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No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen
It’s worth noting that the killers of Breonna Taylor wouldn’t have been charged and arrested if Trump won in 2020. Voting has consequences.
04 Aug, 09:27 PM UTC
chris evans
Let's talk Breonna Taylor's MURDER.
04 Aug, 10:28 PM UTC
My Mixtapez
The FBI has arrested 4 officers involved in the no-knock raid that led to Breonna Taylor’s death 🕊 @mymixtapez's photo on Breonna Taylor
04 Aug, 05:53 PM UTC
I Smoked The Pentagon's Text Messages
The cops who shot Breonna Taylor in her sleep met together in a garage to coordinate their stories the same way the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys met together in a garage to coordinate their coup.
04 Aug, 06:57 PM UTC
Kyle Griffin
Breonna Taylor's mother on the new federal charges: "I've waited 874 days for this," Tamika Palmer, said. "You all are learning what we've been saying is the truth, that they shouldn't have been there and that Breonna didn't deserve that." https://t.co/LGh4ptx54x
05 Aug, 03:00 PM UTC
Derrick is PRO CHOICE♎ #BLM 🇺🇦 🏳️‍🌈
While I'm happy Breonna Taylor is getting justice, I'm a bit bothered that it took the DOJ to file charges, when the Kentucky AG had the same evidence and did nothing.
05 Aug, 12:17 PM UTC
What Biden Has Done
Today in Biden admin: Deal for Sinema to get to YES on reconciliation DOJ charges Breonna Taylor's killers Monkeypox Public Health Emergency declared Federal Judge #76 confirmed 11 ambassadors confirmed All 7 sentencing commission members confirmed - first quorum since Jan 2019
05 Aug, 03:32 AM UTC
Elections matter. President Biden's DOJ brought charges and arrested the murderous cops who shot sleeping Breonna taylor today. The former DOJ did nothing! Remember that voters. #RaiseAFist #FreshResists #DemVoice1 #OurBlueVoice
04 Aug, 11:03 PM UTC
bluebear 🌻☮️
No one knew Garland and his DOJ were investigating Breonna Taylor's murder until today. Not even the ones involved. I've had faith in Garland. He's coming for Trump. Just wait.
04 Aug, 11:18 PM UTC
Stella Parton
“Breonna Taylor should be alive today.” Merrick Garland. Yes, we need police reform and every America must take responsibility for their actions. Alex Jones is getting what he deserves in his trial. Why are there millions of Americans who feed off his type of toxicity?
05 Aug, 12:43 PM UTC
Emily D. Baker ⚖️ 💜
Officers Arrested and Indicted in connection with the killing of Breonna Taylor. Attorney General Garland said, “the federal charges announced today allege that members of LMPD’s Place-Based Investigations Unit falsified the affidavit used to obtain the search warrant ...
05 Aug, 03:46 PM UTC
Attorney General Daniel Cameron
Today, President Biden’s Department of Justice brought federal civil rights charges against four individuals in connection with the death of Ms. Breonna Taylor. (1/7)
04 Aug, 09:59 PM UTC
Larry Middleton - Democracy Forward in 2022!🇺🇸🌻
Maybe Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron should have his own appointment with a grand jury for his complete mishandling of the Breonna Taylor investigation?
04 Aug, 05:58 PM UTC
Ben Crump
FOUR officers! The FEDERAL government charged four officers in connection to the death of Breonna Taylor! We sincerely thank the Justice Department for its extraordinary and thorough commitment to civil rights on behalf of innocent Black people. 👏🏾 @AttorneyCrump's photo on Breonna Taylor
05 Aug, 03:46 PM UTC
a ✨
The 4 police officers that murdered Breonna Taylor have been arrested by the FBI. I wonder if @TheEmilyDBaker is going to apologize to Breonna’s family for suggesting her death was her fault because of who she chose to date. https://t.co/bcf6PtHN4i
05 Aug, 11:19 AM UTC
Of course on the day when four cops are finally charged for their part in the raid that caused the murder of Breonna Taylor, the far right propaganda machine is trying to get the Murderer Kyle Rittenhouse trending to deflect from the facts #SayHerName #BreonnaTaylor #BLM
05 Aug, 01:41 AM UTC
Daniel Cameron is seeking help with his Fancy Farm zingers while the Feds are doing his job and the rest of KY are out helping their neighbors impacted by the flood….but I guess that’s none of our business. https://t.co/fanwYvXr1o https://t.co/fzVhVIvC5D
04 Aug, 05:26 PM UTC
From Trayvon Martin to George Floyd to Breonna Taylor... "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." -MLK #VoteBlueNoMatterWho #DemVoice1 https://t.co/Kh97quH6JL
05 Aug, 03:00 AM UTC
Hannah Drake
“This is for Breonna Taylor’s assassination!” https://t.co/beEtg88ebF
05 Aug, 05:37 AM UTC
Did y’all know about this regarding Breonna Taylor? https://t.co/nOiAGlTqOL
05 Aug, 12:22 PM UTC
Community Change
Breonna Taylor should be safe today. Brittney Griner should be safe today. And Black women’s freedom to live cannot be expendable. Our hearts are breaking. @communitychange's photo on Breonna Taylor
05 Aug, 01:49 PM UTC
@NitzanSneh @ms_canadada @duty2warn “Four current, former Louisville police officers federally charged in Breonna Taylor's death” https://t.co/GXVlIyQf75
05 Aug, 02:36 PM UTC
Lawyers' Committee ☎️866-OUR-VOTE
Over two years after four police officers raided and killed Breonna Taylor in her home, today’s arrests renew our long overdue calls for justice and accountability for the officers responsible for her killing. https://t.co/jeqOovdi8M
04 Aug, 10:57 PM UTC
The Post Millennial
ICYMI: Biden's DOJ brings charges against officers involved in Breonna Taylor despite exoneration. https://t.co/TSnvIUibwp
05 Aug, 08:20 AM UTC
Status Coup News
BREAKING: DOJ Charges Cops Who Killed Breonna Taylor, Ro Khanna GLEEFUL Over SURRENDER to Manchin w/ @JordanChariton LIVE NOW: https://t.co/S0A7BAykmm https://t.co/o4hwi5ckeA
04 Aug, 05:40 PM UTC
@kyoag “Funny” how #FBI uncovered all this evidence two years after murder when you & your investigators couldn’t! We see you! https://t.co/TsIdFom2FW
05 Aug, 11:32 AM UTC
PersistToResist Patriarchy
@briantylercohen He/his admin: Eased Global supply chain stress to an 18-month low EO to extend protections to women traveling across state borders for abortions DOJ arrested/charged 4 cops in Breonna Taylor case DOJ brings case to protect womens right to emergency medical treatment angst Idaho.
05 Aug, 03:48 PM UTC
@Keck553 @RBReich I cannot wait until republicans win and can investigate the shooter, and hold him responsible for murdering an unarmed woman. Its sickening. I'm happy Breonna Taylor got justice, they both should be alive.
05 Aug, 04:43 PM UTC
11th Hour
A jury ordered conspiracy theorist Alex Jones to pay $4.1 million to a Sandy Hook family after claiming the school shooting was a hoax. WNBA star Brittney Griner was sentenced to nine years in Russia; and federal charges in Breonna Taylor’s death More: https://t.co/WUXbZFOBRp @11thHour's photo on Breonna Taylor
05 Aug, 05:00 PM UTC
Great news ! Also celebrating Breonna Taylor and the charges finally filed against those scumbag cops in Louisville. It took 2 yrs , but MLK Jr was Right , It bends toward Justice !!! https://t.co/YOrtMNowyX
05 Aug, 04:58 PM UTC