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Adam Schefter
Seahawks fired OC Brian Schottenheimer. His offense set a number of Seahawks’ records. But after meeting last night, it was evident there were philosophical differences between Schottenheimer and HC Pete Carroll. They decided a parting was in the best interests of both sides.
13 Jan, 12:08 AM UTC
Seattle Seahawks
Brian Schottenheimer is a fantastic person and coach and we thank him for the last three years. Citing philosophical differences, we have parted ways.
13 Jan, 12:08 AM UTC
NFL Update
#Seahawks have parted ways with OC Brian Schottenheimer.
13 Jan, 12:08 AM UTC
Dugar, Michael-Shawn
The Seahawks fired Brian Schottenheimer
13 Jan, 12:08 AM UTC
B/R Gridiron
Seahawks and their OC Brian Schottenheimer have parted ways after three seasons @brgridiron's photo on Brian Schottenheimer
13 Jan, 12:12 AM UTC
JJ Zachariason
Did... Did Brian Schottenheimer just get fired for not running the ball enough?
13 Jan, 12:10 AM UTC
B/R Gridiron
.@DangeRussWilson with a message to Brian Schottenheimer 🙏 @brgridiron's photo on Brian Schottenheimer
13 Jan, 01:08 AM UTC
Bill Barnwell
I was just recording a podcast with an old friend of mine with a particular interest in the Seahawks as the Brian Schottenheimer news broke and you’ll get to hear that pretty soon.
13 Jan, 12:32 AM UTC
Russell Wilson: 94.0 PFF Grade since Brian Schottenheimer became Seahawks OC in 2018 2nd among QBs behind Patrick Mahomes (94.9) @PFF's photo on Brian Schottenheimer
13 Jan, 12:29 AM UTC
Evan Hill
Imagine telling a Seahawks fan -- after week 5 -- that Brian Schottenheimer would be the coordinator to leave in the offseason.
13 Jan, 01:39 AM UTC
Gregg Bell
Citing "philosophical differences"--meaning, he wanted to throw the ball deep all the time and Pete Carroll wanted to get back to more running--#Seahawks have fired offensive coordinator and play caller Brian Schottenheimer. More soon @thenewstribune
13 Jan, 12:40 AM UTC
Russell Hartness
What if... Brian Schottenheimer wanted to let Russell Wilson cook the 1st half of season Seattle had the best offensive year Then Pete wanted the run game back Offense then stalled 2nd half of season OC then gets fired Now Pete goes back go the run, that didn't work Oh @Seahawks
13 Jan, 12:44 AM UTC
Tony Grossi
Chuck Pagano & Brian Schottenheimer are two really good coaches and two really good people. Good luck to them wherever life takes them.
13 Jan, 12:57 AM UTC
New York Post
Seahawks part ways with offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer @nypost's photo on Brian Schottenheimer
13 Jan, 02:10 AM UTC
Matty F. Brown
Some negative themes of Brian Schottenheimer's Seahawks offenses: Lulls towards the second half of the season Disjointed periods within those games Playoff exits where the run-pass balanced felt skewed How much of this falls also on the QB? Hard to say. '20 offense capitulated
13 Jan, 12:32 AM UTC
Mike Sando
In light of Brian Schottenheimer firing, here is a 20-year look of #Seahawks (red line) vs #NFL average (gray line) for pass frequency on early downs, early in games (first 28 minutes). @SandoNFL's photo on Brian Schottenheimer
13 Jan, 02:13 AM UTC
NBC Sports Northwest
🚨This just in 🚨 #Seahawks have moved on from offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer. The latest via @Joe_Fann➡️ @NBCSNorthwest's photo on Brian Schottenheimer
13 Jan, 12:40 AM UTC
SEC Football News
Seahawks announce parting with Brian Schottenheimer
13 Jan, 02:02 AM UTC
Earnest A. Byner
Wellllll Darrnnnnn @Seahawks fire ⁦@CoachSchotty⁩ Land on your feet Brian... hug your pops for me!
13 Jan, 02:27 AM UTC
Seahawks part ways with OC Brian Schottenheimer
13 Jan, 02:12 AM UTC
4 News Now
BREAKING: The Seahawks have fired Offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer.
13 Jan, 02:00 AM UTC
Brian Schottenheimer, Seahawks part ways via @toomuchtuma #fantasyfootball
13 Jan, 02:04 AM UTC
Joseph Rose
#Seahawks fire Brian Schottenheimer. It had to happen.
13 Jan, 01:42 AM UTC
Dontari Poe Fan Club
Poor Brian Schottenheimer his QB sucks
13 Jan, 02:30 AM UTC
Howie Fennec Shand Stan Account Cohen
TIRED: Brian Schottenheimer WIRED: John Schneider #GoHawks
13 Jan, 02:26 AM UTC
conner anders
@nyjets @Neville_Hewitt Brian schottenheimer should be worth a look. Record breaking offense and Seattle and former Jets offensive coordinator. Already knows the area and what it takes to win as he was the OC for the two AFC championship appearances.
13 Jan, 02:26 AM UTC
Seattle Seahawks part ways with offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer
13 Jan, 02:25 AM UTC
Raynor Saunders
@TDavenport_NFL What do you think about Brian Schottenheimer asOC if arthrur leaves? Also, please explain why we never run reverses to aj brown as a counter to Derrick Henry running left or right
13 Jan, 02:22 AM UTC
K Dubb
Russell Wilson Thanks Brian Schottenheimer After Seahawks, OC Part Ways #sports #feedly
13 Jan, 02:20 AM UTC

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