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Fern Britton
How are we all today ? Effed off with Trump? Boris? Climate change? Covid? STOP right now all we can do is smile, be nice, put one foot after another day in day out until one day it will pass. As you read this I shall putting the kettle on, eating some toast and sending my love❤️
09 Oct, 10:10 AM UTC
MJ Hegar
I can't let @JohnCornyn spread misinformation about how COVID-19 impacts kids. I don't trust him to protect my kids — do you trust him to protect yours? #TXSen #TXSenateDebate @mjhegar's photo on Britton
10 Oct, 12:36 AM UTC
The Short Porch
09 Oct, 02:24 AM UTC
Rob Friedman
Zack Britton, Disgusting 95mph Sinker. 🤮 @PitchingNinja's photo on Britton
10 Oct, 01:33 AM UTC
Rob Friedman
Zack Britton, Filthy 80mph Slider. 🩰 @PitchingNinja's photo on Britton
10 Oct, 01:52 AM UTC
Talkin' Yanks
How do you guys feel about the Yankees pulling Zack Britton and brining in Aroldis Chapman during the seventh inning?
10 Oct, 01:53 AM UTC
John Jastremski
Second night in a row he’s going to Chapman too soon... I’m letting Britton finish the 7th.
10 Oct, 01:52 AM UTC
Jayson Stark
Cool to see both teams firing up their highest leverage relievers long before the 9th inning tonight. We’ve already seen Chapman, Britton, Anderson and Fairbanks. And it’s only the top of the 7th! What a concept.
10 Oct, 01:53 AM UTC
Gary Sanchez Resurgence Bandwagon
Using your best pitcher for the most important moment is better than saving him for a hypothetical situation that may never come to pass. See Buck Showalter's decision with Zack Britton for reference.
10 Oct, 01:54 AM UTC
cuddle sqream jean, bleak creek 🖤
To celebrate @BrittonBuchanan’s beautiful emotional journey of a song October’s Queen unofficially dropping on BandCamp today I’m gifting up to fifteen copies of the song. So if you’d like to own the song forever, retweet & like this tweet and go do the same to Britton’s! 👑🍂🍁
10 Oct, 12:15 AM UTC
James Wagner
Games like this show how much the Yankees miss Tommy Kahnle, who is recovering from Tommy John surgery. He would've been another reliable arm to lighten the load/bridge the starter to backend relievers Britton and Chapman.
10 Oct, 01:57 AM UTC
Grunt Talks MLB
Britton KAW 🔥 #NYYForNY
10 Oct, 01:32 AM UTC
JT The Brick
BRITTON pitched his ass off and we bring Chapman in the 7th? The 7th? What the hell is going on! #YankeesvsRays
10 Oct, 01:52 AM UTC
Wetzel @ 27 Down Podcast
Please guys, reward our Chappyman and Britton for how good they have been.... 2 runs, its all I ask of you...
10 Oct, 01:56 AM UTC
Laura Eismont
Not a fan of this move. Britton could have finished the inning. 7 outs is a lot to ask for Chapman, but I hope I’m wrong here 🤞🏼 #NYYforNY
10 Oct, 01:53 AM UTC
𝐒𝐭𝐚𝐜𝐞𝐲 🦦
12 K’s 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥- Britton out, Chapman in.
10 Oct, 01:57 AM UTC
Adam Zagoria
Pitchers Aaron Boone trusts: Gerrit Cole Chad Green (not pitching tonight) Zack Britton Aroldis Chapman
10 Oct, 01:57 AM UTC
Boones awful calls 1. Take Cole out 2. Take Britton out 3 bring our closer in in the 7th in a tie game 4. Pinch hit for our catcher and ONLY defensive catcher in a tie game with the hardest pitcher to catch in the game The Yankees need to fire Aaron Boone. #FireBoone #Yankees
10 Oct, 02:07 AM UTC
Resting Buch Face
When Chapman enters in the 7th inning with Britton dealing
10 Oct, 01:55 AM UTC
Renier González Jr
Se va Britton y se subirá a la lomita el misil cubano con 2 outs y hombre en primera. #Rays 1-1 #Yankees en la baja del séptimo.
10 Oct, 01:52 AM UTC
Corey Masisak
@mike_petriello If you don’t count Britton soft-tossing it up there at 93-96 (with a pitch that is unhittable in its own way) ... the slowest 2/4-seam fastball thrown in this game has been 97, right? At least by the TBS gun.
10 Oct, 02:08 AM UTC
Miguel Rodriguez
Used Ardolis for four outs yesterday. I know it's tied but it could be tied for a while. The point. Two outs, bot of 7 in a tied game, even if it is a series deciding game, is a bit early to go to top guy out of the bullpen. It worked but trust Britton to get 3rd out there.
10 Oct, 01:59 AM UTC
Bombers Beat
Britton was dominant and Chapman with the HUGE backwards K. I sound like a broken record, WE NEED RUNS
10 Oct, 01:56 AM UTC
Arving Gonzalez
Circunstancias algo diferentes, pero, Aaron Boone hizo con Chapman lo que Showalter debió haber realizado con Britton en el AL Wild Card Game 2016: acudir a quien tenga mayor probabilidad de generar outs en el momento más apremiante. #ALDSGame5
10 Oct, 02:08 AM UTC
Sal Maiorana
Why did he need to pull Britton? Lefty up with Lowe. Why use Chapman there? They need to rip up the damn computer print out and manage the damn game.
10 Oct, 01:58 AM UTC
@JMO102324 @Bethyj57 Yeah BUT I'm convinced 100% Britton would have gotten him too!
10 Oct, 01:58 AM UTC
@DarrenRosengar1 They said it twice. The first time was with Britton on the mound. I was thinking that maybe they meant to say Britton but nope.
10 Oct, 01:58 AM UTC
Rich Dollaz
@BrendanKutyNJ As dumb as well maybe not that dumb but shoulda been hitter to hitter with Britton
10 Oct, 02:12 AM UTC
AJ Fiore
Boone pulling Britton ...then the pinch hitting for Higgy... 2 moves i absolutely hate...& both may come back to bite us here
10 Oct, 02:11 AM UTC
20 Division Titles 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆x4️⃣
@ND_BravesFAN I agree. Keep waiting for them to put a 4 spot on the board. I feel like the Rays have let the couple chances they had slip away. I wonder with Britton and Chapman out of the PRN already if the Rays can withstand the next inning or so they may get a chance at some of weaker arms.
10 Oct, 02:09 AM UTC

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