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Doug Kelly
The biggest cliffhanger in all of Breaking Bad has finally been resolved! #BetterCallSaul https://t.co/DkRFzbeuUd
02 Aug, 02:10 AM UTC
Netflix Latinoamérica
10 años después, Jesse Pinkman y Walter White reaparecen en el episodio ‘Breaking Bad’ de ‘Better Call Saul’: La escena | El sentimiento https://t.co/mZSr5eiPTl
02 Aug, 08:30 PM UTC
After tonight's episode I think it's safe to say that Jimmy is the main character of the 'Breaking Bad Universe'. #BetterCallSaul https://t.co/dCim8c2Ex1
02 Aug, 03:59 PM UTC
better call saul caps
Plan and Execution 607 | Breaking Bad 611 https://t.co/ZYyvXCUbBP
02 Aug, 06:35 PM UTC
Bryan Moss
Breaking Bad fans when Aaron Paul doesn’t look the exact same as he did 13 years ago #BetterCallSaul https://t.co/SH5u8Ay4VS
02 Aug, 05:56 PM UTC
George Goodman🚬
Siempre es bueno ver a estos 2, este episodio de Better Call Saul es un 10/10. Pero no le doy el 10 por la aparición de esos 2. Si no porque el título le hace honor, y no es por Walter y Jesse, si no por Gene volviendo a ser Saul. de ahí el Breaking Bad. Una carta de amor a la TV https://t.co/FsczWhduX7
02 Aug, 08:05 AM UTC
Better Call Saul : Breaking Bad (2022) dir. Thomas Schnauz https://t.co/o3cJWsPasp
02 Aug, 10:00 AM UTC
Air Power
Breaking Bad! An F/A-18F from VFA-106 "Gladiators" moments before it breaks the sound barrier. Photographed by Camden Trasher. #avgeeks #aviation #aviation lovers #aviationphotography #USNavy #TopGun https://t.co/mGUePCBsUm
02 Aug, 10:53 AM UTC
pongan breaking bad, pero solo la parte de quevedo https://t.co/RfkkvZN2Kf
02 Aug, 11:21 AM UTC
Mr. Random
Así que Saul es el veradero Breaking Bad. #BetterCallSaul #BreakingBad https://t.co/fLwe13DKmL
02 Aug, 02:21 AM UTC
Thomas Schnauz
I'll be posting some behind-the-scenes pics and a board breakdown and all the usual stuff in the coming days for #BetterCallSaul ep 611 "Breaking Bad." Just letting the DVR watchers a chance to catch up... https://t.co/IJDKSExtPI
02 Aug, 08:51 PM UTC
Z ⚡
@Fruityfruit6 @DiscussingFilm Walt realizes his distribution is expensive and won't be profitable so he stops selling his meth and takes a tax write off instead. But if he does that, he'll never be able to distribute that specific meth again (idk I never watched Breaking Bad)
03 Aug, 12:56 AM UTC
The Hollywood Reporter
‘Better Call Saul’ Writer-EP Thomas Schnauz Breaks Down the Momentous “Breaking Bad” Episode https://t.co/TWpuG0EHTl
02 Aug, 02:19 AM UTC
Oh yeah that little show called Breaking Bad from indie network AMC https://t.co/NiLp08Borj
02 Aug, 03:12 PM UTC
Pouly 💀
El capítulo de Better Call Saul de hoy se llama "Breaking Bad" https://t.co/dOJjceApZa
02 Aug, 02:40 AM UTC
Saul Goodman⚖
My #BetterCallSaul S0611 "Breaking Bad" spoilers with no context. https://t.co/A9AfUrdXf5
02 Aug, 11:11 AM UTC
Look how easily Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul switched to the cautious Walter White and headstrong Jesse Pinkman that we knew way back in S2 of Breaking Bad. Brilliant Acting. #BetterCallSaul #BreakingBad #walterwhite #JessePinkman https://t.co/aCqoFNnSSA
