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Trump references TJ Duklo’s disastrous interview with Bret Baier, when the Biden spokesman refused to answer whether Biden relies on a teleprompter in press conferences.
15 Sep, 12:26 PM UTC
Dearest Bret— My deepest condolences to you and your family. May the Lord strengthen you and continue to bless you with His Super Natural favor as your father goes home. ❤️🙏🏼 #bretsdadinheaven
15 Sep, 01:16 PM UTC
Martha MacCallum
I’m so very sorry, Bret. Losing a parent is just so hard. You are all in my prayers.
15 Sep, 03:38 PM UTC
Meghan McCain
My condolences to you, Amy, your sons and the entire Baier family. I’m so sorry Bret. There’s no sadness like it. Sending prayers, love and light to you all.
15 Sep, 01:10 PM UTC
New York Times Opinion
"What’s happened between Israel and two former enemies is an honest triumph in a region, and a year, that’s known precious few," writes Bret Stephens
15 Sep, 09:07 AM UTC
Janice Dean
@BretBaier Sorry for your loss, Bret. Glad you got to see him. 💔🙏🏻
15 Sep, 01:16 PM UTC
Cenk Uygur
Nothing has done more damage to this country than the mainstream media not wanting to offend the feelings of Republicans. False equivalency was an assault on the truth long before Trump. Almost every part of @GOP platform is a lie & the media never had the courage to call it out.
15 Sep, 05:03 PM UTC
Eli Lake
Read Bret Stephens on why Trump and Bibi deserve credit for the UAE and Bahrain peace deals.
15 Sep, 12:32 PM UTC
Bret Michaels
Bret is honored to be named the Official 2020 Ambassador for World @collegeradioday 🎙🤘 Read all about it here: @bretmichaels's photo on Bret
15 Sep, 02:17 PM UTC
@Bret_Sears If living means being in perpetual fear and bowing to the social Marxist dictates of the criminal healthcare system and corrupt government I’ll take my chances with death...
15 Sep, 01:08 PM UTC
Daily Caller
@BretBaier We are so sorry for your loss, Bret. Prayers to you and your family 🙏
15 Sep, 04:19 PM UTC
Paul Preston: "Los 3 periodos d mayor corrupción política son las dictaduras d Primo de Rivera y Franco y los últimos años dl PP con la Gürtel" @eldiarioand Según Preston, España "no ha gozado d la clase política q se merecía, aunque ahora en Gran Bret..."
15 Sep, 05:15 PM UTC
el jefe
@BretBaier Bret, May GOD bless you and your family during this time. I know your Dad is sitting next to the Lord, healthy and pain free.
15 Sep, 05:09 PM UTC
Plongez dans le quotidien de la principale chaîne TV indépendante de Russie et son engagement pour une information libre. À 20h30 #DébatDoc "Moscou, l’info dans la tourmente" de Alexandra Sollogoub et débat @GLagache avec @cyberguerre, @cy_bret, @ebothorel sur LCP/LCP.FR @LCP's photo on Bret
15 Sep, 05:18 PM UTC
Parkside Women's Soccer
Our final returning Rangers...Seniors, Delaney & Bret! Welcome back team! #BackToSchool2020
15 Sep, 05:18 PM UTC
@Bret_Sears You mean #FireTrudeau !
15 Sep, 05:17 PM UTC
@EnglishRoses74 @Bret_Sears Twitter says that this is offensive. Wtf.
15 Sep, 05:11 PM UTC
Chris Radenovic
@LandoGriffin13 @Bret_Sears Yup yup yup. But they locked all those seniors in their rooms for months. Do you think they care about you or what is right? I think they care about money redistribution and the power to do it
15 Sep, 05:10 PM UTC
Matt Bower
@2xminus1 @JohnFMiller86 This is essentially Bret Weinstein’s explanation for how wokeism (CSJ, etc.) has spread so fast. People compromise with it so as not to be called -ist, even when they know they’re lying by doing so. Then they rationalize.
15 Sep, 05:07 PM UTC
Father God, be with Bret and his family as they mourn the lose of his father. I pray Father, that they will soon be reunited where there will be no more sickness, death, or sorrow. Your peace be with them, in Jesus name Amen!
15 Sep, 05:19 PM UTC
Bright always Win❤
15 Sep, 05:18 PM UTC
The Great 6% Hoax 2020
Prayers for you, your dad, and your family, Bret. Gone but never forgotten 🙏🙏
15 Sep, 05:18 PM UTC
Remember What Kamala Harris did to Bret Kavanaugh.
15 Sep, 05:18 PM UTC

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