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Cleveland Browns
EXCLUSIVE: The exact moment GM John Dorsey got our schedule Cleveland Browns's photo on Browns
18 Apr, 12:05 AM UTC
Cleveland Browns
MARK YOUR CALENDARS! 📆 Our 2019 schedule is set. Details » Cleveland Browns's photo on Browns
18 Apr, 12:00 AM UTC
Cleveland Browns
Our 2019 schedule features FOUR primetime games this season — the most for our franchise since 2008 Details » Cleveland Browns's photo on Browns
18 Apr, 12:03 AM UTC
Cleveland Browns
Happy #WallpaperWednesday! 🙌
18 Apr, 12:23 AM UTC
Browns first 8 games- Tour de NFL. Browns last 8 games- Oh crap we need to cram in all these divisional games.
17 Apr, 11:49 PM UTC
Daryl Ruiter
Here’s your 2019 #Browns schedule
18 Apr, 12:01 AM UTC
Cincinnati 💔
• Tiger is back • CBJ swept the Lightning • Warriors blew a 31 point lead • Browns are faves to win the AFC North • Joey Votto popped out to first base for the 1st time in his career You telling me all these things can happen but Cincinnati can't get one damn playoff win?!?
17 Apr, 11:08 PM UTC
Eric Edholm
10 NFL teams got five primetime games -- Patriots, Eagles, Vikings, Bears, Cowboys, Chiefs, Packers, Seahawks, Steelers, Rams Browns, Chargers, Saints each have four Every other team except one has at least one primetime game … The Bills
18 Apr, 12:07 AM UTC
Ken Carman
Oooooooo that’s a nice December for the Browns.
17 Apr, 11:59 PM UTC
The Browns get four prime-time games. The Patriots have an easy schedule -- again. Everything you need to know from the schedule release:
18 Apr, 01:33 AM UTC
Vern Thompson
The Cleveland Browns will be hosting SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL against the Rams during week 3! Our city, Cleveland, Ohio, will be HOSTING Sunday Night Football! That’s as prime-time as it gets! LETS GO!!!
17 Apr, 09:34 PM UTC
Beau Bishop
First he gives us Easter M&Ms on CBD and now this. The Full Dorse, the gift that keeps on giving.
18 Apr, 12:08 AM UTC
Doug Lesmerises
Road rivalry weekend: Nov. 30, Ohio State at Michigan; Dec. 1, Browns at Pittsburgh
18 Apr, 12:27 AM UTC
Are you ready for some Browns football? The Browns will be on national TV four times throughout the season. clevelanddotcom's photo on Browns
18 Apr, 12:11 AM UTC
Pete Gray made his debut for the St. Louis Browns #OTD in 1945. After you watch this amazing video from @BSmile, check out our #SABR Oral History interview with Gray here:
18 Apr, 12:52 AM UTC
Geoff Schwartz
Wild overactions to the Browns. First time ppl have just ignored a brand new head coach when discussing possible outcomes.
18 Apr, 01:34 AM UTC
Rams Nation NFC Champs
The @RamsNFL have not 1, not 2, but FIVE primetime games this season!!! Week 3: at Browns (SNF) Week 5: at Seahawks (TNF) Week 11: vs Bears (SNF) Week 12: vs Ravens (MNF) Week 14: vs Seahawks (SNF) Which game are you looking forward to most?
18 Apr, 12:38 AM UTC
If the #Browns can beat the #Titans on Sep 8th, it will be their first week 1 victory since 2004. You read that right. 😎
18 Apr, 01:06 AM UTC
WKYC Channel 3 News
Cleveland Browns' 2019 schedule unveiled WKYC Channel 3 News's photo on Browns
18 Apr, 12:08 AM UTC
Turner Maney
I’d be shaking in my boots if I were a team that had to play the Cleveland Browns this year. Pick. Your. Poison.
17 Apr, 11:20 PM UTC
Geoff Schwartz
Browns have pressure this season. They are expected to win. New head coach and lots of mouths to feed on offense. Let’s see how it goes before I give them the AFC North title. Remember the winners of the offseason rarely win as expected on the field.
