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Jeff Gluck
Bootie Barker apologizes to Bubba Wallace, but Wallace is furious after having another good run ruined. "Leave me the fuck alone, dude. Don't talk to me the whole fucking race." Barker says he understands why Wallace is upset, but he'll continue to talk to him.
26 Jun, 11:41 PM UTC
Jordan Bianchi
"You mother f***ers." Bubba Wallace
26 Jun, 11:40 PM UTC
Jeff Gluck
Bubba Wallace crew apparently left a wheel loose, Bootie Barker yelled at him to "stop, stop, stop," so Wallace stopped and got hit from behind. Now he has to come back to pit road. Sounds like yet another costly blunder for the No. 23 pit crew.
26 Jun, 11:38 PM UTC
Jordan Bianchi
"Leave me the f*** alone. Don't talk to me the rest of the race." Bubba Wallace
26 Jun, 11:41 PM UTC
Dustin Long
#NASCAR ... 23 radio after 2nd setop CC Bootie Barker trying to reassure Bubba Bubba: "Leave me the ---- alone. Don't talk to me the whole ---- race. Bootie: "We're not out of it. I know you are pissed and you deserve to be."
26 Jun, 11:42 PM UTC
@AWAKE4Evermore @JulietXavier9 And they usually live near fam as well. Before you know it they have a small army by making a coupla phone calls. They got pappy, Nannie, uncle earl, cousins Bubba and Billy bob...and they all packing heat!
26 Jun, 05:24 PM UTC
Jordan (rimegepant)
at this point i’m genuinely a little bit suspicious that someone at 23xi is trying to sabotage bubba obviously i have no proof for this but the number of stupid mistakes this 23 team has made is off the charts
26 Jun, 11:46 PM UTC
Thomas E. Ricks
Reminds of when in Iraq, an internal memo said that the 1st year's security contractors were the A Team, the 2nd year's were the B Team, and the 3rd year's were Team Bubba. But Russia got there in 4 months. https://t.co/1Mvaop294s
26 Jun, 04:49 PM UTC
Horseshoe History
Bubba Smith & Mike Curtis #ForTheShoe https://t.co/TEn3hAkADE
26 Jun, 07:11 PM UTC
Jared Feinberg
Bubba Wallace’s pit crew is the worst in NASCAR. Holding back a driver who has shown to have great runs.
26 Jun, 11:43 PM UTC
@RepAndyBiggsAZ Pardon me? Yet you seem to believe it confers a right to overturn a legal election and ignore a legally issued subpoena. https://t.co/yD4QhBccZo Your interpretation of what is allowed and not allowed is seriously screwed up, bubba.
26 Jun, 05:30 PM UTC
Reliving The Wrestling
Bubba Ray Dudley takes a HUGE bump through a table, on Monday Night Raw https://t.co/BFL9m7rEWN
26 Jun, 11:00 PM UTC
Blake Garman
Bubba Wallace’s pit crew messing up each week https://t.co/rzDvhR1EUl
26 Jun, 11:44 PM UTC
I will defend bubba idgaf
27 Jun, 12:33 AM UTC
An adult male won first place in a GIRLS’ skateboarding competition. This is the future feminists want! https://t.co/ZR0ctkDzpX
26 Jun, 11:46 PM UTC
People on here be acting like bubba murdered someone.
27 Jun, 12:28 AM UTC
Mr Matthew CFB 🇺🇦
Pain for Tyler Reddick as Bubba Wallace has a loose wheel right in front of him, Reddick hits him and has to make another stop #NASCAR #Ally400 @AlwaysRaceDay https://t.co/2X817f4CsM
26 Jun, 11:53 PM UTC
Ian ✌🏾
Idc if some people mad at Bubba. Fuck em. People mad at him because of some shit he can control but, when calls out his team it’s, oh Bubba is a crybaby so childish. Fuck that shit! I ain’t going for none of that shit! Because I got time tonight for any hater
27 Jun, 12:32 AM UTC
If Bubba is going to have any chance of success in NASCAR, Denny is going to have to do an entire clean sweep of the organization, both those pit crews have to go. Don’t wait till next year either they have to do it now #NASCAR
26 Jun, 11:48 PM UTC
Bubba vs his crew is the best rivalry in NASCAR https://t.co/H6f9kxVIuD
27 Jun, 12:00 AM UTC
26 Jun, 11:48 PM UTC
John Paulson
@Jordan_Bianchi Blows my mind that people are automatically racist when they don’t like bubba… black white or purple he’s an asshole. Always has the “poor mes.” I haven’t liked him since he threw water on bowman.
27 Jun, 12:39 AM UTC
Donrelle ✊🏽🔥
I’m support bubba if you got a problem imma get a op blunt out on you
27 Jun, 12:34 AM UTC
Eileen Salvia
Any man who celebrates my enslavement TO HIM AND THEN HAS THE FUQING NERVE TO TELL ME HE WILL PROTECT ME, IS THE TEXTBOOK EXAMPLE OF A TERRORIST AND ABUSER. You will not escape unscathed,Bubba. I promise YOU the life of a man who'll always be checking over his shoulder. welcome
27 Jun, 12:08 AM UTC
There is a weather delay in Nashville for the cup race and all we hear about is bubba who is 1 lap down wtf
27 Jun, 12:39 AM UTC
Alvin: Bro you won any rain shortened races lately? Bubba: You beat the shit out of anyone and relentlessly stomped on their head's lately? https://t.co/U72sXq45o9
27 Jun, 12:38 AM UTC
@BlackFlagMatter Seems like someone is making excuses for the over hyped talent bubba Wallace.
27 Jun, 12:36 AM UTC
Ian ✌🏾
Yep. I got one. You lose respect for Bubba because of the bullshit that pit crew has been on since Phoenix and yet it’s Bubba who is wrong. I’m sure that me, these Bubba fans, and Bubba Wallace don’t care nothing about your respect. I don’t https://t.co/e4S6h9Ojji
27 Jun, 12:45 AM UTC