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Barstool Cuse
| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄| | Buddy | | Boeheim | | needs to | | wake | | up | |_______| (\__/) || (•ㅅ•) || /   づ
15 Feb, 05:48 PM UTC
Barstool Cuse
Syracuse down 41-33 at halftime. -Sloppy end to the half -Buddy Boeheim picked a bad time to forget how to shoot a basketball -Joe Girard is keeping us in this game Can't lose this one.
15 Feb, 06:00 PM UTC
Tim Linafelt / FSU
Final stats. Noles finished by making five consecutive field goal attempts. They also held Buddy Boeheim, Cuse’s 2nd-leading scorer and one of the nation’s best 3-pt shooters, scoreless. @Tim_Linafelt's photo on Buddy Boeheim
15 Feb, 07:19 PM UTC
Mike Waters
Buddy Boeheim is 0-7 from the field and 0-5 on 3s.
15 Feb, 06:33 PM UTC
James Szuba
You have to leave Buddy Boeheim in the game if you're Syracuse. People will knock that decision, but he's too good of a shooter to leave off the floor. We saw what he did in the second half of the Virginia and Georgetown games.
15 Feb, 06:30 PM UTC
Barstool Cuse
@FSU_Barstool Buddy Boeheim is averaging more points than anyone on your team.
15 Feb, 06:03 PM UTC
Syracuse blew a golden opportunity vs Florida State on Saturday: - Buddy Boeheim didn't score a single point. - #Orange was dominated on the glass: 47-29. - The team continues to struggle from deep (7-for-25). - More from @BoyGreen25. https://t.co/SW3aQBXl5M
15 Feb, 07:29 PM UTC
John Brennan
This is probably trending toward Buddy Boeheim hitting the game winner for his only points.
15 Feb, 07:03 PM UTC
Maybe this can be the Virginia road trip from earlier this year. Buddy Boeheim didn't have it the entire game then got hot late to help out Syracuse. Because BOY does this team need it...#Orange
15 Feb, 06:31 PM UTC
James Szuba
Buddy Boeheim's 0 points against Florida State mark the first time he's been held scoreless this season.
15 Feb, 07:34 PM UTC
Charles Goldberg v. Barstool Cuse
@BarstoolCuse Do NoT SlAnDeR BuDdy BoEHeim
15 Feb, 07:01 PM UTC
Orange Fizz
FINAL: SU 77 FSU 80 - Buddy Boeheim didn't get on the plane down to Tallahassee, 0-7, contributed nothing on the offensive end - SU got killed on the glass FSU beat them 47-29 in the rebounding battle - Elijah Hughes made his comeback, he dropped 25 and proved he's good to go
15 Feb, 07:19 PM UTC
S. Johnson
Gut-wrenching loss for Syracuse. Orange had a chance to snap FSU's 19-game home winning streak. Buddy Boeheim goes scoreless for the first time since Jan. 9 last year vs. Clemson. He only played five minutes that game.
15 Feb, 07:18 PM UTC
Matthew Gutierrez
Syracuse's Buddy Boeheim had zero points and three turnovers in the first half at Florida State. Orange need much better from him. More looks for Quincy would help too.
15 Feb, 06:09 PM UTC
Robert Cicotta
Buddy Boeheim is playing so badly I don't understand why someone else doesn't get a shot
15 Feb, 05:54 PM UTC
Phil Martello
Buddy Boeheim is useless when he's not scoring. Doesn't add anything to this roster. #Cuse
15 Feb, 05:51 PM UTC
Buddy Boeheim felt bad Vassell didn't get to score. #solidarity https://t.co/xn7pTQNv8W
15 Feb, 07:22 PM UTC
John Brennan
So if anyone can find Buddy Boeheim before Wednesday, that would be nice.
15 Feb, 07:19 PM UTC
Blake Oltmans
@NunesMagician Could have also used buddy Boeheim scoring a point
15 Feb, 07:18 PM UTC
Biko Skalla
Syracuse is up 69-66 with less than 3 minutes left. Nice. Also Buddy Boeheim has 0 points. Really strong efforts from Guerrier and Dolezaj to pick up the slack.
15 Feb, 07:06 PM UTC
Orange Fizz
Leading late in this game without Buddy Boeheim is something to take note of.
15 Feb, 07:02 PM UTC
paul groover
someone should let Buddy Boeheim know you’re allowed to put the ball through the basket at any point. In fact, it’s encouraged
15 Feb, 06:57 PM UTC
Brent Axe
Buddy Boeheim has yet to score for Syracuse. He is 0-of-4.
15 Feb, 06:23 PM UTC
Bobby Manning
Buddy Boeheim scoreless and Elijah Hughes gets banged up again, as #Syracuse is within 1 through 14 min. Nothing goes as expected with this team
15 Feb, 05:40 PM UTC
John Missert
Oh where oh where is Buddy Boeheim
15 Feb, 05:39 PM UTC
Matt Catagnus
Paging Buddy Boeheim. Paging Buddy Boeheim.
15 Feb, 05:34 PM UTC
Nick Goodman
Syracuse lost by 3 points on the road at the #8 team in the country, and Buddy Boeheim played the whole game and didn’t score a single point. This is going to be a hard loss to swallow.
15 Feb, 07:20 PM UTC
@JonRothstein ...and Cuse almost won without Buddy Boeheim 😒
15 Feb, 07:19 PM UTC
Brandon Champion
Ugh. That's a tough one to take if you're Syracuse. Especially for Buddy Boeheim who put up a zero burger. Orange win at Florida State if they get his normal production.
15 Feb, 07:19 PM UTC