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Joe Biden
It's hard to believe this has to be said, but if I'm elected president, I will always lead the way with science. I will listen to the experts and heed their advice. I will do the opposite of what we’re seeing Donald Trump do every day.
26 Mar, 05:50 PM UTC
Tory Lanez x Chris Brown is too funny 😂😭 @JZepeda_13's photo on bray
26 Mar, 09:39 PM UTC
The IWC Messiah
Two options here now for Goldberg: Matt Riddle obviously. It is an easy solution for someone to step up OR Bray beats Cena, #1 Contender, he beats Goldberg, takes the title back in the same fashion he was beaten...quick #Wrestlemania
27 Mar, 02:17 AM UTC
Joe V John
@WrestlingSheet They should do Bray vs. Cena night 1 with the winner facing Goldberg night 2. Fiend goes over both times and gets his revenge.
27 Mar, 01:49 AM UTC
kirk acevedo
A refrigerated truck has been stationed outside the hospital to hold the bodies of the dead. “It’s apocalyptic,” said Dr. Bray, 27, a general medicine resident at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens. #Coronavirus #KidVicious🤦🏻‍♂️
26 Mar, 03:39 PM UTC
Your birthmonth is your quarantine partner: Jan: AJ Styles Feb: Bayley Mar: Alexa Bliss Apr: Roman Reigns May: Brock Lesnar Jun: Seth Rollins Jul: Sasha Banks Aug: Sami Zayn Sep: Randy Orton Oct: Becky Lynch Nov: Kevin Owens Dec: Bray Wyatt
26 Mar, 03:39 PM UTC
Big Structurals
Black lodge fireside chat, let’s go
27 Mar, 05:02 AM UTC
Lord Rivers of Beer & Revenge
Labor not showing any of the mongrel it will need to counter the LNP lying #DeathCult. Why are they failing to bray out about what is clearly a precursor to a coup? Are they complicit? Too many RWers who should never have been in the ALP may have been complicit in this #auspol
27 Mar, 01:02 AM UTC
Easy solution... Bray beats Cena. Bray ports in and goes against Goldberg for the Universal Championship. Bray win the title back. #WWE #RAW #SmackDown #WWENXT #WrestleMania
27 Mar, 02:00 AM UTC
Dios mío, es necesario que sean TAN putos?
27 Mar, 06:20 AM UTC
Italia: se me murió toda mi familia por coronavirus España: se me murió toda mi familia por coronavirus China: se me murió toda mi familia por coronavirus Argentina: no voy a poder ir a rascarma las bolas al colegio, quiero mi primo 😢😭😭😭
27 Mar, 06:32 AM UTC
À #Rouen, les étudiants en pharmacie fabriquent du gel hydroalcoolique pour les #soignants de #SeineMaritime #Covid19 : "Des médecins sont même venus de Neufchâtel-en-Bray ou de Fécamp pour en chercher" ⬇️
27 Mar, 06:11 AM UTC
pleniloquent vijayalakshmi
Woke Liberals Totally Muttaal Kewtiya @tmkrishna They demand everything to be given free by the government, but want us to pay a fee (who wants to listen to this ass bray anyway?) for his so-called fund-raiser?
27 Mar, 06:12 AM UTC
Thinking bout my baby, I be bae dreaming
27 Mar, 04:54 AM UTC
amanhã 🥳🥳🥳
@bray_s_f meu casal😍😍😍😍
27 Mar, 06:03 AM UTC
Muhammad Ridhwansyah
Lemesin dulu bray~
27 Mar, 04:10 AM UTC
🔷🔸本日のRumio🔸🔷 アダビトヲコガラヌ初主催2days!! 『ヲコガリツブシ』 アダビトヲコガラヌ/EviLA/Lavitte/haku~漆黒ノ時~/BRAY KiD BREAK iT/nill/MA:D OPEN16:00/START16:30 ADV¥3,200/DOOR¥3,700 (ドリンク代別途¥600)
27 Mar, 06:21 AM UTC
Bray @Quarantine
@DrgnBeauty It looks amazing, DB
27 Mar, 06:44 AM UTC
@Agus__Bray Un minuto de silencio mejor
27 Mar, 06:38 AM UTC
Chad Wilk
@RJStylesB2R Bray Wyatt so I get to be on the #FireflyFunHouse with @SportsQueen_5 #SmackDown #WrestleMania
27 Mar, 06:21 AM UTC
@deonsavian masih mau followan apa kagak neh? Jgn ditekan trs lah gw capek bray
27 Mar, 06:44 AM UTC
Tri Desi Sudnari
@YouC1000Water SKI #QUIZALERT Yuk ikutan jawab juga semoga beruntung! @naaazzzs @Bray_Mahri Sukses selalu @YouC1000Water 🙏🙏
27 Mar, 06:44 AM UTC
Akhirnya kena nikotin lagi bray
27 Mar, 06:43 AM UTC
Soares ᶜʳᵛᵍ
Tive um déjà vu que eu já te vi pelada
27 Mar, 06:43 AM UTC