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11 Jan, 02:40 AM UTC
Chelsea FC
Thanks for the memories, @cesc4official. 💙 Chelsea FC's photo on Brett
11 Jan, 05:57 PM UTC
how can y'all hate this man. Joyde☔️'s photo on Brett
11 Jan, 01:13 PM UTC
I’m the best controller player in the world 😤 1v1 me @aydan 𝚜𝚚𝚘𝚘𝚏's photo on Brett
11 Jan, 12:00 AM UTC
John Sipher
Brett Kavanaugh Offers to Pay for Wall by Recycling His Empties | The New Yorker
11 Jan, 03:18 AM UTC
Kent Murphy
Blessing your timeline with a beautiful display of double plays Kent Murphy's photo on Brett
11 Jan, 07:16 PM UTC
Nicholas J. Fuentes
Shapiro fights White Identity within the Right more vigorously than he will ever fight the Left— this is because Right Wing identitarianism is actually a serious threat to the liberal universalism which, in the words of Brett Stephens, has been “so good for us as Jews.”
11 Jan, 06:43 PM UTC
QT@Anon 🌟🌟🌟
I had my first parachute jump today and I was terrified. This guy strapped himself to me and we jumped out. As we plummeted he said "So how long have you been an instructor?"
11 Jan, 10:37 PM UTC
QT@Anon 🌟🌟🌟
Breaking News Reliable sources have confirmed Donald Trump will step down from his office as President of the United States, effective at Noon on Monday, January 20, 2025
11 Jan, 10:09 PM UTC
Mike Scarcella
"A 13-year-old girl told police that the recent U.S. Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Judge Brett Kavanaugh gave her courage to file a complaint against a man who exposed himself to her four years earlier" Mike Scarcella's photo on Brett
11 Jan, 09:55 PM UTC
Sean Miller
Brett Gardner: "Hey, I'm a washed up bald slab of shit that was never even that good, let me get some millions." - Yankees: "Got you, fam" Sevy: "Hey guys, I'm a promising young starter that throws 100mph, can I get a raise?" - Yankees: "Go fuck yourself."
11 Jan, 09:44 PM UTC
Brett Dylan & Ollie Full Video here: Gayrotismo♦️340K's photo on Brett
11 Jan, 08:01 PM UTC
QT@Anon 🌟🌟🌟
Waiter. How do you like your steak cooked? Me. Like winning an argument with my girlfriend. Waiter. Rare it is.
11 Jan, 10:51 PM UTC
QT@Anon 🌟🌟🌟
You can’t lose a homing pigeon. If your homing pigeon doesn’t come back, what you’ve lost is a pigeon.
11 Jan, 09:55 PM UTC
Kyle Neubeck
Brett Brown says “we all expect to see him fairly soon,” about Fultz, early February practice return expected for Patton, and Zhaire is still doing individual work, not practicing yet. Re: Fultz, Brown clarifies more about physically seeing him vs. him actually contributing soon
11 Jan, 10:24 PM UTC
Tom Kidd
@GrassrootsSpeak @CNN Dear Alisyn Camerota: The GOP were in charge of ALL 3 branches of the government for the past two years; why didn't they do it then? IF they could ramrod Brett Kavanaugh through to the Supreme Court like poop through a goose, they could have had the $$$ for the wall, no problem!
11 Jan, 12:26 PM UTC
Mother Jones
"The United States astonishes and scares me": Members of the migrant caravan share their stories
11 Jan, 09:49 PM UTC
Bareback - Aaron Daniels, Joseph Banks, Valentino, Cory Parker, Brett Lake, Anthony Rican Full Video here: Gayrotismo♦️340K's photo on Brett
11 Jan, 10:10 PM UTC
Lynda Steele
.@bcrcmp investigating after angry supporters of the @YellowVestCA group viciously attack @RadioNLNews host @MineerBrett online - threatening his wife -making death threats. WTH is wrong with people these days? Brett joins me today at 2 on @CKNW
11 Jan, 09:13 PM UTC
regular szn darien
Say what you will about Brett Brown's x's and o's but I genuinely love the guy. He's dealt with so much fucking bullshit over the yrs and takes it in stride every time they stick a mic in face. Falls on the grenade in order to protect our piss poor FO time and time again.
11 Jan, 10:45 PM UTC
QT@Anon 🌟🌟🌟
Why did kamikaze pilots wear helmets?
11 Jan, 10:55 PM UTC
QT@Anon 🌟🌟🌟
Common sense is not a gift, it's a punishment. Because you have to deal with a Liberal at some stage during the day.
11 Jan, 10:55 PM UTC
Dr. SuperElite⭐️⭐️⭐️
@lbarronlopez Wait, like 3 months ago didn’t the dams literally throw a toddler tantrum and their heads exploded because Brett Kavanaugh drank beer in college? Yet this democratic rep showed up to the White House with a case of beer today? WTAF Like I said hypocrisy is a lifestyle for them🤦🏼‍♀️
11 Jan, 09:08 PM UTC
MSHS Principals
Watching MSHS grad Brett Barney play for the Mavericks of Omaha vs. North Dakota. ⁦@MaizeSouthAD⁩ ⁦@maize266⁩ ⁦@CatchItKansasMSHS Principals's photo on Brett
11 Jan, 01:47 AM UTC
Jonathan Khamis
El Dorado High School features one of the most beautiful fields in all of So Cal baseball, thanks to generous alumni like Brett Boone, Phil Nevin and others. Head coach Matt Lucas showcases the Golden Hawks and the El Do Olympics on Camp Chronicles!
