgusting thing to say #BoycottTooFaced
14 Jan, 09:18 AM UTC
Eww. I’ve been using their makeup FOREVER NOW. @TooFaced is CANCELED. I just threw away my foundation. The brand name matches their personality🤮. @fentybeauty I’ll be on my way in the morning. 😍#BoycottTooFaced https://t.co/UEH6XN7tgD https://t.co/lPma6x8BIf
14 Jan, 09:29 AM UTC
That's settles it I'm sorry but will definitely be #BoycottTooFaced The absolute transphobic bullieing from the the higher ups of toofaced. Bet @EsteeLauder Are not happy https://t.co/BHCCCJyuj1
14 Jan, 10:46 AM UTC
Amy Nicole Bayer
#BoycottTooFaced because this is wildly inappropriate. I’m with my girl @NikkieTutorials 💛 https://t.co/9v05INml6z
14 Jan, 09:33 AM UTC
- PS 💕
#BoycottTooFaced I never liked them and never will. The cosmetic brand name fit well for the brand and owners
14 Jan, 11:18 AM UTC
Jo Jatoe
I’m not one for rocking the boat, but this is repugnant @TooFaced & @jerrodblandino & @EsteeLauder. To make a difference, make your opinion known by how you spend your money. #BoycottTooFaced Cosmetics. https://t.co/mLVqmV6kTW
14 Jan, 11:04 AM UTC
Jo Jatoe
@EsteeLauder I have been buying your products since I was 21. You own @TooFaced Cosmetics. I have never purchased from this brand because of the behaviour of @jerrodblandino. Now his sister is bullying @NikkieTutorials. Please do something about this. #BoycottTooFaced
14 Jan, 10:54 AM UTC
superamyzz 🌻☀️
Omg fuck too faced. I want to throw all the products I have of there's into the bush fires that's happening. #TooFacedIsOverParty #BoycottTooFaced
14 Jan, 10:49 AM UTC
#BoycottTooFaced this behavior is disgusting. I’m not LGBTQ so I truly don’t know what it must be like coming out, but I know for a fact forcing someone to do it or blackmailing them about their identity Is evil & not it. The Blandino family is so problematic. #WeSupportNikkie https://t.co/j78eoLTTZS
14 Jan, 11:38 AM UTC
grace :)
14 Jan, 11:37 AM UTC
YOU 👏 ARE 👏 NOT 👏 ENTITLED 👏 TO 👏 ANYONE 👏 ELSES 👏 PERSONAL 👏 LIFE! 👏 #BoycottTooFaced #TooFacedIsOverParty
14 Jan, 11:34 AM UTC
@jerrodblandino Your sister is trash #BoycottTooFaced
14 Jan, 11:18 AM UTC
@jerrodblandino Congrats! your F...ing sister just tanked your compagny for good!!! #BoycottTooFaced #4EVER #LikeWedidnTdoThatLastYear https://t.co/kME3iB6shu
14 Jan, 11:08 AM UTC
@iamcardib Girl says she got all that schooling behind her, got all that polish but makes a remark so dumb CardiB had to give her a quick lesson in manners. Nicely done Ms. Cardi🤣#BoycottTooFaced
14 Jan, 10:51 AM UTC
#BoycottTooFaced This shit is unacceptable from a brand. She may not be an owner but she has a hand in what her brother does. I'm so thankful this shit company has never gotten a penny of my money. I'd rather buy indie brands or dollar store brands then this crap. https://t.co/uyKipc2LFy
14 Jan, 10:49 AM UTC
Erik Lewis
Oh, I sense a storm coming on #BoycottTooFaced https://t.co/a22Q6b7hxr
14 Jan, 10:41 AM UTC
𝓈𝓊𝓁𝒻𝒶𝓉 ✨
@dropdeadlewis #boycotttoofaced
14 Jan, 10:38 AM UTC

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