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Brigitte Gabriel
President Trump's return will save America! @ACTBrigitte's photo on Bruce
07 Aug, 12:09 AM UTC
Iron Maiden
Happy Birthday Bruce! #IronMaiden #LegacyOfTheBeastWorldTour #HappyBirthday #BruceDickinson #McMurtrie @IronMaiden's photo on Bruce
07 Aug, 06:00 AM UTC
Chiellini toujours aussi roublard à 37 piges. "J’ai rien fait" alors qu’il lâche un giga smash, pas à nous Giorgio. https://t.co/MSsxNGIg3G
07 Aug, 10:12 AM UTC
Rock and Roll Garage
Happy 64 birthday to the legendary Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson! https://t.co/Gws99onHsT
07 Aug, 01:50 AM UTC
In 1983, Bruce Boccia made an attempt to tie the world record for high dive at Sea World in San Diego. You can see him here, attempting to jump from a height of 172 ft (52.4 m). The woman on the left is his mom, watching nervously. https://t.co/eXgStZpQ3j
06 Aug, 11:24 PM UTC
Fightful has reported that sources told them not to expect Triple H to step off the gas pedal anytime soon as he re-shapes the roster. FIXING THE CARELESSNESS OF WHAT BRUCE AND VINCE CAUSED. This is the most excited I’ve been about WWE since Bryan YES MOVEMENT era.
06 Aug, 08:52 PM UTC
Richard Grenell
Hey, Bruce. This is exactly what I’m talking about. You can’t prosecute people just because you don’t like their politics - your side is really dangerous. This is what you want to do…. https://t.co/gBeoorjgD3
06 Aug, 10:00 PM UTC
Films to Films 📽🎬
Bruce Willis in the 90s. https://t.co/DoYgBH2l4g
07 Aug, 02:52 AM UTC
Happy birthday Bruce Dickinson! @IronMaiden #ScreamForMe https://t.co/FZ0RFCVHBt
07 Aug, 03:54 AM UTC
#ストリートビューに見る旧統一教会と自民党の癒着 岩手県一関市の施設に藤原たかしと小野寺五典の街頭演説のポスターが https://t.co/iouwHRViMh
07 Aug, 06:15 AM UTC
統一教会・明石家庭教会の入り口のポスターは、 国民民主党:若村まさより 維新:岸口みのる、片山大介、吉村洋文 #ストリートビューに見る旧統一教会と自民党の癒着 どころか民民と維新も! https://t.co/1nqWUUBhS2
07 Aug, 07:56 AM UTC
Starbase Surfer
Inches from Starship SuperHeavy being the tallest and most powerful rocket ever - @elonmusk @SpaceX #Starbase @SpaceIntellige3 #StarbaseSurfer #iCANimagine - Image Taken: August 6, 2021 - https://t.co/idmH0WEVK8
06 Aug, 09:19 PM UTC
Tiiduka ☮️4Ukraine
#ストリートビューに見る旧統一教会と自民党の癒着 みなさまへ。 ご存じかもしれませんが、ストリートビューには過去画像も保存されています。以下の方法で更に過去へ遡れます。ポスターチェックの際はぜひ確認を。 この例の場合、2019年が最新、2011年が最古。途中2つの過去画像で4つの写真が。 https://t.co/RTkSjy7qMM
07 Aug, 08:34 AM UTC
Ben Meer
The Bruce Lee Technique Three steps for learning anything: 1. Absorb what is useful 2. Discard what is useless 3. Add what is uniquely your own Learn actively. You'll be dangerous.