18 Apr, 01:40 AM UTC
Panthers Culture 🐾
@Panthers @KingJames @StephenCurry30 We know @StephenCurry30 is true to this, but @KingJames is a Cowboys fan, sometimes a Browns fan, or just goes with whoever’s convenient. You should have the homey @YG in the Rams jersey.
18 Apr, 01:20 AM UTC
Sin of Our Fathers Podcast
We face the Pats after our BYE and they will be coming in after a short week after playing Monday Night. Major schedule win for @Browns.
18 Apr, 01:22 AM UTC
H O L L Y .
@damnSUZ @Browns I will meet u in Denver
18 Apr, 01:39 AM UTC
@Cottis10 @quickstep55 @LexiRayann15 first off that's hash browns or home fries. Don't be disrespecting those breakfast dishes like that
18 Apr, 01:43 AM UTC
👁👁 torrent chan 🧲🎶
this yuppie vegan pizza place has been playing nothing but james browns greatest hits n I'm kinda here 4 that
18 Apr, 01:45 AM UTC
Coach Salsa
Unfortunate for the Browns they have to play us in primetime for their home game. Doesn’t bode well.
18 Apr, 01:44 AM UTC
Black Yellow Brasil
Mais de ARII: "Eu gostei do calendário, os jogos pela noite estão espalhados. Uma coisa que achei interessante foi ver o Browns em horário nobre. É algo diferente e bom de se ver na tabela".
18 Apr, 01:44 AM UTC
Baker's gonna put on a show. Browns D will flex their muscle. Start the year now!
18 Apr, 01:43 AM UTC
@AndrewSiciliano @nflnetwork @David_Njoku80 @Browns W, W, W, W, W, W, W, W, W, W, W, W, W, W, W, W
18 Apr, 01:43 AM UTC
Russell Williams
14-2. If healthy and they add another important piece or two between now and preseason. 14-2 clearly best case. More likely they finish with 10 or 11 wins, which is playoffs and that's all that matters. #Browns
18 Apr, 01:45 AM UTC
Browns to be featured in four prime-time games Sporterx's photo on Browns
18 Apr, 01:45 AM UTC
Marc's Superfan
I would had attended Browns vs Jets at Hell on Earth but not feeling like being stranded for 3 hrs again like 2 weeks ago.
18 Apr, 01:45 AM UTC
virgil hawkins
@STEEZYJMC You see the browns schedule ? That’s crazy too Hahha
18 Apr, 01:45 AM UTC
Shelly G
@Browns You know you can fax now via pdf.
18 Apr, 01:45 AM UTC
Malutic Live
Malutic Live News: Browns to play four prime-time games on 2019 schedule as expectations grow
18 Apr, 01:45 AM UTC
The Browns schedule has been released. So it's time for you to play the schedule game... GO! Photo: AP. clevelanddotcom's photo on Browns
18 Apr, 01:45 AM UTC
Alex Merino
Never thought i would say the @49ers are playing the @Browns on monday night football. Lmao
18 Apr, 01:45 AM UTC
Cleveland Browns announce 2019 schedule ⁦@nbrumaginbrady
18 Apr, 01:45 AM UTC
Charles E. Bright
@Browns This is outright classic LOL!! I love it. #JohnDorseyIsTheGOAT
18 Apr, 01:44 AM UTC
Cleveland Bebbs
@BIGPLAY_dave 5/7 of the last games are in the division. If they’re gonna make a division title push, this is the schedule to do it against. #Browns
18 Apr, 01:44 AM UTC
Paul Jordanopoulos
@PFF_Patriots Pats vs Browns
18 Apr, 01:44 AM UTC
George first of my name
@Beezer001 @Browns @NFL @Chargers @PopTartsUS Toaster strudels are better.
18 Apr, 01:44 AM UTC
Aaron Gonzales
I received a phone call I was not expecting. The Cleveland Browns sales office called to say all season tickets had sold out so they were unable to accommodate my group outing. I could pay $20000 for a 40 ticket...
