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Calling Britney unhinged for reacting to decades of abuse from her family is wild.
19 Jan, 11:39 PM UTC
Britney Law Army
Judge Penny has ordered that no reserve will be held from Britney’s funds for future payments and fees still be debated. This means Britney’s money will finally be transferred to her within 7 days. Finally!
20 Jan, 12:21 AM UTC
britney spears at the amas, 2002 https://t.co/BFMDabVt6F
20 Jan, 12:06 AM UTC
Celeb Crushes 95K
🇺🇸 Britney Spears (2018) ⚡️ https://t.co/xPvOOzRPjL
20 Jan, 04:00 PM UTC
nick grimshaw
I saw Britney Spears in the wild yesterday and it was like seeing a unicorn. Only better cos unicorns don’t have iconic bangers that slap. ✨
20 Jan, 09:24 PM UTC
Britney Spears Spain
¡BOMBAZO! 💥 En la audiencia de ayer, la jueza Brenda Penny ha ordenado que TODO el dinero de Britney le sea devuelto dentro de los próximos 7 días 😍 Además, la próxima audiencia será el 27 de Julio donde se tratarán más temas https://t.co/KhBdUaqw7F
20 Jan, 12:56 PM UTC
Britney Spears is my type of girl. Giving you the business with DETAILS! ‘Cause a muthafucka always want to act like you’re delusional. I’ll remember your outfit, time of day, and hairdo fucking with me!
20 Jan, 07:14 PM UTC
Comoros 3🇰🇲 - Ghana 2
Some of y'all need a Britney Spears dramatic reading from a southerner for it to click properly https://t.co/2fDJK3FKVd
20 Jan, 02:34 PM UTC
Alessandro Alicandri
Non vi sto nemmeno a dire cosa penso di "Baby one more time” di Britney fatto da Emma e Francesca Michielin, sarà una roba talmente epica che ci faranno i meme fino al prossimo secolo #Sanremo2022
20 Jan, 07:55 PM UTC
Mario Manca
Emma che canta Britney, urlo. #Sanremo2022
20 Jan, 08:11 PM UTC
Sophie Ross
Britney referring to Alex Cooper as “that interview girl” @SophRossss's photo on Britney
20 Jan, 04:31 AM UTC
Jamie Lynn: All she had to do was live out of state for 6 months Britney: I was put on lithium and couldn’t hold a conversation, I didn’t have a credit card or passport and I wasn’t allowed to leave my home How was she going to get to another state let alone live in it for 6m??
20 Jan, 06:22 PM UTC
venere di twitta
20 Jan, 07:34 PM UTC
Jamie Lynn Spears really said all Britney had to do was live out of state for 6 months so the conservatorship could dissolve. “Come live with me!” She said, as if Britney could just get up & go, as if she wasn’t held prisoner in her house for 13 years. Jesus…. #BelieveBritney
20 Jan, 07:05 PM UTC
Mathew Rosengart's investigation assistant
if Jamie Lynn wants the public backlash to stop she needs to do an interview with a member of the Free Britney movement
20 Jan, 07:36 PM UTC
To them, Britney was going to DIE under the Conservatorship without ever having owned her own money so of course they were spending it shamelessly! Britney’s children weren’t going to see a penny!
20 Jan, 03:42 PM UTC
That Surprise Witness, Esq.
Both britney and Jamie’s lawyers mentioned offshore bank accounts yesterday in court. Found that interesting. Rose said “she’s not gonna put the money in a Swiss bank account”. Big sloppy said “we’re not talking about a bank acct in the Bahamas” #PANAMA
20 Jan, 08:31 PM UTC
Britney Spears wore Jamie Lynn and her momma’s ass out over that chocolate milkshake with the perfectly crushed ice!
20 Jan, 07:11 PM UTC
Britney most streamed 2010s songs on Spotify 473,071,148 — Scream & Shout 245,454,466 — Work Bitch 140,070,128 — Criminal 126,595,843 — Till The World Ends 120,910,287 — Make Me 103,852,563 — I Wanna Go 71,928,002 — Pretty Girls 66,810,636 — Slumber Party https://t.co/pmIHZwspPP
20 Jan, 01:16 AM UTC
Mathew Rosengart's investigation assistant
No matter which way you look at it... none of this does look good for Jamie Lynn. She either half-assed helping Britney knowing damn well that B was being controlled and spied on by Team Con OR she was in on Jamie's plan and tried to convince Britney to stop fighting him....
20 Jan, 08:49 PM UTC
liv 🌨
this is a harmful take. halsey shaves their head for the look but britney did it in the midst of a mental breakdown. this comparison both minimizes britney’s experience with mental health and diminishes just how insidious the media’s torment of her at that time really was https://t.co/VqxjdVKAkM
20 Jan, 09:25 PM UTC
Jamie Spears paid a security firm nearly $6 million from @britneyspears' estate to electronically track his daughter and ex-wife's communications and locations, according to new court docs https://t.co/0W1SxF2TsC
20 Jan, 04:56 AM UTC
Jamie Lynn told Britney she could live out of state for 6 months (if she already has a residence in that state) and the conservatorship would be dissolved. Jamie Spears then extended the conservatorship to multiple other states including Nevada, Florida and Louisiana.
20 Jan, 07:18 PM UTC
Los Angeles Times
Britney Spears' conservatorship documents will stay sealed to protect medical records https://t.co/mRAc9Fgfsj
20 Jan, 09:07 PM UTC
Remember when we found out he was filing to do this??? Now it all makes sense!! He must have read JL’s texts and deleted them from Britney’s phone.
20 Jan, 07:18 PM UTC
And then found out how to make sure that never happened. Bc Britney has property in Louisiana and Florida (the famous condo in Destin lmao) and probably had something in Vegas too.
20 Jan, 07:20 PM UTC
Britney's story will be the third part of von Trier's USA – Land of Opportunities trilogy. https://t.co/bNr2USE1lH
20 Jan, 09:39 PM UTC
Michael Turchin
@partylikebrit I’ve stayed this a dozen times already. Lance asked her if he should be worried for Britney and if he should try and do something—she said she didn’t understand the ins and outs of the conservatorship but that she cares about Britney and didn’t believe she was in any danger etc.
20 Jan, 10:14 PM UTC
Double Handed Gawk Gawk 4000
Y'all go through a breakup and completely lose yourselves. Britney went through YEARS of abuse and manipulation, she's tame compared to how y'all would've reacted
20 Jan, 04:46 PM UTC
CPW SE Region
This week @COParksWildlife in #ColoradoSprings began feeding bighorn sheep in the Rampart herd in prep for a #wildlife #conservation relocation effort. CPW's Amber Worley & volunteer Britney Cuntz shovel apple pulp and Officer Corey Adler hauls alfalfa to the site. (1 of 10) https://t.co/IBbE8J0fRi
20 Jan, 10:14 PM UTC