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shannon sharpe
I guess Brady doesn’t know Goff well enough to shake his hand after losing. Yet, he knows every qb after he wins. Brady is full of what the elephant left on the show ground. His attitude is bulljive and it’s time to call his A** out on it. 😤😤😤
24 Nov, 04:26 AM UTC
NFL Memes
*Tom Brady throws the ball deep* Rams Defense: @NFL_Memes's photo on Brady
24 Nov, 04:23 AM UTC
Woah 😳 Jordan Fuller picked off Brady TWICE! (via @Ian_OConnor) @espn's photo on Brady
24 Nov, 04:40 AM UTC
Bleacher Report
This play is WILD 🤯 Brady caught his own pass then completed another one on the same play (via @thecheckdown) @BleacherReport's photo on Brady
24 Nov, 03:47 AM UTC
The Rams get their revenge on Brady, beating the Bucs on Monday Night Football 🐏 @espn's photo on Brady
24 Nov, 04:22 AM UTC
Ben Volin
Breaking: Brady needs Belichick and Belichick needs Brady
24 Nov, 04:19 AM UTC
Patriots Militia
Holy shit I miss Tom Brady
24 Nov, 01:48 AM UTC
Alyssa Rae
Tom Brady doesn’t shake hands: crickets. If that was Cam Newton: “Breaking News: Newton sore loser” #MNF
24 Nov, 04:27 AM UTC
Tom Brady's 9 interceptions in 11 games are more than he had all of last season @NFLonCBS's photo on Brady
24 Nov, 04:19 AM UTC
Kyle Brandt
Brady snubs again. Someone ask him about this, please. He’s not above it. @KyleBrandt's photo on Brady
24 Nov, 01:29 PM UTC
Lamar Jackson: 6-4 record, 2.5 TD/INT ratio, 63% completion Tom Brady: 7-4 record, 2.7 TD/INT ratio, 66% completion Tom Brady has Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Antonio Brown, Gronk, Scottie Miller, Rojo, Fournette, while Lamar has Andrews, a rookie RB and Willie Snead... @joseph_armen's photo on Brady
24 Nov, 06:14 AM UTC
Men in Blazers
VAR going to decide it was not a Brady fumble, it is actually a Man Utd penalty
24 Nov, 03:30 AM UTC
TJAY Jones
Wait until after week one. Wait until Brady knows the offense. Wait until Gronk get in shape. Wait until Godwin gets back. Wait until AB get here. Wait until we play the Saints week 9. Wait until we see the #Saints in the playoffs. DAMN!!! How long are we going to wait? #NFL
24 Nov, 04:49 AM UTC
Jeffrey Walizer Jr
When an opposing player goes to shake Tom Brady's hand after a game Brady: @JWalizerJr's photo on Brady
24 Nov, 04:32 AM UTC
Ian O'Connor
Jordan Fuller, pick No. 199 in the 2020 draft, intercepts Tom Brady, pick No. 199 in the 2000 draft.
24 Nov, 03:10 AM UTC
Mike From Woburn
Pats fans rooting against Brady will never cease to amaze me. So ungrateful.
24 Nov, 04:22 AM UTC
Who Dat Queen 👑⚜
Drew Brees with a collapsed lung is better than Tom Brady
24 Nov, 04:20 AM UTC
Mekka Don
Jordan Fuller picks off Tom Brady. Ohio State beats Michigan again.
24 Nov, 03:11 AM UTC
B/R Gridiron
Tom Brady in 16 games last year: 8 picks Tom Brady in 11 games this year: 9 picks @brgridiron's photo on Brady
24 Nov, 02:09 PM UTC
Christopher Dunnells
NFC South quarterbacks in Week 11: #Buccaneers QB Tom Brady: 2 interceptions #Falcons QB Matt Ryan: 2 interceptions #Panthers QB PJ Walker: 2 interceptions #Saints QB Taysom Hill: 0 interceptions
24 Nov, 01:17 PM UTC
Scott Kacsmar
Tom Brady: The Sorest Loser (2009 Edition)
24 Nov, 07:00 AM UTC
Brandon Tierney
One of life's earliest and most important lessons: learning how to win AND lose graciously. This is lost on Tom Brady. Petulant. Entitled. Petty. He deserves all of the heat is going to receive today. So weak. Sportsmanship should never be optional. At any level. @BrandonTierney's photo on Brady
24 Nov, 01:35 PM UTC
Wilson, Coordenador Ofensivo (7-3)
Muito interessante esse protocolo de COVID-19 que o Tom Brady segue. Pode apertar a mão do adversário só quando ganha, mas quando perde tem que evitar o contágio.
24 Nov, 01:20 PM UTC
Rafa Torres
Los pases largos no son la mejor jugada de Tom Brady, que necedad de Arians de seguir mandando jugadas así.
24 Nov, 03:19 AM UTC
Usa Pronos 🇺🇸
Ne pas dormir de la nuit , voir un field goal raté . Espérer que le 4eme sera marqué tranquillement pour égaliser à 27 partout 1min57 à jouer quelques yards à prendre. Tom brady nous offre la pire fin de match possible . Lynchage à venir 📵
24 Nov, 04:49 AM UTC
Shannon Sharpe Blasts Tom Brady For Not Shaking Goff's Hand, 'Call His Ass Out'
24 Nov, 02:15 PM UTC
Dan Wiederer
Hey shouting sports cable TV heads. Idea for you: Why does Tom Brady get a pass on being a really sore loser?
24 Nov, 02:15 PM UTC
FINALLY, they are starting to call Brady out on his crybaby antics. 👏🏽 👏🏽 He is exactly right, if this was Cam Newton or even someone like Baker Mayfield they would be annihilated on every opening segment of ever sports show. Tom deserves to be called-out.
24 Nov, 01:57 PM UTC
No guts, no story. Chris Brady #PreciousEijaz
24 Nov, 02:10 PM UTC

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