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Brighton's finest 🇦🇷 @ESPNUK's photo on Brighton
30 Nov, 08:10 PM UTC
• Christopher Vivell (RB Leipzig) • Joe Shields (Southampton, Ex-City) • Paul Winstanley (Brighton) • Lawrence Stuart (AS Monaco) Todd Boehly has found his new recruitment/multi structure model heads in a matter of months. https://t.co/oRdIv4KtHa
30 Nov, 06:51 PM UTC
Peter Varney
If you care about Charlton even if you feel disillusioned at present please buy your ticket for the Brighton cup game and come with the mindset to create a passionate atmosphere as it is very important to showcase the club on that night.
30 Nov, 03:25 PM UTC
Something about being raised in the NW of England has given me an affinity with rain and wet pavements, so whenever I find a painter who depicts them well I'm an instant fan. Today's selection are by Jonathan Stewardson. Lovely indeed. 👍 'Wish you were here, Brighton'. https://t.co/QawlmRzskF
30 Nov, 11:54 AM UTC
PC Tom Van Der Wee
Spotted an HGV driver using his phone whilst travelling through #Brighton at rush hour. He’s already got 6 points on his driving licence so will now have to attend Court. Consequences for him and his livelihood, but thankfully they weren’t much worse. #NoExcuse #Fatal5 https://t.co/AHAxavQERS
30 Nov, 09:11 AM UTC
Anna phylaxis
@SarahSurviving I'm posting screenshots of an email to Survivor's Network, written by a friend who lives in Brighton https://t.co/GAcwTGs35h
30 Nov, 12:28 AM UTC
Football Tweet ⚽
Brighton baller. #ARG | #FIFAWorldCup https://t.co/9faqAMoiGf
30 Nov, 08:12 PM UTC
Alexis Mac Allister es el primer jugador del Brighton que convierte un gol en copa del mundo. Desde ayer 😉🇪🇨 https://t.co/l4PXuKGbee
30 Nov, 08:35 PM UTC
God Brighton have some good players 😂
30 Nov, 08:07 PM UTC
Stevie Gates
Brighton have scored more goals in this tournament than Wales
30 Nov, 08:13 PM UTC
CUH Cork Dietitians 🍐
Well done to @CUH_Cork Senior Dietitian @KateMurphy00 today @BAPENUK Annual Conference in Brighton 👏🏻 Kate presented her and @claredam’s #research poster on “Indirect calorimetry measurements in critically ill patients: the 1st data from the Republic of Ireland” #BAPEN2022 @CUH_CorkDiet's media on Brighton">https://t.co/tADX8CWhwt
30 Nov, 02:01 PM UTC
Ruth Bushyager
Brighton & Hove has fewer people who describe themselves as Christian, but it is not a 'godless' place. It's a city FULL of beautiful human beings, each one made in God's image and reflecting God's glory. People who make their city colourful, creative, vibrant, compassionate.. https://t.co/Hufl6kgEQC
30 Nov, 03:45 PM UTC
Dave Hendrick
Double raid on Brighton for Caicedo and Alexis?
30 Nov, 08:23 PM UTC
Third Umpire
Just confirmed first #Brighton #cycling talk event of 2023 (!) at @GrandCentralBN1 w/ @jeremycwhittle spilling the beans frm 25 years on frontline of all big stories in #cycling, for Times, Guardian, Procycling, BBC 5 Live etc. Jan 26. Tickets: https://t.co/RbAr0YAXtR
30 Nov, 11:44 AM UTC
Brighton and hove Albion are winning the World Cup
30 Nov, 08:07 PM UTC
Timothy Arrick 🏳️‍🌈
Tonight I am headed to Eddie Edgar Arena to photograph a KLAA hockey match-up between Brighton and Livonia Churchill. Oh and Bill will be there too ;-) @BillKhan @brightonhockey1 @LivCHSHockey
30 Nov, 08:15 PM UTC
As a Brighton fan of Polish heritage, that MacAllister goal brings up very conflicting emotions!!!
30 Nov, 08:22 PM UTC
Sussex Athletics
England are through to the next round of the World Cup. It's on Sunday. No excuse now not to run at Stanmer Brighton, on Sat (Dec 3) in the next @SussexAA XC League. Enter here @SussexAA on Brighton">https://t.co/JRdcHiwu7G
30 Nov, 08:35 AM UTC
Not me just deeping that he plays for a Brighton. Was tryna remember which team he played for https://t.co/r3FOdDK1zy
30 Nov, 08:40 PM UTC
Brighton 🇰🇪
@Nanana955555712 @iamFallacy Wala hata hii account Bado na wasiwasi nayo nananan wa last year na hizi kauli apana sema fresh
30 Nov, 08:44 PM UTC
Agustín Mastragostino
Alexis Mac Allister hoy no vale menos de 50 palos. Pida Brighton pida!!!!
30 Nov, 08:43 PM UTC
@Brighton_arg El colorado nunca más debe ser banca en Argentina, nunca.
30 Nov, 08:42 PM UTC
@AskTarget Minneapolis NE (New Brighton), East Lake Street & HWY 55, St. paul Midway. I just wanted to see if they had my son’s formula in stock, nobody answered. Could’ve saved me some time, because they don’t have it.
30 Nov, 08:39 PM UTC
Dr.Stephen ⭐️⭐️⭐️
@OlmosA_ Lo criticaban diciendo que no tenia marca. Eran los boluditos que no vieron un partido del brighton.
30 Nov, 08:41 PM UTC
@Brighton_arg no me hagas acuerdo lo de ayer 😿😿
30 Nov, 08:41 PM UTC
World Cup Varane 🇧🇷🇵🇹
Brighton players have really shone in this World Cup. They've been doing well in the league, but didn't expect this level at the WC. Have to rate it. #FIFAWorldCup #BHAFC
30 Nov, 08:41 PM UTC
@luizhenriqueDT o scout do brighton na america do sul é ridiculo
30 Nov, 08:40 PM UTC
Brighton 🇰🇪
@Nanana955555712 @iamFallacy Sijawaza vibaya Ila nimeshngaa tuu ww kusema hivyo sema hamna noma mrembo
30 Nov, 08:40 PM UTC
Djoroko Di Caprió
Le jour où il ont sorti tout les joueurs du vestiaire lors de Manchester United - Brighton pour aller donner un penalty jai plus chercher a comprendre 🤣🤣🤣 https://t.co/kvSPv7ZZYI
30 Nov, 08:40 PM UTC