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Geet Saber
pets are such life savers. sometimes all you really need is a little guy that follows you around
13 Jan, 09:32 PM UTC
Ron Filipkowski
As Brit is typing this, Stewart Rhodes is in handcuffs charged with sedition along with several others.
13 Jan, 06:43 PM UTC
Juneteenth Emancipation Day celebration at Eastwoods Park on June 19, 1900 in Austin, Texas.
14 Jan, 03:45 AM UTC
Ron Filipkowski
Let’s say I plan to rob a bank with two other people. We buy ski masks, body armor, weapons, disguises, scope out the bank, have a getaway plan and stash house, etc., but the police arrest us on the way to the bank to do it. To Brit that shouldn’t be a crime? Just despicable.
14 Jan, 03:36 PM UTC
Inner Practitioner
Having someone understand your silence and energy is a whole different kind of intimacy.
14 Jan, 03:00 PM UTC
Tim Miller
Conspiring to commit an act of terror is no longer a big deal, per Brit. Sucks for all the people we droned.
14 Jan, 03:28 PM UTC
Lexi Harvey
No one man could ever make me bitter enough to generalize or hate all men. Love is just too beautiful for that.
14 Jan, 12:58 AM UTC
This more vile than I can encapsulate in words. JL is doing Jamie and Lou’s lawyers dirty work, trying to bait Britney into a public outburst. Protect yourself self, Brit. Don’t fall for the bait. We got your back. WE RIDE AT DAWN. 🤍✨#FreeBritney
14 Jan, 06:07 AM UTC
Akiva Cohen
This was an exquisitely timed tweet, Brit.
14 Jan, 03:36 AM UTC
Roshan Rinaldi
How's this working out for you, Brit? 😛
14 Jan, 02:06 PM UTC
Narcissist JL
Girl you don’t want drama but put the drama in a 240 pg book. The book isn’t about Brit but you mentioned her name 500+ times in it. You want to set your record straight but mad when Britney does it. Calling your sis a liar but then expect her to speak of u with love. STFU!
14 Jan, 06:10 AM UTC
Edward Hardy
Hours after Brit Hume sent this tweet, the leader of the Oath Keepers and 10 others were charged with “seditious conspiracy” over the attack on the US Capitol
13 Jan, 11:45 PM UTC
Fletch F Fletch
@mehdirhasan Why is "attempted" murder a crime? If you don't pull it off, you shouldn't be prosecuted. Sincerely, Brit Hume
14 Jan, 04:28 PM UTC
🏍 Halfway through the stage, @quintanilla102 has set the fastest time. 2nd overall at 6'52'', the Chilean is trying to put pressure on @Sundersam but the Brit is controlling. Follow the race live 👉 #Dakar2022 @dakar's photo on Brit
14 Jan, 06:31 AM UTC
Made in Lagos BRIT certified silver!🇬🇧💿
14 Jan, 03:34 PM UTC
Edward Oh 🇺🇸
@AshaRangappa_ @karolcummins @brithume Brit’s trying to weasel out of having to call it an insurrection by framing it as a kind of Monty Python and the Capitol Steps comedy skit.
14 Jan, 04:38 PM UTC
ถ้าฝึกฟังทั้งสำเนียงอังกฤษและอเมริกัน มันจะตีกันไหม? // คำตอบคือไม่ครับ เราสามารถฟังสลับกันได้เลย ยิ่งฟังหลากหลายยิ่งพัฒนาสกิล listening ได้ไว // แต่เวลาฝึกพูดควรเลือกแค่สำเนียงเดียว (Ame-Brit-Aus-Can เลือกมานึงอย่าง) // เพื่อให้ลิ้น-ฟัน-ริมฝีปากเกิดความเคยชินมากที่สุด✌🏻🇬🇧
14 Jan, 07:41 AM UTC
I lost respect for @brithume the day he chuckled about the Trump Tower meeting and called it a “farce” because the Russians had discussed “adoption.” Ask @BillBrowder what that is code for. Hint: it’s Putin’s top priority. One he would kill to accomplish. Brit didn’t know that??
14 Jan, 04:18 PM UTC
Narcissist JL
@jamielynnspears u want to protect ur daughter from harm then keep ur daughter out ur mouth to the public. Protect her and be a good mother instead of involving her in ur family drama. If Brit ever texted u kind things, trust that after this she won’t so stop convincing anyone
14 Jan, 06:12 AM UTC
Bob Werley
@RonFilipkowski “Crimes don’t count unless you’ve succeeded at completing said crime.” Brit Hume
14 Jan, 03:41 PM UTC
Our Brit Funk banger of a ‘Bad Weather’ remix from @str4ta_music is out now! Link in bio. ☔️☔️☔️ Limited edition vinyl so don’t sleep. Great to be working with @gillespeterson & @incognito_world 🔥 #vinyl #britfunk #bandcamp #anushka #newrelease #truthoughts
14 Jan, 11:58 AM UTC
Tahera Zamanzada
Ladies - they are right! Let’s not miss out on a multi-trillion dollar opportunity! Thanks to @MyBFF @brit @jaimeschmidt for setting this up! 💕 #WomenInCrypto #womeninnft @WCOINetwork @SocialGoodBiz @AdelleNaz @womenintech @Dunnezo @womenintechnft
14 Jan, 12:57 PM UTC
Narcissist JL
and btw @jamielynnspears she can tell the truth and put an end to you so be happy she hasn’t yet. U had ur moment to tell ur “truth” which many have said to be lies so now let Brit tell her truth however she needs to on social media, an interview, a book whether u like it or not
14 Jan, 06:35 AM UTC
mona lisa
@thehatedsource I said this to a sam minion who came to defend him. The text talks as if brit had to get better by herself bc no1 was there to get the medicine 4 her. Then people start asking why Scam didnt buy aleve 4 her & almost 1h later her acc posts Sam got it 4 her.Only dummies fall 4 this
14 Jan, 04:23 PM UTC
Former VP Aaron Burr was tried in 1807 for treason for allegedly plotting to urge states to leave the Union as part of military adventures to seize land from Spain and Mexico. Brit would have defended him.
14 Jan, 04:49 PM UTC