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based on the comment in brainstorm: "HoS's playstyle in a nutshell #HonkaiImpact3rd @squishysuraime's photo on Brainstorm
21 Jul, 09:28 AM UTC
【7月21日禁止制限告知】 ヒストリックにて ・《渦まく知識/Brainstorm》 の使用が一時停止となりました。
21 Jul, 03:01 PM UTC
Tolarian Community College
There must be some mistake. You can’t suspend a brainstorm.
21 Jul, 03:24 PM UTC
bitter sweet entertainment
8月21日(土)発売 【BrainStorm(ブレスト)】 さだはる オリジナル曲「ストーリー」のショートムービーがYouTubeにてアップされます! 公開は7月28日(水)21:00!!! お楽しみに🎤 さだはる (@sdhr1192)
21 Jul, 08:08 AM UTC
bitter sweet entertainment
8月21日(土)発売 【BrainStorm(ブレスト)】 らお オリジナル曲「THROWDANCE」のショートムービーがYouTubeにてアップされます! 公開は7月27日(火)21:00!!! お楽しみに🎤 らお (@_Raokun_)
21 Jul, 08:07 AM UTC
MTG Arena
We've got the event schedule, some bug fixes and the new Midweek Magic coming your way! We're also suspending Brainstorm tomorrow. Did you guess it right?
21 Jul, 03:02 PM UTC
Everytime a woman is killed, raped or both, people on here brainstorm several violent ways to punish the perpetrator but in a country where catching the perpetrator is a feat in itself, shouldn't keeping him behind bars be the priority?
21 Jul, 12:19 PM UTC
Star • For Daimeng💎
Yan Mingjun (Jungu) pocket I was jotting them down in the practice room, at midnight Daimeng senior came to practice She saw me And said "Hey! Jungu! Help me brainstorm some dance moves and stunts that you can teach me!!"
21 Jul, 09:27 AM UTC
Yuta Takahashi
Goodbye Brainstorm. You have brought me a great victory. See you in Legacy.
21 Jul, 03:38 PM UTC
Leon Kowalewski
Good morning #NFTCommunity 💛 a very stressful and full day lies ahead of me. I hope tomorrow I will be able continue create. I wish you an amazing day.💫 In the meantime I would like to remind you that Brainstorm is available for 0.44 ETH.
21 Jul, 06:35 AM UTC
Autumn Burchett
The last two tournaments I played I registered 5c Niv and Jund Food, both times I felt great about my deck choices, and both times I crushed Brainstorm decks. I think it’s fine to suspend the card, but the outrage from pros that likely prompted this is so bizarre to me.
21 Jul, 03:12 PM UTC
The Nature Conservancy
Tune in shortly for a #sustainwhat brainstorm from @Revkin and @columbiaclimate featuring TNC's Max Ricker on how to mitigate future river flood risks:
21 Jul, 12:51 PM UTC
ดร.เรือบิน - ไทยสร้างไทย
สำเร็จอีกเรื่องแล้วครับ 555 จากที่เราหาโซลูชั่นกันใน #ฟังเสียงสร้างไทย on #ClubHouse นั้นเลย ว่าลด 50% เนี่ยเหมาะสมสุด และถ้าจะเป็นไปได้ต้องทำยังไงบ้าง 1,2,3... ดีใจกับน้องๆ ทุกคนด้วยจริงๆ ขอขอบคุณทุกท่านที่มาร่วม brainstorm กันจนได้โซลูชั่นนี้ด้วยครับ! #โควิดวันนี้ #ดาราcallout
21 Jul, 03:27 PM UTC
Jason K. Murray
I’m not sure they had to suspend Brainstorm. Printing Daze into Historic could’ve done a lot to check the cantrip’s power level.
21 Jul, 03:54 PM UTC
Any ideas on how I can help support single mums across London? Let’s brainstorm pls
21 Jul, 03:53 PM UTC
Magic Barcelona
¡Novedades en la #BannedAndRestricted List! Brainstorm deja de ser válida en Historic. Sigue a Thassa's Oracle y Time Warp, que fueron baneadas en los últimos meses.
21 Jul, 03:09 PM UTC
Therese McDonnell
Findings from our @hrbireland COVID-19 study: interviews with paediatric ED staff on their experience of treating children during the initial months of the pandemic, analysis of the pattern of attendance at ED and a survey of parents @EmmaNich97 via @rte
21 Jul, 03:47 PM UTC
A llorar por el Brainstorm al parque, cracks. 🥳🥳🥳🥳
21 Jul, 03:52 PM UTC
yumi 🌻
21 Jul, 03:46 PM UTC
@NunoMCGoncalves @MTG_Arena Lmaoooo got blocked for pointing out that Brainstorm decks were dominant. Thats about what i expected from someone who doesnt really know whats going on in the format though
21 Jul, 03:39 PM UTC
wish i was excited
21 Jul, 03:53 PM UTC
Still Steve, Man
The Good, The Bad, and the Brainstorm
21 Jul, 03:54 PM UTC
Jim Davis
⚠️ Historic Banlist Alert ⚠️ Back to Legacy with you Brainstorm, you aren't welcome in Historic any more: #jimdOMG @CoolStuffInc @CoalesceAD @BCWSupplies @InsightEsportCA
21 Jul, 03:51 PM UTC
Noah T Koessel
So according to the WOTC Data, it’s not that Brainstorm is too good, it’s that people would rather play with it. That, or people just suck at using it compared to how good it actually is.
21 Jul, 03:46 PM UTC
kev_aROS #BLM
@Needels_ I appreciate the kind words. I've got some more ideas in the pipeline as well 👀 lemme know if you ever wanna brainstorm and/or collab!
21 Jul, 03:38 PM UTC
Merott 🚢
🔍 Audit yourself—brainstorm niche ideas that fit in with your identity and passions
21 Jul, 04:00 PM UTC
Robert Cuellari
@n_r_g @TeamTuskMTG Won't pair with brainstorm out of spite.
21 Jul, 03:59 PM UTC
@SaffronOlive i think historic needs its uniqueness too instead of being standard+ things like brainstorm made it unique
21 Jul, 03:59 PM UTC