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Dave Zirin
"Here's twelve million dollars for something no one will be held accountable for." This isn't justice. This is the political economy of policing in the United States. #BreonnaTalyor
15 Sep, 05:35 PM UTC
Ben Crump
Breonna Taylor’s Family Receives $12 Million Settlement From Louisville #BreonnaTalyor https://t.co/971THKdLKr
15 Sep, 07:48 PM UTC
Eliza Orlins
Louisville agrees to “substantial” settlement with Breonna Taylor’s family. Whatever it is, it won’t bring her back and it won’t hold the police accountable. So we will keep saying her name and demanding more. #BreonnaTalyor #BlackLivesMatter https://t.co/EyaGIxjqc3
15 Sep, 01:26 PM UTC
Arrest the cops who killed #BreonnaTalyor
15 Sep, 01:46 PM UTC
Ben Crump
City to pay $12M to Breonna Taylor%27s mom, reform police https://t.co/lY96VYC2D9 via @YahooNews #BreonnaTalyor
15 Sep, 07:47 PM UTC
Aimee Carrero
taxpayer money is not justice #BreonnaTalyor https://t.co/5PeQjWRRJz
15 Sep, 03:13 PM UTC
Joy Reid
Tonight on #TheReidOut we’ll talk with @AttorneyCrump about the settlement, and the ongoing quest for justice for #BreonnaTalyor - see y’all at 7. https://t.co/bX9JwgecZ2
15 Sep, 08:03 PM UTC
Dr. Rashawn Ray
Residents of Louisville should know that funds for #BreonnaTalyor killing comes from their tax money & not a police department insurance policy. This reform would be transformative and Louisville should lead the way. Read my article here. https://t.co/92dtanqri8 https://t.co/5K1RsL9T4v
15 Sep, 05:51 PM UTC
KP11Studios! 📸🤎🖤✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
#BreonnaTalyor is dead. She was murdered by cops. Unarmed. In her own home. That $12million will maybe dullen the wound, but can't bring back their daughter/partner/friend. Bring the murderers to justice. Defund the cops. Invest in a robust response system. #blm #acab
15 Sep, 07:34 PM UTC
Say Her Name. #BreonnaTalyor Justice Must Prevail. No one's life is worth Money instead of Justice. #BlackLivesMatter Always https://t.co/pxP9sKi9oU https://t.co/cvbZzrUJPI
15 Sep, 07:33 PM UTC
B. Dave Walters: Revolutionary Content Creator
The money is a good step; hopefully it will dissuade future police from murdering unarmed black people. I'd prefer justice, though. Arrest #BreonnaTalyor murders Brett Hankison, Jonathan Mattingly, and Myles Cosgrove. https://t.co/Jt29u6nruE
15 Sep, 08:49 PM UTC
Y’all would rather bankrupt Louisville than give #BreonnaTalyor her justice #BreonnaTaylorWasMurdered
15 Sep, 01:48 PM UTC
SUGE D as Pineapple Pete™️🍍🍍
Money isn't enough. #BreonnaTalyor
15 Sep, 09:54 PM UTC
Your Unhinged Toenail
Approximately 5% of lawyers are black so it is hard enough to find legal representation in our community and instead of being happy that Ben Crump guided the Taylor family through this difficult civil suit & got them a substantial settlement, yall are mad at him?! #BreonnaTalyor https://t.co/OKvrEXOV4e
15 Sep, 07:57 PM UTC
Curtis Dush
Say her name. #BreonnaTalyor #JusticeForBreonnaTaylor https://t.co/LSbXRAZz8i
15 Sep, 09:10 PM UTC
Kevin - is Voting Biden
I will continue to say her name #BreonnaTalyor
15 Sep, 08:53 PM UTC
Christopher Jasinski
A financial settlement is not justice. It's a start, but it's not justice. The cops who shot her need to go to jail. The system which allowed it needs to be changed. #JusticeForBreonnaTaylor #BreonnaTalyor
15 Sep, 02:52 PM UTC
#TrumpIsUnwell #FBRParty @HotSonna1 💕 @Fix8d2020 💕 @NedOpposes 💕 @jbm32753 💕 @BrahmaGreg 💕 @glennkirschner2 💕 @KattKing2 💕 @JoeBiden 💕💕 @Belinda3B 💕@JamesTa72655213 💕 @Chez4kids💕 @ZACKHAMMER7 💕#BreonnaTalyor
15 Sep, 09:25 PM UTC
Nichole Berlie
I'll be reporting live tonight in Louisville after the city & lawyers for the Taylor family announce an historic $12 million settlement. #BreonnaTalyor #NewsNation #WGNAmerica https://t.co/g4QAP9KQnL
15 Sep, 08:11 PM UTC
Notícia Preta
O que aconteceu com empresas, entidades e pessoas que fizeram #BlackOut e usaram a tag #BlackLivesMatter? O racismo não descansa e nós, que estamos lutando por mudança, seguimos aqui. #LewisHamilton #BreonnaTalyor #F1 https://t.co/drdF8neAgE
15 Sep, 08:57 PM UTC
Erica L. Ayala, MPA
Following up on a question from @MechelleV, I asked @bridgecarleton to offer advice to fellow Canadian athletes (particularly in #WoHo) about entering the social justice conversation & about the #BreonnaTalyor settlement. @PWHPA @nwhlpa https://t.co/HqqIfxWjW5
15 Sep, 08:43 PM UTC
James Scott
No investigation takes 6 months. #BreonnaTalyor They are trying to find any reason possible to let these cops off, no other possible excuse exist. https://t.co/yKZtOtjAa2
15 Sep, 10:04 PM UTC
Uncle Reggie
How they reward her family $12 mil but haven't arrested the cops yet? That's doesn't even make sense. #BreonnaTalyor
15 Sep, 07:44 PM UTC
Mykell Wilson
The fight was not and is NOT about MONEY. #BreonnaTalyor
15 Sep, 08:06 PM UTC
Cosmos Logical
#BreonnaTalyor is trending because of this settlement, but what I'm not hearing is accountability of the police officers who shot her dead in her home. Seems to me people don't know what #TRUEJUSTICE even looks like. Money is NOT Justice. But y'all so woke.....
15 Sep, 03:05 PM UTC
Jen Aldrich - Mother Dragon
12 million for #BreonnaTalyor 's family is a START It is NOT justice ARREST THE COPS WHO KILLED BREONNA TAYLOR
15 Sep, 10:13 PM UTC
Joyce 🐱🐶🐾🐘🐼🐞🐬🐝🌹🍁🌿🌎
Please join me in watching @TheYoungTurks live. Currently discussing the No-knock warrant and the #BreonnaTalyor settlement. #TraitorTrump #TRE45ON #TrumpVirus #TrumpLiedAmericansDied #SaveTheUSPS #TYTLive #TYTNetwork #TheYoungTurks https://t.co/o88i7VFzxl
15 Sep, 10:06 PM UTC
Kelly Welsh
Not good enough. They need to be fired THEY KILLED A SLEEPING WOMAN #BreonnaTalyor https://t.co/iAQG3a0Nzi
15 Sep, 10:07 PM UTC
Corvida 🏳️‍🌈
How you issue a whole settlement for wrongful death, but don't arrest the officers responsible for the wrongful death? Arrest Myles Cosgrove, Brett Hankinson and John Mattingly, the officers that killed Breonna Taylor! #BreonnaTalyor #SayHerName
15 Sep, 09:51 PM UTC
Like and retweet this for a follow #welcomebackwdw #Mario35 #DisneyPlus #FireCramer #BoycottBollywood #BreonnaTalyor
15 Sep, 10:18 PM UTC

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