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Eric Lahti
"She's a mean machine, lean and fast, with curves in all the right places and a warm cockpit that fits me like a glove. When I'm inside of her, it's like the world goes away and all that's left is the two of us in perfect union." "What's her name?" "You name your car?" #btr2sday
16 Jul, 04:26 AM UTC
Dawn Hosmer
All she wanted was to be able to go back in time and erase one tiny moment. The one their eyes met across the room and she smiled. Wasn't there some kind of machine to give her a re-do? Instead of smiling, this time she'd look away. #btr2sday
16 Jul, 05:16 AM UTC
Saturday Superhero 🦸
Tuesday #AmWriting prompts #FoodParty Dawn/Sunrise #TrickyTues Florid #Btr2sDay Machines #BookishTues Trying #AngstySquares [aesthetic] Food #SFFAskew Fly #WritingRomanceLines Flesh See hosts: #TueStories #TuesTropes #Twisted2sDay https://t.co/wBs33P1ofQ
16 Jul, 07:57 AM UTC
Eric Lahti
If my body's a machine, I think I might need a tuneup and some aftermarket accessories. Maybe some fuzzy dice. #btr2sday
16 Jul, 04:29 AM UTC
Karen Rhodes
It was 500 years since Zoiran lost his left eye,but the white hot tip of a fire spear had taken much more than half his sight. Now he feared the elite demon warriors & their blazing steel pikes, forged by devilry & enchantment. In truth, he had always been a coward #btr2sday #WIP
16 Jul, 08:56 AM UTC
Madd Fictional
So far, the media isn’t reporting on her technological breakthrough as a result of the corporate leak, but for Sonja, it’s a stark reminder that her artificial son is far too mysterious, dangerous, and unknowable to exist in the public eye. #Btr2sDay
16 Jul, 02:53 AM UTC
Finn Chow
“You’re thinking about the toaster aren’t you?” she asked inquisitorially. “What?” Aaron guffawed. “Of course not! I had completely forgotten about your attempt to cook brownies in that unfortunate machine.” #btr2sday #amwriting #chopped #brownies #machines https://t.co/YgmMmzyztM
16 Jul, 04:14 AM UTC
Laura Laakso
A man enters the lift, dressed in a glittering blue robe adorned with silver stars and a matching pointy hat. He carries a wooden staff tipped with a glowing crystal. His expression is sour. ‘You’d think if someone had a wizard fetish, they’d get a Mage to handle it.’ #Btr2sday
16 Jul, 07:17 AM UTC
aran potente
- DeadEnd The steady hum of the generator set stopped, light abruptly absent. Blag! Brian stiffened, transfixed to the chair. Cautioned by claims of the supernatural, his ears on alert. An owl hooted nearby. "It's not her," Carlos chuckled, "or is it?" "I'm not afraid." #Btr2sday
16 Jul, 01:02 AM UTC
Brian Gallagher
. All this flesh, blood, bone muscle, sinew, mind, soul & we live like machines. . #Btr2sDay (machines) #haiku #poetry #micropoetry .
15 Jul, 09:26 PM UTC
C Alexandra
Punching in the code, Mia winced as the machine pricked her finger & scanned her blood. It was old technology--obsolete by Omega standards--but it had served her well. And when Omega inevitably searched her rooms in earnest, the old tech would allay their suspicions. #Btr2sday
16 Jul, 05:31 AM UTC
I assumed that "lits de bronzages" meant tanning beds, and thought I caught a whiff of that hot machine/hot skin smell which I associated with artificial tanning. #Btr2sDay #vampires
16 Jul, 05:01 AM UTC
Matt Kilby
He found it hard to shake the memories in those quiet moments by the fire or casting his fishing line into the river. The mundane was a time machine that drew him back and always to that moment of dreaded discovery before he blinked and looked away. #Btr2sDay #amwriting
16 Jul, 12:04 PM UTC
C Lee
A brass contraption held court inside the shop, covered in gleaming spigots & corralled by a marble counter dotted w/ leather stools. Two brass cherubs toasted one another w/ frothing mugs from the top of the machine where a stream of glossy bubbles floated out the top. #btr2sday https://t.co/EOTGbfKhBO
16 Jul, 11:25 AM UTC
Jacklyn Reynolds
When it was over, Timber led the family in the rebel yell, as was tradition when a Brogan got married. The cheer that followed could have blown the roof off had they been inside. #2bittues #Btr2sDay #southernstyle https://t.co/F0Rbyrda81
16 Jul, 04:40 AM UTC
Ben Cass
#Btr2sDay "No, it's not some kind of machine," Dad said. "It's a living, sentient metal. It's bonded to our cells, and lives inside us." "How is that even POSSIBLE?" she asked, gently poking at the silvery blob on her hand. It formed into a finger and poked back.
