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Post Malone singing when Shania Twain shows up is beautiful #AMAs @Tomm_MaStar's photo on Brock
25 Nov, 04:21 AM UTC
Ben Zelko
Whoever needs to see this, enjoy, post Malone, Travis Scott and ozzy osbourne absolutely killed it @BenZelko's photo on Brock
25 Nov, 03:51 AM UTC
Oh la dinguerie je suis explosé elle a le gab à Brock Lesnar et elle met des smash sans aucun regret en plus tout le monde joue comme si de rien était. T’es entraineur tu joues contre ça y’a aucune tactique tu dis aux joueuses « force à vous ein »
24 Nov, 09:10 PM UTC
47k retweets on a blatant lie. These kids are doing wuxing martial arts training. People on this platform spread misinformation so quickly and so uncritically that we've looped all the way back to yellow peril and Brussels Conference colonial delusions.
25 Nov, 01:06 AM UTC
Adam Pacitti
I wish my dad was a WWE Superstar and I got to hit a double 619 with him on Brock Lesnar during bring your kid to work day. #SurvivorSeries
25 Nov, 02:54 AM UTC
Hotep WithIt
When men say that women should stay home and raise the kids, I think of three things : 1. Motherhood is more important that the job 2. Nobody can do a better job than those created for it 3. Your uninterrupted time with the kids is amazing I don’t think that’s sexist at all
24 Nov, 11:16 PM UTC
Erick Rowan retired The Rock.
12 year old me would lose my mind if you told me this kid would one day attack Brock Lesnar. #SurvivorSeries
25 Nov, 02:57 AM UTC
Macaulay Culkin
I’d ask my followers but I’m pretty sure Brock Lesnar is going to marry, fuck, AND kill @reymysterio tonight. #SurvivorSeries
25 Nov, 02:48 AM UTC
WWE Critic
Dominik and Rey Mysterio hit the Frog Splash on Brock Lesnar. He really was Eddie's kid #SurvivorSeries
25 Nov, 02:52 AM UTC
Jay Mercer🌹The Prophecy🌹
Rey vs Brock #SurvivorSeries
25 Nov, 02:50 AM UTC
TWC - #BigDaddyCiampa - #BITW
Eddie would be proud of his “son” for that frog splash on Brock. #SurvivorSeries
25 Nov, 02:58 AM UTC
GiveMeSport - WWE
Oh my god I just popped for Dominick hitting Brock with a chair, hitting a 619 with Rey and then THAT Frog Splash. Get that man a contract immediately. #SurvivorSeries
25 Nov, 02:54 AM UTC
This kid just frog splashed Brock Lesner #SurvivorSeries
25 Nov, 03:01 AM UTC
Rt and Like if you want Brock Lesnar to go away
25 Nov, 03:51 AM UTC
ChikoritaCheezits (Local Kid Icarus Trash)
I see Brock trending and instantly think of this clip even though it's about wrestling
25 Nov, 03:39 AM UTC
kate spiced latte ☕️
So you’re gonna have Rey’s son come out, punch Brock in the balls, beat him with a pipe AND a chair, 1238 him, AND Frog Splash him just to have Brock F5-pin Rey like 15 seconds later? #SurvivorSeries @makeitloud's photo on Brock
25 Nov, 02:55 AM UTC
The Oracle of Wrestling
I don’t give a fuck. Brock Lesnar selling for Dominick is the greatest thing in the history of wrestling. Match ruled #SurvivorSeries2019
25 Nov, 02:55 AM UTC
Brock Lesnar soon as the match starts #SurvivorSeries
25 Nov, 02:57 AM UTC
🇮🇹 Vulcanhelios 🇮🇹
"Per raggiungere un governo mondiale, è necessario rimuovere dalle menti degli uomini il loro individualismo, la fedeltà alla tradizione della famiglia, il patriottismo nazionale ed i dogmi religiosi." Brock Chisholm
24 Nov, 10:43 AM UTC
when you agreed to a match with Brock Lesnar but remember your knee is made out of sedimentary rock
25 Nov, 02:46 AM UTC
Prince Harris
Rey Mysterio and Dominick hit Brock like.... #SurvivorSeries #WWE
25 Nov, 03:01 AM UTC
Les Gaulois du Catch
[Résultats] #SurvivorSeries Brock Lesnar bat Rey Mysterio par tombé avec le F5 et reste champion WWE. Dominik est intervenu dans le match pour se battre avec son père contre Lesnar.
25 Nov, 02:57 AM UTC
#SurvivorSeries • NO HOLDS BARRED MATCH • WWE Championship BROCK LESNAR © (w/Paul Heyman) bat REY MYSTERIO et RESTE WWE Champion .
25 Nov, 02:56 AM UTC
GiveMeSport - WWE
Dominik's help wasn't enough to help Rey Mysterio beat Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series, but it created an unforgettable father-son moment that fans loved
25 Nov, 07:30 AM UTC
@Peter57223758 @PequenoAncap Recuerden chicos, Chuty es el mejor gallo de la historia, y Ozelot es el mejor letrista del mundo. Los dos españoles claro. Hablando en serio, la escena española le da mil vueltas a la latina, Nach, Brock, Ozelot, Khan, Lechowski, etc.
25 Nov, 12:49 AM UTC
Super Beaner
For a second there Yall thought Rey Mysterio was gonna be World Champ didn't you? #andStill WWE World Heavyweight Champion BROCK LESNAR! #SurvivorSeries
25 Nov, 07:31 AM UTC
Athena 🍥
@RainbowSquidInk And then they say OH BUT SHES THE FIRST POPULAR ONE NO SHES NOT iris and brock were SUPER popular
25 Nov, 07:39 AM UTC

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