02 Aug, 10:02 AM UTC
Jack Baltimore
Jesse Pinkman en Breaking Bad ////// Jesse Pinkman en Better Call Saul https://t.co/haIMpnM8Mt
02 Aug, 05:44 PM UTC
براين كرانستون احد اعمدة التلفاز ممثل عظيم فعلًا قدم احد اعظم الشخصيات في تاريخ الشاشة الصغيرة ومع اداء خيالي منه , وبعد عقد كامل من الانقطاع عن هذه الشخصية يعود لها ويقدم اداء رائع للمرة الثانية وتشعر ان هذه المشاهد تم تصويرها في فترة Breaking Bad من شدة الاتقان #BetterCallSaul https://t.co/rViKcp6Y7D
02 Aug, 02:08 PM UTC
#BetterCallSaul knows how to do a prequel/spin-off to perfection. tonights episode was outstanding, seeing walt and jesse bicker again only makes me want to do another rewatch of breaking bad. both of these shows are just superb https://t.co/a1SzzrQ20m
02 Aug, 03:27 AM UTC
Hermano! Breaking bad de Better Call Saul, DIOS MIO! Gracias por ser contemporaneo a esta serie semana a semana, estuve en nostalgia y admiracion todo el capitulo, me senti como en este clip y seguramente asi esté en el final de esta hermosa serie https://t.co/Y6M6wov0nU
03 Aug, 01:09 AM UTC
Alan Sepinwall
Also, Schnauz reveals that an unseen but occasionally mentioned Breaking Bad character and a memorable Better Call Saul character are the same person, and his regrets about Huell and Kuby. https://t.co/8LiwQ7xglE
02 Aug, 01:40 PM UTC
No veremos en la TV algo tan prolijo como la transición Breaking Bad - Better Call Saul. Meando a los ansiosos, la serie logró ser parte de un universo con mística propia. No se subió a la ola: creó un tsunami. https://t.co/r2Km7rmRcH
03 Aug, 01:10 AM UTC
IGN Japan
『ブレイキング・バッド』ウォルター&ジェシーの銅像がお披露目!主演コンビが除幕式に駆け付ける。銅像は役者本人よりも大きなサイズ https://t.co/VfjSRi5TyQ @IGNJapan's photo on Breaking Bad
03 Aug, 01:30 AM UTC
سيزليون ..
أمضيت حياتي كلها خائفًا، مذعورًا من الأمور التي قد تحدث أو قد لا تحدث، 50 عامًا أمضيتها بتلك الطريقة ..لكن أتعلم؟ منذ أن تم تشخيصي بالسرطان، أصبحت أغط في نوم عميق .. حينها أدركت أن الخوف هو العدو الحقيقي , لذا .. إنهض، أخرج للعالم الحقيقي، وأبرحه ضربًا. - Breaking Bad https://t.co/UUY0Zg0irY
02 Aug, 03:38 PM UTC
Intraterreno escamoso
Better Call Saul E11 Breaking Bad https://t.co/KsNXwGz8EE
03 Aug, 01:43 AM UTC
Max Hammer
@shannonhall_art @journeyman121_ I guess it’s my fault, I didn’t watch it as it was aired. I watched it after Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, shows like that where you got that big payoff and came to expect it. Maybe if I had seen it at a different time I might have liked it more.
03 Aug, 01:43 AM UTC
joshin so much
@sweetcapnkakes S M H MY HEAD that is Gustavo Fring (has also never seen breaking bad)
03 Aug, 01:41 AM UTC
Breaking Bad tiene algo que SNK no tiene, 2 BUENOS FINALES🚬 https://t.co/6aXgRfA5dK
03 Aug, 01:41 AM UTC
Mauricio Mac Machado
Breaking Bad: S02E08 - Better Call Saul. Better Call Saul: S06E11 - Breaking Bad. Quando o spinoff é tão bom quanto a série original.
03 Aug, 01:45 AM UTC