16 Jul, 04:48 AM UTC
. Just hearing that ‘Remove item from bagging area’ makes you want to avoid self-service machines like the plague. Give me a human to checkout with ! 🤦‍♂️ 🏬 #btr2sday
16 Jul, 02:15 AM UTC
Willie Handler's LOVED MARS set to launch Aug 13
#btr2sday "Bleeker, our lovely Martian host. You wouldn’t happen to have a Sementric battery pack?" "The empathy function in the upgraded bots is so creepy," I say. "I do not possess one," says Bleeker. "Dix I am astonished this machine is capable of telepathy. It's so advanced."
16 Jul, 01:56 AM UTC
Willie Handler's LOVED MARS set to launch Aug 13
#btr2sday "Greetings, Todd," says Bleeker. The bot stares at Bleeker as if he’s not entirely certain what to make of him. “Good Lord,” says the bot as he climbs into the rover. “Aren’t you a hideous creature? And the name is Sementric 3.”
16 Jul, 01:52 AM UTC
Willie Handler's LOVED MARS set to launch Aug 13
#btr2sday I follow the Martians down the road and we stop at a silver-domed vehicle without wheels. When Bleeker touches a small panel on the door, the entire thing lights up with a pale pink glow. The doors lift, sliding above the vehicle’s curved roof.
16 Jul, 01:51 AM UTC
John Wilde
“Okay, guys,” Rye said. “I need to do an equipment check.”  He placed four cones on the ground in a small circle, reached into the bag, and removed a tiny drone.  “With these cones, we can connect to the internet, even in this jungle. Let’s take a look around.” #Btr2sDay
16 Jul, 12:04 PM UTC
Alex (أليكس) ☪ †
#Btr2sDay Matt used to like machines, For he found technology fascinating, Especially as he explored his computer. But he grew to be wary, And to fear them, Cuz cyborgs came to his city, Hellbent on achieving their vision of justice, Causing much chaos&bloodshed as they did
16 Jul, 04:53 AM UTC
Michael D Nadeau
He worked hard, #delving into his recipes & creating masterpieces. His reflection seemed #florid as he watched them replace him with #machines. His days of being a #chef were over, but he could still get his revenge. One. Last. Dish. #Twisted2sDay #Vss365 #Btr2sday #Trickytues https://t.co/1Cg7fw4vXI
16 Jul, 12:02 PM UTC
I woke before the alarm. My first win of the day. I turned the irritant off, strangling its cheery wake-up dirge. Dragged my heels into the kitchen and made coffee. It took me two coffees, a cigarette, and a slice of toast to realise there was no work today. #Btr2sday Machines
16 Jul, 09:16 AM UTC
Colin Youngman
The bar tender polished a spotlessly-clean glass. Two old-timers took simultaneous sips of Bud as if they were one. A young guy fed a machine a handful of coins. It thanked him with a burst of tuneless noise. 'I think we just entered a Dusk til Dawn set,' Jen whispered #btr2sday
16 Jul, 05:51 AM UTC
Willie Handler's LOVED MARS set to launch Aug 13
#btr2sday I stretch out, dangling at the knees. The machine hums as Bleeker guides it from my head down to my feet. "This is remarkable," says Bleeker, staring at a screen on the back of the equipment. I do not recognize these organs. Some of your bones are enormous.."
16 Jul, 01:59 AM UTC
Heidi Mitchell
“Psst. Help! How do I make the monkey put on glasses?” “It’s easy," I whisper. "Click here, grab the glasses from the sidebar. Drag them to the bench. Now double-click and drag from the bench to the monkey.” “Sh! We're gonna get caught. Here comes Ms. Frankenstein." #btr2sday
15 Jul, 10:26 PM UTC
Kate Whitaker
They stopped at sunset, a small motel, complete with vending machine and a stained bathtub. #Btr2sday
16 Jul, 11:10 AM UTC
AJ Mullican
Doctor Brinkman slid the implants underneath, using fine-tipped forceps to connect the loose wiring to Eli’s nerves, which served as conduits for powering the devices. Such tiny little machines to carry a person’s entire life history. #Btr2sDay
16 Jul, 10:54 AM UTC
Van Allen
Dillon jumped off the machine before it even stopped and ran to where Tom stood, ripping off his helmet and mask, looking down at the crumpled mess on the ice. “Shit Kim,” Dillon said. “Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Life flight will be here soon.” #Btr2sDay #BEAR #AmWriting
16 Jul, 09:09 AM UTC
Van Allen
I learned to respect the dignity of working non-infected and non-asshole people. I was comfortable in the company of shotgunners, machinegunners, machete wielders, bomb builders, booby-trap makers, and executioners in this here apocalypse. I’m ready to lead. #btr2sday #Writers
16 Jul, 08:51 AM UTC
Jeffrey Wasserman
#WIP “So this thing is just as safe as a tornado?” Adam asked, wincing at the creaks and groans from the machine. It sped up a small bit, but gave him no further assurance. “Yup.” Neither recognised Adam’s sarcasm. “Once she’s warmed up, we’ll bring her to full speed.” #Btr2sDay
16 Jul, 08:40 AM UTC
Cathy Skendrovich
She took hold of one of the frozen containers, but a strong hand clasped her forearm. Audrey glared as Harris asked, “Are you serious? I tell you that soldiers have been killed by terrorists, and you start making dinner? What’s wrong with you? Are you a damn machine?" #Btr2sDay
16 Jul, 07:20 AM UTC
Allison Miller
#Btr2sDay "Do you want to do this?" Kara asked. "About as much as I want to stab a fork in my ovaries and eat them. Or maybe get my limbs cut off in a machine." Lucy said. Kara topped off Lucy's wine bottle, she was going to need it tonight.
