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dean 🦂
Kelly Oubre did WHAT???? @DeanScorpion_'s photo on Braves
19 Jan, 06:03 AM UTC
Atlanta Braves
Rest In Peace, Don. @Braves's photo on Braves
19 Jan, 10:50 PM UTC
Chipper Jones
Been a rough couple weeks for Braves Country. Don Sutton was one of my favorite people. Always had a smile, kind word and a story that captivated you. Always asked how my parents were doing. Always positive! Gonna miss u my friend. Tell Knucksie we all said hello. Love ya buddy!
20 Jan, 12:27 AM UTC
Atlanta Braves
#Braves Mourn the Passing of Don Sutton: @Braves's photo on Braves
19 Jan, 10:50 PM UTC
San Diego Padres
Home hits different. @Padres's photo on Braves
20 Jan, 01:31 AM UTC
Jonathan Chadwick
Here's the final HR call of Don's illustrious broadcasting career. A solo shot from Freddie Freeman off of Alex Wood in Game 3 of the 2018 NLDS. It was the difference maker in the game and gave the Braves a 6-5 lead:
19 Jan, 11:26 PM UTC
David O'Brien
R.I.P., Don Sutton. From Clio, Alabama, he rose to stardom in L.A., where he’s one of 10 Dodgers with his number retired. Hall of Fame pitcher, Braves Hall of Fame broadcaster. I relished talking a lot of baseball and country music with him for a lot of years here in Atlanta.
20 Jan, 12:19 AM UTC
Scott Carasik
Terry Fontenot is the first black GM or Head Coach in Atlanta Falcons history on a non-interim status.
19 Jan, 02:47 PM UTC
Taylor Bryan
RIP to Atlanta Braves legend Don Sutton.
19 Jan, 09:54 PM UTC
Jameson Olive
For the second straight season, #FlaPanthers captain @Barkovsasha95 will donate $1,600 for each goal he scores to Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. “I’m also hopeful that I’ll soon be able to visit the children’s hospital again once the pandemic is under control,” Barkov said.
19 Jan, 05:58 PM UTC
Bennett Hipp
I once asked Don Sutton about calling Braves games as a southerner: “When I do the game, I’m not going to be doing it for a guy in a coat and tie in New York and Chicago. God bless them if they listen in, but in my mind the southern states are Braves fans. Those are my people.”
19 Jan, 10:19 PM UTC
Nick Green
Won’t ever forget the times I got to stop by the radio booth and talk with Don. #RIP to another wonderful human.
20 Jan, 01:47 AM UTC
Gradick Sports
Former Hall of Fame Pitcher & #Braves broadcaster Don Sutton has passed away at the age of 75. @GradickSports's photo on Braves
19 Jan, 10:08 PM UTC
Taylor Bryan
Idk who needs to hear this tonight but 72 days until Braves Opening Day.
20 Jan, 01:55 AM UTC
Need the Blue Jays to go ahead and set the market for George Springer so we have an idea of what the Braves are going to give Michael Brantley.
20 Jan, 02:37 AM UTC
Alcorn Sports
Crosby Named SWAC Player of the Week @TroymainCrosby_
20 Jan, 02:25 AM UTC
Cheraw Braves Boys Basketball
Braves get a big OT win 92-85 over Latta. Play at Latta Friday. Scoring: Marshall Myers 32, Tony Pegues 19, Jonathan Gordon 17, Cale Burch 8, Devin Gillespie 8, Aaron Jackson 5 and Jadon Scott 2. @BDunnsports @PrepHoopsSC @SportsinPeeDee
20 Jan, 02:18 AM UTC
scott pianowski
There's something to be said for that. I've often said the goal is to be the Chipper/Maddux/Glavine Braves, not the "got lucky twice" wild-card Marlins. Not that Marlins fans shouldn't feel great about winning twice. But consistent, deep contention is more impressive, the goal.
20 Jan, 01:40 AM UTC
Austin Parker
RIP, Don Sutton. He’ll always be the voice of the @braves to me.
20 Jan, 02:38 AM UTC
Julia Dugan
@TheRealWNK @RockyTopSkiBum At Braves games I like getting ice cream in a helmet
20 Jan, 02:36 AM UTC
Brebeuf Basketball
JV Braves win at Traders Point 71-25. McIlwain led w 14, Freeman 12, Hill 11, Murphy 9, Bowling 8, Butcher & Helvie 5, Macaluso 4, AliAly 3. JV squad hosts Guerin Catholic Thursday at 7:30.
20 Jan, 02:44 AM UTC
@Casey_Devers Bad day at the Post office I guess
20 Jan, 02:41 AM UTC
Julio Teheráñ Fañ Club™
@ashleywatts146 🥰💜
20 Jan, 02:39 AM UTC
Jeff Baseball
@StarWarsnThings Braves are so thin, I’m actually kinda hoping the pitcher hits now.
20 Jan, 02:37 AM UTC
Braves Moves and Rumors
@RyanLottinger I feel like the only way he’d do that were if he didn’t want to play in Philly. I know he was initially trying to get close to Posey money at 7/160 but I think you’d have to be more inclined to take a 5/110 than 1/25-30 unless you really don’t want to play somewhere
20 Jan, 02:37 AM UTC
Brave Phin fan!
@CassMac_21 He was a big part of my Braves life and such sad news
20 Jan, 02:45 AM UTC
@HubbardJeff @NatureMoment Yeah I am also too young to have known him as a player, but he was a great voice of the Braves with Ernie, Pete, Skip, and Joe. We also liked to joke about his hair. RIP
20 Jan, 02:45 AM UTC
Renuka Rayasam
V. Sad news for Braves fans tonight....Hall of Famer and Braves announcer Don Sutton dies at 75
20 Jan, 02:45 AM UTC
Jake Larey
@DOBrienATL So so so loved the old games when the Braves were on TBS with Skip and Don! Childhood memories.
20 Jan, 02:45 AM UTC

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