11 Jan, 04:10 PM UTC
NEW: @Brett_Moffitt 2018 Fr8Auctions Chicago Win! Order now at @PlanBSales! NASCAR DIECAST FANS's photo on Brett
11 Jan, 10:35 PM UTC
Brett has received #GeorgiaFootball and #Alabama in the last couple days. This kid is already a stud.
11 Jan, 08:37 PM UTC
WTHS Athletics
Congratulations to Brett Guetens named our WTHS November 2018 Student-Athlete of the Month. ⁦@TwpSoccer⁩ ⁦@twppride⁩ ⁦@SuperintendWTPS
11 Jan, 08:59 PM UTC
Because of Sun Belt finishing with the third highest computer rankings amongst Group of 5 teams, the @CFBPlayoff has award the conference $17.2 million, per @Brett_McMurphy.
11 Jan, 08:35 PM UTC
Jared Book
Brett Kulak is proving his worth for the Montreal Canadiens
11 Jan, 05:26 PM UTC
Maxwell White
.@faster_horses 2019 lineup headlined by @tobykeith, @KeithUrban and @zacbrownband. Other artists: Brothers Osborne, Danielle Bradbery, Old Dominion, Lindsay Ell, Morgan Evans, Randy Houser, LANCO, Kip Moore, Maren Morris, Cassadee Pope, Michael Ray, Tyler Rich, Brett Young
11 Jan, 10:57 PM UTC
@SanitySane123 The Brett Connolly one doesn't count since Al Murray wasn't installed yet. Also a 2015 1st rounder was turned in Cirelli and Stephens.
11 Jan, 10:57 PM UTC
@pvtjokerus @BReaganite Not to harp on the subject but the thing that really kills me. During the Brett Kavanaugh trial he made a statement that he like beer. Right away Dems crucified him treated him as if he was Ill character. Flashback to today Warren is sipping beer if it's a symbol of Americana.
11 Jan, 10:51 PM UTC
Shelby Miller
11 Jan, 10:29 PM UTC
Vols 39-1 🏀
@imsrryzach @1JasonMitchell @kidmike41 @Brett_McMurphy @WatchStadium 🙄🙄 I hope to God you don't ever criticize the food when you go out to eat, or criticize a song or a movie for being shitty. Better not criticize the president either, because if you do any of those things you're a hypocrite.
11 Jan, 10:56 PM UTC
click the link for a good time with a guy named brett ;)
10 Jan, 11:00 PM UTC
@faster_horses Zac brown band, maren Morris, old dominion, brothers Osborne, Brett young, lanco, Dylan Scott, Michael Ray, Danielle bradberry. Hell yes!!!
11 Jan, 10:55 PM UTC
Bridget 🌼
the lineup is so good: zac brown band, old dominion, toby keith, keith urban, LANCO, maren morris, kip moore, randy houser, mitchell tenpenny, brett young & morgan evans OH MY FUCKING GOD
11 Jan, 10:54 PM UTC
@barrick_brett Broooo that’s a mission
11 Jan, 10:54 PM UTC
Tony Webeck
50 years ago Bruce Crampton became the first Australian to win the @SonyOpenHawaii at Waialae. 25 years later in 1994 Brett Ogle became the second. In 2019 will @marcleish become our third? @PGATOUR @PGAofAustralia #SonyOpen #CmonAussie
11 Jan, 10:54 PM UTC
Brett Hill #Nintendad
@miketendo64 I have 2 moments 1st was with my brother when I was a kid we would spend all night playing double dragon on the NES and my 2nd is completing RES EVIL 4 on the wii from start to finish with @kennysevendaze. Wouldn’t play it without him as we didn’t want to ruin the story. EPIC
11 Jan, 10:54 PM UTC
Woodson Ice Hockey
Payton Andrews scores assisted by Brett Morrow!!
11 Jan, 10:52 PM UTC
Brandon Apter
Here are Brett’s comments on Fultz, Smith and Patton from pre-game just a short while ago
11 Jan, 11:00 PM UTC
Mal Peters
@phbarratt The then ALP South Australian Governemnt commisioned Royal commisiion with Brett Walker leading. The Federal Government fought to enusre both MDBA & Ag & water staff would not appear. To avoid double up we need a federal Royal commiions built on the SA work.