18 Apr, 01:44 AM UTC
NFL really sucking the Browns off.. how do these guys have 2 Monday night games?
18 Apr, 01:44 AM UTC
@Browns 😭😭😭😭😭♥️
18 Apr, 01:44 AM UTC
Jeff 🦕
@trenches_ Browns. Not biased. One bit.
18 Apr, 01:44 AM UTC
Colleen Dixon
#browns are winning the division this year!
18 Apr, 01:44 AM UTC
Andy McNamara
@DaneToGo If he ever shows up with a #Browns jersey I'm throwing down!
18 Apr, 01:44 AM UTC
@ColinCowherd @Browns Ive got it under control Mr Cowherd.... Deano53's photo on Browns
18 Apr, 01:44 AM UTC
ChadP71 Ridin' with 6
@MikeKarafilidis Heck Yeah Go Browns
18 Apr, 01:44 AM UTC
Don Fowler
Today it was mentioned again, that there's not enough footballs to go around with all the #Browns talent. Who will get the ball? @OBJ? @God_Son80? @David_Njoku80? Hand off to @NickChubb21? @Kareemhunt7? What to do?? EASY @bakermayfield will simply throw to the open receiver
18 Apr, 01:44 AM UTC
Kasey Jones
Like I’m super pumped for all the prime time games. But why couldn’t the 49ers game be on a Sunday. 😫 guess I’ll have to take off two days from work #NFLScheduleRelease #clevelandRaised #caliLiving
18 Apr, 01:44 AM UTC
@BrownsHuddle Yeah, Think they will need to win at least 1 if not 2 of those games to be considered legit. Either way though the thought of the #Browns going 11-5 is HUGE for the @Browns
18 Apr, 01:44 AM UTC
“Lemme hold the crib down,” Beckham Jr. wrote, jokingly suggesting LeBron should allow him to live in his mansion in Akron.
18 Apr, 01:44 AM UTC
Ryan Nagle
@geoffschwartz I’m a browns fan, but already hold an under-9 wins ticket. Obv happiness hedge, but still. Do wonder why you seem down on Freddie. Is it just the experience/do something first or something with his offensive plan for when he had control on that side of the ball.
18 Apr, 01:44 AM UTC
@Browns That Printer sounds like @AOC when she starts talking, incredible!
18 Apr, 01:44 AM UTC
ChadP71 Ridin' with 6
Rams: Will be difficult as they have already played in big games Patriots: The defense will need to play lights out in the 4th quarter Steelers: I can see a split this year if Ben a JuJu are locked on Ravens: I believe the Browns get the W early Hawks: 50/50
18 Apr, 01:44 AM UTC
Malutic Live
Malutic Live News: Cleveland Browns announce 2019 schedule
18 Apr, 01:44 AM UTC
Hall of Fame Huddle
Dang 2 Monday Nighters for the Browns in the first 5 weeks! That’s more than the last 10 years combined! 😂
18 Apr, 01:43 AM UTC
Jsho Fasho
@geoffschwartz Who would you pick to win the AFC North, if not the Browns? That one is tough.
18 Apr, 01:43 AM UTC
Cleveland Browns
Expect a LOT of the color rush early in the season #Browns #analytics
18 Apr, 01:43 AM UTC
@Jaton336 Good thing as Browns fans, we got nothing to worry about #DawgPound
18 Apr, 01:43 AM UTC
Thom Lesiecki
@bkelley076 Do think Jane would mind if I put some money on the Browns making the playoffs
18 Apr, 01:43 AM UTC
We can joke about the southern accent and the Orange Sweatshirt and the if you don't wear Orange and Brown stuff, but it's playoffs or bust for Freddie Kitchens #Browns
18 Apr, 01:43 AM UTC
Radical Moderate
@VincentFrankNFL @ForbesSports I don't see it quite that way. Those "non playoff teams" include the likes of the Steelers and the Browns. They are bith very tough outs.
18 Apr, 01:43 AM UTC

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