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Bleacher Report
Browns take down the Steelers at home, 29-17 πŸ’ͺ Jacoby Brissett: 21-31, 220 YD, 2 TDs Nick Chubb: 22 rush, 113 YD, 1 TD @BleacherReport's photo on Brissett
23 Sep, 03:26 AM UTC
Brissett is better than Baker.
23 Sep, 12:44 AM UTC
Nick Karns
It's time to admit Jacoby Brissett is better than anyone was willing to give him credit for. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
23 Sep, 01:05 AM UTC
Jake Trotter
Jacoby Brissett reppin his guards #Browns ⁦@HOMAGE⁩ @Jake_Trotter's photo on Brissett
23 Sep, 03:52 AM UTC
β€œJacobys a dawg, man. - we love Jacoby here.” #Browns Nick Chubb on Jacoby Brissett
23 Sep, 03:32 AM UTC
In 3 games #Browns QB Jacoby Brissett has put up the following numbers: 61/92 66.3% completion 596 yards 4 TDs 1 INT https://t.co/3isxrM7UQ4
23 Sep, 03:49 AM UTC
Marcus Mosher
Jacoby Brissett should be 3-0 as a starter. He's been MORE than good enough for Cleveland.
23 Sep, 03:37 AM UTC
Primetime QBs in Week 2: Patrick Mahomes, Justin Herbert, Josh Allen, Aaron Rodgers, Jalen Hurts Primetime QBs in Week 3: Mitch Trubisky, Jacoby Brissett, Jimmy Garoppolo, Cooper Rush, Daniel Jones
22 Sep, 04:00 PM UTC
The Jacoby Brissett led Cleveland #Browns are 2-1 and first place in the AFC North. https://t.co/dO2DlPnWgu
23 Sep, 03:25 AM UTC
Jacoby Brissett has more than exceeded expectations so far. it's really nice to see him doing so well.
23 Sep, 03:32 AM UTC
Jacoby Brissett vs Mitch Trubisky on primetime πŸ”₯ https://t.co/pD0eY8glw9
23 Sep, 12:21 AM UTC
Jacoby Brissett is such a pro. He has passion without the ego. He’s quiet, but he’s a leader. He’s likable and so damn easy to root for. I’m glad he’s a Cleveland Brown.
23 Sep, 04:02 AM UTC
Tom Pelissero
Big win for the #Browns and Jacoby Brissett, who joined me for our @nflnetwork postgame interview. @TomPelissero's photo on Brissett
23 Sep, 04:04 AM UTC
Jake Trotter
Brissett has to be the greatest QB sneak QB in NFL history
23 Sep, 02:20 AM UTC
Mary Kay Cabot
#Browns Jacoby Brissett on the emotion after his 6-yard sneak and fist pump @MaryKayCabot's photo on Brissett
23 Sep, 03:54 AM UTC
Nick Pedone
Jacoby Brissett has exceeded every single expectation. Kevin Stefanski has that offense humming. #Browns
23 Sep, 03:58 AM UTC
Jacoby Brissett > Baker Mayfield
23 Sep, 03:33 AM UTC
Lol at the Colts not keeping Brissett and instead going the Rivers/Wentz/Ryan route
23 Sep, 01:32 AM UTC
Zac Jackson
Brissett wore the @HOMAGE Bitonio - Teller shirt to his postgame presser. Take care of those who take care of you.
23 Sep, 03:56 AM UTC
Next Gen Stats
Jacoby Brissett was pressured on just 4 of 33 dropbacks in the Browns 29-17 victory over the Steelers, his lowest pressure rate faced (12.1%) in a game in his career. πŸ”Έ 2017-2021: 35.0% (2nd-highest in NFL) πŸ”Έ 2022: 19.8% (9th-lowest in NFL) #PITvsCLE | #Browns @NextGenStats's photo on Brissett
23 Sep, 03:43 AM UTC
Jennifer Matthews
So happy for Brissett! He’s bounced around the League for 6 years and played behind some amazing QB’s like Tom Brady and Andrew Luck. He deserves to be celebrated for his play and leadership tonight. πŸΆπŸ‘ŠπŸ»
23 Sep, 04:14 AM UTC
Camryn Justice
Jacoby Brissett had the fit of the night. #Browns @camijustice's photo on Brissett
23 Sep, 05:09 AM UTC
Around The NFL
Cleveland QB Jacoby Brissett on Cowboys trading Amari Cooper to Browns: "I'm glad they did it" https://t.co/cee8hqDKqg @AroundTheNFL's photo on Brissett
23 Sep, 05:18 AM UTC
Scott Petrak ct
#Browns Jacoby Brissett on TE David Njoku, who had big night. https://t.co/uHr5wnCuDq
23 Sep, 03:57 AM UTC
JFM might still be their best pass rusher off the EDGE right now as Lawson gets going. Brushes past RT with a swim, redirects inside for a shot on Brissett. https://t.co/Z9flVv2bxN
22 Sep, 10:32 PM UTC
92.3 The Fan
#Browns QB Jacoby Brissett on successful QB sneaks: "It's just not complicated."
23 Sep, 03:58 AM UTC
92.3 The Fan
#Browns QB Jacoby Brissett: "It's early in the season. This league is crazy. The mantra is to get better each week. I think these guys understand how pressing we have to be."
23 Sep, 03:58 AM UTC
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23 Sep, 03:29 AM UTC
@NickPedone12 *Jacoby Brissett is who we wanted Baker to be
23 Sep, 04:40 AM UTC
Last year Jacoby Brissett tied up game to send to OT & then threw this perfect bomb in OT vs Raiders. If not dropped, Dolphins would’ve made playoffs; maybe go on run (8-1 in last 9 gms) & Brian Flores is likely still coach. This is how arbitrary NFL is. @ChuckModi1's photo on Brissett
23 Sep, 01:30 AM UTC