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Bring The Funny
Say hello to the champs of #BringTheFunny! 👋 😍 Congratulate @TheValleyfolk with your favorite GIF. 🎉 @bringthefunny's photo on #BringTheFunny
18 Sep, 02:59 AM UTC
Bring The Funny
.@johnlegend is #BringTheFunny’s biggest fan. 💜 @bringthefunny's photo on #BringTheFunny
18 Sep, 02:30 AM UTC
christine teigen
lol my computer died and I missed John on #BRINGTHEFUNNY 😩 now I gotta watch west coast too ndosijsoskejusiswnbs
18 Sep, 02:34 AM UTC
christine teigen
I can’t believe tonight is the FINALE of #BRINGTHEFUNNY. grateful for all the amazing days this entire crew has given me - especially the opportunity to have Mr Zed in my very own home!! I also get roasted. And I… https://t.co/7lan1SbJ0T
18 Sep, 01:45 AM UTC
Bring The Funny
🚨 Spoiler alert! 🚨 The very first winner of #BringTheFunny is… 👇 @bringthefunny's photo on #BringTheFunny
18 Sep, 02:59 AM UTC
christine teigen
This montage of the 4 of us 😩 please renew us I don’t need to get paid. just miss everyone #BRINGTHEFUNNY
18 Sep, 02:40 AM UTC
Bring The Funny
.@realjeffreyross’s roast checklist: @chrissyteigen ✔️ @kenanthompson ✔️ @foxoutdoors ✔️ Catch the season finale of #BringTheFunny TONIGHT 10/9c on @nbc. @bringthefunny's photo on #BringTheFunny
17 Sep, 10:05 PM UTC
We’d also like to thank the whole team at @bringthefunny for helping make our songs look freaking awesome on tv! We are so excited to bring you our comedy to a place near you... Love, @KeithHabs @i8athumbtack @Hughiestonefish #bringthefunny #lewberger
18 Sep, 03:05 AM UTC
Ellen's Game of Games
Things got messy when the #BringTheFunny crew came to play! 😂 @NBCGameOfGames's photo on #BringTheFunny
18 Sep, 02:51 AM UTC
@bringthefunny @TheValleyfolk The dinonerds did it! #BringTheFunny #sourcefed #thevalleyfolk! https://t.co/uICnSA1jmf
18 Sep, 03:18 AM UTC
Bring The Funny
Hey, West Coast! 🤩 #BringTheFunny finale starts right NOW. ⏰ @bringthefunny's photo on #BringTheFunny
18 Sep, 05:00 AM UTC
Feel like all these people that are pissed that @TheValleyfolk won #BringTheFunny don't realise just how big of an online community they have, and that the voting was... online... Huge congrats to them regardless been watching for years and so proud they won! 😊
18 Sep, 03:11 AM UTC
katie j
~ made a quick lil tribute for some awesome people ~ to @leenewtonsays @joebereta @ElliottcMorgan @stevezaragoza - us fans are so proud of you guys and all the hard work you do !!! never stop making people laugh !!! congrats again u weirdos !!! #BringTheFunny #thevalleyfolk https://t.co/5eXimPQfxl
18 Sep, 04:45 AM UTC
Thank for paying attention. Do enjoy the rest of your day. https://t.co/3YeJuVMCNU #BringTheFunny #bringthefunny #artforsale #artforsale #ArtistOnTwitter #artists #artist #blackart #blackartist #funny #funnyart #etsy #buyartfriday #buyart #etsyshop #etsysale #WednesdayThoughts https://t.co/IbR2ePZxzf
18 Sep, 07:39 AM UTC
Chinguun Sergelen
⚡️All That ⚡️ Executive producer @kenanthompson ‘s new show #BringTheFunny -season finale tonight ✨🌟✨ can’t wait 🙆🏻‍♂️ https://t.co/2OwUbJoLx9
18 Sep, 02:12 AM UTC
John Kolinofsky
Help us save elephants. https://t.co/UL1BDChuVH #GalaxyNote10 #MyRelationshipResume #Greenleaf #BringTheFunny #RHOC #OogieBoogieBash Trump Plaza Katie Aaron Carter @BarackObama @realDonaldTrump @rihanna @ManUtd @Cristiano @BillGates @justinbieber @jtimberlake #DarbyGang Ed Buck
18 Sep, 08:07 AM UTC
holly ⚡
i feel so flippin PROUD of @thevalleyfolk for smashing the competition, you legends deserve every bit of that win @leenewtonsays @joebereta @elliottcmorgan @stevezaragoza #bringthefunny
18 Sep, 07:18 AM UTC
holly ⚡
ok but the thing about #bringthefunny is this: the winners were up to audience vote, which @thevalleyfolk won fair and square (and absolutely fucking deservedly, what legends). maybe everyone kicking off about their win should have voted...
18 Sep, 07:17 AM UTC
Saskia Watts
Woke up to the news that @TheValleyfolk won #BringTheFunny and I'm so happy for those beautiful nerds 😅
18 Sep, 07:01 AM UTC
Mitch Gibson
I think it just shows how dedicated their fanbase is and how unique their comedy is! I’m glad they won! #BringTheFunny
18 Sep, 06:48 AM UTC
Mitch Gibson
I’ve been watching these crazy kids since I was in high school, 8 years ago, which probably makes them feel old and me seem like a child, but seriously. Congrats to @TheValleyfolk for their win on #BringTheFunny! You guys deserved that win so much!
18 Sep, 06:45 AM UTC
Delaney Toler
yes the @TheValleyfolk won #BringTheFunny !!!!! i love them so much i’m so happy
18 Sep, 06:36 AM UTC
The Chosen One
@Ali_Speaks was robbed #BringTheFunny
18 Sep, 06:25 AM UTC
WE ALL HAVE THAT ONE ANNOYING SIBLING!! https://t.co/VZzNos6jC8 via @YouTube #BringTheFunny #FunniestTweets #ContentCreator #NBA2K20
18 Sep, 08:44 AM UTC
Jasen Ferguson
I love me some @RandyFeltface keeping puppets alive and still #funnyasfuck #BringTheFunny @bringthefunny
18 Sep, 08:14 AM UTC
Double Straw Diva
@animeraider #BringTheFunny what was going on with the mic/sound? Sucked so badly that I had to change the channel!!! @nbc
18 Sep, 08:06 AM UTC

I was getting so excited that tacarra Williams might have won #BringTheFunny but second place is pretty damn good too. I loved her all season
18 Sep, 08:01 AM UTC
stacey hirokane
What the hell #BringTheFunny
18 Sep, 08:00 AM UTC

Standing ovation for John legend from everyone except Chrissy teigen lololol #BringTheFunny
18 Sep, 07:32 AM UTC

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