11 Jan, 11:00 PM UTC
🏎 #NASCAR Truck Series champion Brett Moffitt joined GMS Racing on Thursday in a move that cost another star driver his ride. 🤓 Read more: 💻 Visit our website: OddsandNews's photo on Brett
11 Jan, 11:00 PM UTC
caitlyn 💕
Cass, Danielle, Brett, Lindsay, Morgan..... ZAC BROWN 😤 FINE TAKE MY MONEY
11 Jan, 11:00 PM UTC
The Athletic
No. 1 vs. No. 5 this weekend as @SCSUHUSKIES_MH takes on @UMDMensHockey. One last look before puck drop at @BruceCiskie's piece on Brett Larson's return to Duluth and the big showdown:
11 Jan, 11:00 PM UTC
Matt Gold
@brettbobley Infuriating. I’m so sorry, Brett. You, the @NEH_ODH staff, and all federal employees deserve better. #shutdown
11 Jan, 10:59 PM UTC
boi-1da ひ
Upsetting this board will be glorious
11 Jan, 10:59 PM UTC
.@CuseFootball WR Devin C. Butler is transferring from the University, per @Brett_McMurphy of @WatchStadium. What once looked like a breakout candidate for the 2018 #DomeDudes will now be taking his talents to the transfer portal. #OITNF #Orange
11 Jan, 10:59 PM UTC
Reporter Newspapers
Our "20 Under 20" honorees include Brett Adams of @HIESbears Reporter Newspapers's photo on Brett
11 Jan, 10:59 PM UTC
Michael Doherty
@PFF_Brett Honestly I’d say Steelers most likely followed by Raiders.
11 Jan, 10:59 PM UTC
Most definitely it's losing the 1999 Finals two weeks after my wedding day on a 100% legal Brett Hull goal in Game 6.
11 Jan, 10:58 PM UTC
Lil' Bear
@BrianInBugaha @MikePhineas @Chiefs It wouldn't matter if they had Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Brett Favre or anyone else. They can't get out of their own way. They will find a way to lose this game, mark my words.
11 Jan, 10:57 PM UTC
Many thanks to Bret Quinton of Brett Quinton Funerals for sponsoring Race No1 for our Charity Race Night Brett is the only family run independent funeral directors locally and comes highly recommended. No better place to go for that personal,...
11 Jan, 10:57 PM UTC
Loyola Wrestling
Brett Stoll gets the one minute fall. Dons up 24-0 on the Cards.
11 Jan, 10:57 PM UTC
@DanielWatsonLa @HelloJames8 Without the hacker, Sam goes home. KC/Ang otb, let's give VETO to the Hive. They use it on KC to bd Ty, he uses his app, Sam goes up (Brett was good with Haleigh). KC, Ty, Brett and JC (he was still on team Ang) keep Ang... Brett's best shot was to go to f4 with L6 & win a comp🤭
11 Jan, 10:57 PM UTC
Brett Bethel
Might be the greatest news of 2019
11 Jan, 10:56 PM UTC
Stillwater Wrestling
152 Brett Black (STW) loses by decision to Kyle Knowles (EDMM)
11 Jan, 10:56 PM UTC
Satbir Singh
@BrettArends @afneil Thanks, Brett! Will I find it in “a dictionary”?
11 Jan, 10:56 PM UTC
Edel Harper aka latimer fritchley
@Suzanne_Brett Yea a bit OTT to be sure to be sure 😂
11 Jan, 10:55 PM UTC
@Aikens_Josh @cs00582scs I am not a fan of her by a long shot, but she needs to resign, and be left alone, and people need to put in a new judge without what they did to Brett Kavanaugh, let's move on people,
11 Jan, 10:55 PM UTC
Brett Osborne Monroe
John the Baptizer speaking about his and Jesus’ roles in God’s plans in the Bible book written by Jesus’ Apostle John chapter 3 verse 27 New American Standard Version of the Bible “John answered and said, “A man can receive nothing unless it has been given him from heaven.”
11 Jan, 10:55 PM UTC
SH Zeeland
Next up in our #OBGYN team social series is Brett Zimmerman, DO. His favorite activity outside of work is hiking and when he reaches the pinnacle of the mountain, or the end of the gorge, he feels an amazing sense of accomplishment. For more info, visit: SH Zeeland's photo on Brett
11 Jan, 10:55 PM UTC
🅱️-reezy the 🅱️roista
@iVeronicaOrtiz But... coffee
11 Jan, 10:54 PM UTC
Nickolas Ligman
@Brett_Shavers That is amazing
11 Jan, 10:54 PM UTC
Door dash is such a bad app for me to have lol #ConstantlyEating
11 Jan, 10:54 PM UTC
It’s like riding in the car with my brother 🙄😂
11 Jan, 10:53 PM UTC
11 Jan, 10:53 PM UTC
@McclainBaxley @GeorgeAnneSport @CFBPlayoff @Brett_McMurphy They should be thanking us and app for helping them so much.
11 Jan, 10:53 PM UTC
brett j fox
My answer to From all the books about startups, which ones have been useful to you as a founder when you started to think about your startup?
11 Jan, 10:52 PM UTC
Brett LeBeau
@WaddleandSilvy Mitch is a number two pick ahead of Mahomes. How many TD’s did Mahomes have??? Mitch should be better.
11 Jan, 10:52 PM UTC
Brett Krehling
Tell me why this crack head sent me a dm on Facebook to listen to his sound cloud trash
11 Jan, 10:52 PM UTC
I need people on my team that look at the cup as half full not half empty
11 Jan, 10:51 PM UTC

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