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Ashton Pittman
NEW: The Mississippi State Auditor is demanding that Brett Favre return $828,000 he received in "illegally spent welfare funds" that should have gone to needy families. But Favre is not among the six facing criminal charges for the scheme.
13 Oct, 01:45 AM UTC
Palmer Report
Trump supporter Brett Favre has been ordered to return $828,000 in "illegally spent welfare funds.” Who could have seen that coming?
13 Oct, 03:59 PM UTC
Pro-Democracy; Anti-Fascist!
Something is terribly wrong with a major American sports league who’d blackball Colin Kaepernick for speaking truth about racial inequality while conveniently overlooking misdeeds committed by Jon Gruden & Brett Favre for years on end.
13 Oct, 10:05 AM UTC
Ashton Pittman
Brett Favre received $1.1 million in Temporary Assistance For Needy Families funds from two non-profits whose owners have since been indicted on state and federal charges for their alleged role in the largest embezzlement scheme in state history.
13 Oct, 01:46 AM UTC
Shawn Fremstad
At Mississippi’s current monthly benefit level, a single mother would need to stay on Temporary Assistance for 345 years to receive as much in welfare funds as Brett Favre did.
13 Oct, 02:39 AM UTC
dylan matthews
I'm worried that welfare prevented Brett Favre from getting a real job
13 Oct, 03:16 PM UTC
Ashton Pittman
This afternoon, Mississippi Today’s Anna Wolf reported that White's letter to Favre said the NFL quarterback "knew or had reason to know through the exercise of reasonable diligence that the expenditures were illegal and/or the dispositions were unlawful.”
13 Oct, 01:50 AM UTC
Ashton Pittman
Nancy New, a wealthy GOP donor who operated private schools and a non-profit in Mississippi, faces state and federal embezzlement charges. She owned the non-profits from which the illegal funds flowed.
13 Oct, 01:55 AM UTC
Ashton Pittman
State Auditor Shad White said that, after Brett Favre accepted $1.1 million in "illegally spent welfare funds" for speaking engagements, he never followed through on the speaking engagements. Favre said he didn't know the money was illegally obtained.
13 Oct, 01:50 AM UTC
Rob Demovsky
Probably bring this up every year before the 1st Packers-Bears game, but ... Justin Fields will be 20th different starting QB that CHI has used against Packers since 1992. GB has used 3 different starters vs. Bears during that span: Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers, Brett Hundley.
13 Oct, 04:41 PM UTC
Chief Resistance Officer
Brett Favre owes $828K that was given to him but was supposed to go to the poor. He is not facing criminal charges. George Floyd was murdered over $20.
13 Oct, 03:50 PM UTC
Amy Lynn👣❤
Good morning to everyone but Brett Favre, who took $828,000 from a welfare fund that was supposed to go to needy families. A Trumper through and through.
13 Oct, 04:00 PM UTC
Ashton Pittman
Others who received letters from the auditor today include former WWE wrestler Ted Dibiase, Jr., known as “The Million Dollar Man,” who White said owes more than $4.6 million and his son, WWE wrestler Brett Dibiase, who White said owes $225,950.
13 Oct, 01:51 AM UTC
Ron Filipkowski
Brett Favre has been ordered to repay $828,000 he received from two non-profits for speaking engagements he never attended. The founder of the organizations has been indicted for fraud. The funds were supposed to go to needy families.
13 Oct, 07:25 PM UTC
Steve Hofstetter
BREAKING: Multi-millionaire Brett Favre has been ordered to return $828,000 he stole as part of a scam to take money meant for needy families. No word yet on whether he also has to return the $12 million he stole from the New York Jets, which was also meant for the needy.
13 Oct, 06:07 PM UTC
Giacomo Bologna
And let's not forget Bryant's and Favre's involvement with a Florida concussion drug company that got $2M of welfare money. A classic from @lramseth and me:
12 Oct, 09:46 PM UTC
WTF, America?
@ashtonpittman WTAF? Am I reading correctly that they gave retired wrestlers and Brett Favre TANF money? In Brett's case as "speaking fees" for never speaking? He needs to be charged in this, too.
13 Oct, 09:45 AM UTC
Kaz Weida
So Brett Favre is exactly who you thought he was.
13 Oct, 06:40 PM UTC
Pam Kling Jones Fully Vaccinated thanks to POTUS.
So Brett Favre is just being asked to return $828,000 he STOLE. No criminal charges. No arrest. George Floyd was killed over $20. I hate it here.
13 Oct, 06:19 PM UTC
Alesha Arrington
Another Trump Crony doing what Trump Cronies do.🤨 Brett Favre should be ashamed of himself for still owing the state of Mississippi over $800K
13 Oct, 03:59 PM UTC
Mississippi auditor says Brett Favre still owes almost $1 million he received in “illegally spent welfare funds” that should have gone to families in need
13 Oct, 08:26 PM UTC
Brett Favre knew he was in shady territory with $1.1M Mississippi boondoggle, letter alleges @Deadspin's photo on Brett Favre
13 Oct, 04:06 PM UTC
One Two Jo is coming for you
It's 2021, I really shouldn't have to see Brett Favre and Herschel Walker trending unless it's the obit column.
13 Oct, 08:49 PM UTC
Jimmy Christensen
You know it is never good when you see Brett Favre is trending.
13 Oct, 05:17 PM UTC
John, with an aitch
A state auditor says Brett Favre is facing a lawsuit if he doesn't repay $828K in Mississippi welfare funds ... Favre threw a ckeck in the mail but it was intercepted ...
13 Oct, 12:06 PM UTC
Franklin Lamberty
Brett Favre must return $828K in welfare funds to Mississippi or face civil lawsuit, state auditor says #NewsBreak
13 Oct, 08:58 PM UTC
For The Win
Brett Favre should be ashamed of himself for still owing the state of Mississippi over $800K @ForTheWin's photo on Brett Favre
13 Oct, 09:00 PM UTC
Josh Klun
More bad news for former Minnesota Vikings quarterback, Brett Favre.
13 Oct, 08:54 PM UTC