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Jeremy Newberger
Doesn't every 3rd dude at a MAGA rally look like Chuck Norris? And not young fit MIA fighting Bruce Lee Chuck Norris, but old weathered, too much tobacco dip Chuck Norris. If you look closely at MAGA it's 40% Chuck Norrises, 30% Randy Quaid's, 20% Don Jr.'s, 10% Michele Bachmann.
12 Jan, 12:59 PM UTC
Aisha Yesufu won't forget today in a hurry. This boy came prepared for her. One of her followers forming Bruce Lee sef collect him own不不不不不. Make una pity this woman oo
11 Jan, 06:56 PM UTC
C. Isabel Brain
The only "Chuck Norris fact" worth knowing is Bruce Lee would absolutely annihilate Chuck Norris in a real fight. Furthermore Chuck Norris is a piece of shit as a human being. Could he beat me up? Sure. Big whoop. If you like him fuck off.
12 Jan, 05:15 AM UTC
Jessy Keller
@MEdwardsVA @Khaixur Bruce Lee kicked his ass for a reason.
12 Jan, 10:17 AM UTC
輳舂 舂宇舂
Steve MacQueen, James Coburn y Chuck Norris en el entierro de Bruce Lee, en julio de 1973.
12 Jan, 08:09 AM UTC
"Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do." ~ Bruce Lee
12 Jan, 05:59 AM UTC
Sonya The Outsider
I knew Bruce Lee ripped out Chuck Norris chest hair, but I didnt know that Bruce Lee ripped out Chuck Norris soul too. Why, Chuck? Why?
12 Jan, 08:01 AM UTC
Doctor Where Do We Go from Here
@NunesDrag @chucknorris I think I'll watch Bruce Lee kick his ass for a while.
12 Jan, 11:27 AM UTC
Rinaldo Zoontjes 簧
@VioletWanderers Chuck Norris.. Im old enough to remember that Bruce Lee kicked the living shit out of Chucky boy... #FuckChuckNorris
12 Jan, 09:21 AM UTC
Nana Boakye Trumu
When you're getting beaten very badly by your opponent but your friends keep calling u"Bruce Lee Bruce Lee"
12 Jan, 11:10 AM UTC
Chuck really believed his characters from the movies were real or sumin? Remember that L he took to Bruce Lee?
12 Jan, 09:48 AM UTC
Chilly Cephalopod 圾儭
Since Chuck Norris is trending, friendly reminder that Bruce Lee is still, and will always be, superior.
12 Jan, 02:35 PM UTC
Jorge Palacios
@juan5delgado2 @sergiolugo Ese tigre es familia de Bruce Lee,sobrino de JeanClaude Van Damme Lo puso a dolmil pero despielto El tigre es m獺 r獺pido que speedy Gonz獺lez Frases del relator
12 Jan, 02:37 AM UTC
@PronounsInMyBio That'd be part 2 or 3. Can't talk about Chuck without talking about how he studied with Bruce Lee and still turned out to be a shitstain of a person.
12 Jan, 02:52 PM UTC
Daryl Surat
LRT: I approve of the new Enter the Dragon-style "Batman" OAV where Richard Dragon is the actual lead, only now he's Mark Dacascos & is a Bruce Lee clone instead of a white guy. Also stars Michael Jai White, Kelly Hu. the villainous James Hong, and Chuck Norris dying like a chump
12 Jan, 03:09 PM UTC
喉Napalm Nacey 毋歹
This tweet says what I feel about Norris. Bruce Lee was always better, I enjoy watching him get his ass beat in Way of the Dragon.
12 Jan, 03:05 PM UTC
@NunesDrag @chucknorris Chuck Norris is the David Carradine of Steven Seagals. He always wanted Bruce Lee's fame but he just doesn't have Bruce Lee's ability or personality.
12 Jan, 02:58 PM UTC
Old Shadow
@rotucarioca @Sirereta @Locarconio Sorprende c籀mo te lanzan el insulto con unos reflejos que sorprender穩an al mism穩simo Bruce Lee!
12 Jan, 02:56 PM UTC
wilson (that guy) 綾賅喉 潘
@M19571104 @NycsonaPryanka Yup. My bro from a different mother Bruce Lee kicks his ass潘荊
12 Jan, 03:07 PM UTC
Un Franc 儭
@NuclearVVinter @HakSylvie Oui j'ai connu, j'avais tap矇 une partie du jeu Bruce Lee. Le bonheur je vous dis.
12 Jan, 03:02 PM UTC
Emily Blake
Remember all those times Bruce Lee kicked Chuck Norris in the face? Good times.
12 Jan, 03:16 PM UTC
Lefty QB 綾綾賅劾佞鳶橘
We have The , Bruce Lee.
12 Jan, 03:15 PM UTC
Anthony Pratt
@donwinslow You are correct as usual. Chuck has blues eyes not brown. And, facial recognition is only an 85 % match. As diametrically opposed to his politics as I am. The Trumpsters are just dumb enough to take photos with his look alike. Saying Bruce Lee is superior is equally foolish.
12 Jan, 03:14 PM UTC
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12 Jan, 03:13 PM UTC
@WeGotFM HAI KAK SEUNGWOO! Ayo cepet liat bffku ini, kasian dia kalo gak kamu pick ntar dia sama Bruce Lee. Ayo di lihat captain Romsae terkeren yang aku kenal ini!! Orangnya keren, seru, baik, pokoknya kamu gak akan nyesal deh kak!!
12 Jan, 03:11 PM UTC
@mattkoonmusic He'll always be Bruce Lee's bitch to me.
12 Jan, 03:10 PM UTC
@kelly_zvobgo Warriors on HBO Max. Written by Bruce Lee.
12 Jan, 03:09 PM UTC
Juan Mercado
If I tell you Im good, probably you will say Im boasting. But if I tell you Im not good, youll know Im lying. Bruce Lee
12 Jan, 03:05 PM UTC

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