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[Bardock from "Dragon Ball Super: Broly" Is Coming!] Team up with another "Tag: Saiyan" to deal more damage and reduce damage taken! Bardock's cover change lets him defend his teammates with dmg cut, then strike back hard with a huge Special Move dmg buff! #DBLegends #Dragonball @DB_Legends's photo on Broly
03 Dec, 03:02 AM UTC
Dragon Ball Hype.
Broly (DBS) - FighterZ Gameplay (English Dub) @DbsHype's photo on Broly
02 Dec, 09:25 PM UTC
Dragon Ball Hype.
Broly (DBS) - Intro (With Broly's own theme) @DbsHype's photo on Broly
02 Dec, 10:20 PM UTC
Johnny Yong Bosch is the new voice actor for Broly and it's crazy that he was also the voice actor for Jonathan Joestar @ZankyeGaming's photo on Broly
03 Dec, 12:25 AM UTC
Brandon Edmans (Commissions Open!)
FINALLY HEARD JOHNNYS TAKE ON #broly In #DragonBallFighterZ Cant wait for him to be released! ive now got a new take for his screams now!! <3 Heres what ive got so far! @Brandonator275's photo on Broly
02 Dec, 09:55 PM UTC
Dragon Ball FighterZ is just a JoJo game in disguise. Matt Mercer: Hit/Jotaro Patrick Seitz: Dio Johnny Yong Bosch: Broly/Johnathan
02 Dec, 11:17 PM UTC
AlukardNY 😈👽🌹
Best part about using Broly S ... is that he doesn't know..... I KILLED HIS FATHER!
02 Dec, 06:55 PM UTC
Bandai Namco US
LIVE NOW: The BANDAI NAMCO Brief #4. Catch the upcoming Broly [DBS] DLC in action as we play #DRAGONBALLFighterZ while giving you the latest and greatest Bandai Namco news. Watch now at @BandaiNamcoUS's photo on Broly
02 Dec, 09:00 PM UTC
Dragon Ball Hype.
Broly (DBS) - DB FighterZ Full Render in HQ. (@Shoyoumomo_)
02 Dec, 07:22 PM UTC
Weyoun Appreciator
The absolute funniest thing about the clip of DBS Broly voiced by JYB is Vic stans realizing how much Vic actually sucked as Broly and either admitting it or doing their absolute best to spin it in a way that doesn't sound like that
02 Dec, 09:42 PM UTC
Ant is Doing NaNoWriMo...
The fact we got Johnny Young Bosch as Broly is the absolute best result of the Mignogna trial. Dude is WAY better a choice.
02 Dec, 11:43 PM UTC
Scott Frerichs 🏳️‍🌈❄🎄
02 Dec, 10:35 PM UTC
Low Tier Lesbian 💧
03 Dec, 01:00 AM UTC
FYI to all the #IStandWithVic supporters out there getting all puffy over the fact that JYB will be replacing Vic role as Broly for FigtherZ. Y'all better be glad it's one of Vic's closest friend instead of a VA who wants him dead.
03 Dec, 12:38 AM UTC
Bandai Namco España
¡Broly (DBS) llegará a Dragon Ball FighterZ el 5 de diciembre! 🔥 ¿Quién se lo va a poner en el equipo? 🖐 Consíguelo con el FighterZ Pass 2: @BandaiNamcoES's photo on Broly
02 Dec, 11:19 AM UTC
FADEL ☃️ Master Of Hype
The fact that Nero's voice lines fit perfectly with Broly, says a lot about how AMAZING Johnny Bosch is for the role.
03 Dec, 02:27 AM UTC
DBS Broly can do WHAT!!?? #DBFZ_SBR
03 Dec, 12:28 AM UTC
UK Victor @ 3 Days
I’m absolutely positive that if Nakatsuru got to audition for DBS Broly, he would have been hired INSTANTLY. Him and Toriyama’s friendship and Toriyama’s respect for his talents goes back DECADES. Pretty sure Toriyama and Nakatsuru have the most interviews together as well.
02 Dec, 04:25 PM UTC
Johnny Young Bosch will be replacing Vic Mignogna as Dragon Ball Super Broly in Dragon Ball Fighters Z
02 Dec, 09:49 PM UTC
💜Purple Forever💜ζ⃠👮🍎🍌💀
I love all of your work @vicmignogna especially Broly. You'll always be the best Broly and I will keep supporting you. You're a talented and caring person I've ever known. I'll pray for brand new opportunities heading your way, continuing your career. Bigger and better than ever!
03 Dec, 01:01 AM UTC
Zehal, Festive Sin of Gaming
Reminder that DBS pre-Ikari Broly > Old Broly Old Broly > Post-Ikari DBS Broly
02 Dec, 10:48 PM UTC
The Black Power Ranger Yu Adachi Nero And now Broly Absolute chad.
02 Dec, 11:45 PM UTC
I believe that Shida has the best aura shapes [he also drew that illustration with Goku, Vegeta and Trunks], it's a real shame that they didn't exploit this during the Broly movie
03 Dec, 01:54 AM UTC
🎄Goku D. Ryuzaki 🎅
Now that's out of the way Y'all heard the news #IStandWithVic Broly's new voice is Johnny Yong Bosch to me I know him for voicing Ichigo Kurosaki I'm willing to give Johnny a chance, His voice of Broly is not bad but I'll always remember & cherish Vic as the voice of Broly
03 Dec, 02:33 AM UTC
JYB is the new voice of Broly We know what happens with JYB characters in tag games
03 Dec, 12:05 AM UTC
Nintendo Wire
ICYMI - Over the weekend Bandai Namco confirmed that Broly (DBS) will hit Dragon Ball FighterZ on December 5th. Watch the new trailer here:
03 Dec, 03:30 AM UTC
#TooFarLeft With Principled Anti-Corruption Action
I'll confirm that Vic really didn't like to do Broly screams at panels/signings. He really HATED that character. Guys, just nod along and concede this recasting is an upgrade.
03 Dec, 03:38 AM UTC
Victor Rivera
Wait People in #IStandWithVic are hating on JYB for being the new voice for Broly in Fighterz? Really people?
03 Dec, 02:28 AM UTC
丂ひア乇尺 丂ムノリム刀 イムノ 🇺🇸🏳️‍🌈
New Broly Voice Actor REVEALED: Vic Mignogna Officially Replaced! via @YouTube One hand, though he tends to channel Ichigo for me at times, JYB the man. However, he also friends of Vic so next to @Chuck_Huber, your back. #IStandWithVic
03 Dec, 03:13 AM UTC

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