07 Aug, 12:25 PM UTC
統一教会・愛知孝成家庭教会の入り口の自販機に、自民党公認・公明党推薦の池田よしたかのポスター。 #ストリートビューに見る旧統一教会と自民党の癒着 情報ご提供有難うございました! https://t.co/dsJpxdPjGn
07 Aug, 07:44 AM UTC
MCU Report
Mark Ruffalo will be appearing as the Hulk/Bruce Banner for the 9th time in a live-action MCU project in #SheHulk https://t.co/sYqVNYSKJh
07 Aug, 09:55 AM UTC
‡ Ξ D Λ M ł Ⱥ И Ξ ‡ ❸
Feliz cumpleaños numero 64, BRUCE DICKINSON (Vocalista de Iron Maiden, compositor, productor musical, esgrimista, empresario, escritor, historiador y piloto de avión). #BruceDickinson #HappyBirthdayBruceDickinson #IronMaiden #Senjutsu https://t.co/WAM0cMr02d
07 Aug, 03:03 AM UTC
#BruceDickinson Born on this day 7th August 1958, "Paul Bruce Dickinson" the lead singer of @IronMaiden https://t.co/ygZpVQ2I1Y
07 Aug, 06:26 AM UTC
Remember The Fallen
U.S. Marine Corps Private First Class Bruce Wayne Carter selflessly sacrificed his life in order to save his fellow Marines on August 7, 1969 in Quang Tri Province, South Vietnam. For his extraordinary heroism & bravery that day, Bruce was awarded the Medal of Honor. He was 19.🇺🇸 https://t.co/cjo3nXLipq
07 Aug, 01:01 PM UTC
Kytesurfcat +=+= 🇪🇺
No es necesario que nadie en España nos odie a los catalanes. Los indepes ya odian suficiente por todos nosotros. https://t.co/IWz8Rr3zgM
07 Aug, 08:48 AM UTC
Nikki J Lawson🌈PRGuyFan🌹#IStandWithDan
I don’t think Vic’s lockdown really hurt Bruce Keebaugh & Chyka’s hospitality empire despite Bruce appearing on every media outlet telling us that lockdown had to end because it was hurting their business. It’s tough when you can frolic on the Greek islands & Italy for 3 mths. https://t.co/1RrYAtSETo
07 Aug, 05:04 AM UTC
Robert Pattinson WorldWide
Zoë Kravitz & Robert Pattinson finessed a new level of thematic dressing. [] Pattinson’s [] dark-edged billionaire Bruce Wayne, while for Kravitz, [] the scant, slinky style of ‘Catwoman’ into ball gowns by the likes of Saint Laurent and Oscar dela Renta. https://t.co/xCsXU3HbK6 https://t.co/panubA21qQ
07 Aug, 01:10 AM UTC
Old School 80s
Happy #80s Birthday to 'Sledge Hammer' David Rasche(78), Revolution's Dez Dickerson(67), Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson(64) & Bananarama's Jacquie O'Sullivan(62)
07 Aug, 12:35 PM UTC
The Unstable One
Εντωμεταξυ έχω ίδια μέρα γενέθλια με Βασίλη Σπανούλη και Bruce Dickinson, δηλαδή πόσο καλύτερα θα μπορούσε να είναι;
07 Aug, 12:41 PM UTC
Ken Rosen
On this date in Springsteen history: Bruce kicks off the Rising Tour, plays "Don't Look Back" for the first time in more than 20 years, and more. Video and audio inside. https://t.co/0wNOmpo6yW
07 Aug, 12:42 PM UTC
Paul Lowthian
Things I'm glad #NUFC didn't do. 1. Appointed Stevie Gerrard 2. Appointed Framk Lampard 3. Bought Jessie Lingard 4. Bought Donny VDB 5. Bought Dele Ali 6. Kept Steve Bruce on Please add......
07 Aug, 08:38 AM UTC
CTV Toronto
Centres in South Grey Bruce, Ottawa, St. Mary's, Clinton and Bowmanville have all had to cut back hours or close due to staffing. https://t.co/engXCWCJ3l
07 Aug, 09:00 AM UTC
Marvel And DC Fan Page
@wbd We definitely need a Batman Beyond Live Action Movie with Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne training young Terry McGinnis as the new Batman Of The Future what do you reckon? #MakeBatmanBeyondMovie https://t.co/vxe4YUz35c
07 Aug, 01:15 PM UTC
Davey From Darlo
Makes my skin crawl to think we could have just as easily been watching us getting beaten away to Rotherham, having sold Wilson, ASM, Schar et al. Bruce still in the dug out, no transfers, no communication & no hope. It might have been overdue but we are SO lucky. 🖤🤍 #nufc
07 Aug, 01:11 PM UTC