16 Jul, 05:44 AM UTC
Darya is left in the larger group of ordinary laborers and ordered to march down a narrow, spiral iron staircase into a very chilly tunnel. Only scant light breaks through a handful of tiny windows, and the entire tunnel is congested with machine and gunpowder fumes. #Btr2sDay
16 Jul, 04:48 AM UTC
Flora is put into one of the grotesque iron breathing machines first, and then Violetta. As Violetta wiggles her left fingers and rotates her wrist to reassure herself she’s not completely paralyzed, she falls unconscious again. #Btr2sDay
16 Jul, 04:46 AM UTC
Van Allen
My favorite gun is the M240G. Blame that on my 21 years in the Marine Corps (Oorah!!!). I am extremely partial to that sweet piece of 7.62 beautiful killing machinery, the M240G (Marines call it the “240 Golf”). I nicknamed my 240 Golf, Maggie at the combat school. #Btr2sDay
16 Jul, 08:56 AM UTC
Katherine Jackson
#btr2sday #amwriting Phylis sat in her car in the driveway gripping the steering wheel until her knuckles showed white, trying to calm down before going in to her asshole husband one more time. She imagined him dead in there. She smiled imaging driving away and never returning.
16 Jul, 08:02 AM UTC
C Alexandra
"We didn’t have to go this route, but now we're doomed to death until one side or the other decides enough is enough. Meanwhile, the people of Earth are ripped apart by the dogs & machines of war, their remains ground to mortar for a monument to the Rebellion’s folly." #Btr2sday
16 Jul, 05:55 AM UTC
By the time she comes back to herself, she’s in a room full of a deafening, clanging noise that sounds like thousands of windshield wipers working at full speed commingled with thousands of continuously working, macabre bellows. #Btr2sDay
16 Jul, 04:46 AM UTC
By Osyenka, Vasilisa, Milena, and Mireena’s graduation, rationing has extended beyond sugar, tires, and gas. Manufacturing has halted for gramophones, radios, metal office furniture, vacuums, washing machines, refrigerators, and sewing machines. #Btr2sDay
16 Jul, 04:45 AM UTC
“I’m a mechanic,” Zakariás lied. He had a lot of experience with repairing bicycles, radios, small machinery, and automobiles, but no formal training in mechanics, and had never officially worked as a mechanic. #Btr2sDay
16 Jul, 04:42 AM UTC
jude roy
“She’s a machine.” “Yeah?” “She's up at 5, feeds me, goes to work, returns, cooks supper, cleans up, & in bed, she’s all woman.” “And what do you do?” “Watch in awe.” “It’s not going to last.” “Meaning?” “Machines need occasional maintenance.” #Btr2sDay
16 Jul, 12:13 PM UTC
“The #machine is a modern marvel. I plop in the ingredients, and it all cooks so fast. One pot, no mess.” “I assume ‘plop’ is a technical term. Do you worry about it exploding? All that pressure?” “Speaking of pressure.” Dad pivots. “How do you feel about your thesis?” #btr2sday
16 Jul, 11:53 AM UTC
Katherine Jackson
#btr2sday #amwriting With the keys to a new red Jaguar sports car in hand and the Canadian boarder in sight, Kim ditched the whole mourning widow routine and played her Prince playlist. Killing Sal didn’t cross her mind. He got what was coming to him and now it was her turn.
16 Jul, 07:56 AM UTC
Van Allen
I debated with myself for minutes about this. Baby it’s cold outside. Dammit, it’s cold inside. It’s not raining right now, but what do you bet it will start raining again, soon? Just go to the gym and ride the elliptical machine where it’s warm and dry. #Btr2sDay #AmWriting
16 Jul, 08:44 AM UTC