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Jeremy Rich
Not Gretel Bueta playing both GS and GA in the Grand Final of a Comm Games and shooting at 100% - ICON #B2022Netball
07 Aug, 08:57 PM UTC
Australian Diamonds
The Koenen and Bueta combo is DELIVERING! Working like absolute clockwork and sees us nine goals in front. #GoDiamonds #ShineBright #BoldInGold #B2022
07 Aug, 08:25 PM UTC
Tamsin Greenway
Intriguing 1st QTR Wondering whether Bueta/Wood can keep that rotation for 60? Ward/RD need to stop the swing around edge. Shut down 1 & isolate? Aus 3rd line def is impressive, they knew they needed more ball, it's forcing the long ball something Jam don't want to rely on.
07 Aug, 07:51 PM UTC
Netball Scoop
#B2022Netball Here are the starting 7s for the Gold Medal game in Birmingham. Jamaica: GS Fowler GA Beckford WA Williams C Dixon-Rochester WD Ward GD Wilson GK Sterling Australia: GS Bueta GA Wood WA Watson C Moloney WD Brazill GD Weston GK Bruce
07 Aug, 06:33 PM UTC
Mikki Austin ⚓️
Bueta will get the credit, but Bruce at GD… *chefs kiss* 🫶🏻🙌🏻
07 Aug, 08:50 PM UTC
"It was a ripper of a game." Gretel Bueta shot at 100% to bring Australia the GOLD. What a player. #B2022 @7Sport's photo on Bueta
07 Aug, 09:07 PM UTC
Gary Patrick Brown 🇳🇱🇬🇧🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️
Why have we just seen 20 seconds of Bueta walking, not in play, while missing the actual action in the game down the other end of the court? Honestly, @BBCSport, did you even watch a game of netball before #B2022? So frustrating #B2022Netball
07 Aug, 08:25 PM UTC
💫 Stha 💫
That Bueta and Koenen circle did absolute wonders 😍😍😍 #B2022Netball
07 Aug, 09:04 PM UTC
Sophia Candappa
Smart changes from Aus - made all the difference. Bruce & Bueta 👏🏽
07 Aug, 09:00 PM UTC
Congratulations to the @AussieDiamonds 💎 🎉👏🏾 Another Gold medal 🏅, another stellar performance. Bueta and Watson were immense! The introduction of Klau and Koenen definitely made the difference. #B2022Netball
07 Aug, 09:03 PM UTC
Australian Diamonds
ICYMI - Koenen has hit the court too at GS as Bueta moves to GA
07 Aug, 07:59 PM UTC
Kate Moloney fan club president 💎
They’ve found the password! And what a time to do it! Bueta player of series for australia. #netballcahos #B2022Netball https://t.co/vWAIqlS6f2
07 Aug, 09:10 PM UTC
Amy Fozzy Foster
Bueta shot at 100% in a comm games final..let that sink in..player of the tournament #B2022Netball
07 Aug, 09:03 PM UTC
BigRed Netball (she/her)
Are we thinking move Dehaney to GK and move Sterling out to GD? Bueta having a field day in GA right now #B2022Netball
07 Aug, 08:24 PM UTC
Bueta is so much more comfortable at GA. #B2022Netball
07 Aug, 08:05 PM UTC
courtney gould
If they make this win all about Bueta I will scream. Will not tolerate Cara Koenen erasure. #B2022Netball
07 Aug, 08:58 PM UTC
Scott Rea
Congratulations @AussieDiamonds on winning gold 🥇 Good, Bueta, Best. #CommonwealthGames #B2022 #B2022Netball
07 Aug, 08:56 PM UTC
Lisa Potts
Sterling wants the ball so bad that she’ll take Bueta’s bib to get it 🤣 #B2022Netball
07 Aug, 08:45 PM UTC
Also Bueta needs to play it safe. This isn’t the Firebirds ma’am #B2022Netball
07 Aug, 08:17 PM UTC
Qtr Time Podcast
Marinkovich pulling the trigger for changes early Klau ➡️ GK Bruce ➡️ GD Bueta ➡️ GA Koenen ➡️ GS What do we think #netballtwitter? #B2022Netball
07 Aug, 08:00 PM UTC
THIS TEAMMMM!!!!!! Gold medalists I can’t even Sklau, Braz, Bueta this team omg shaking 🥇 #B2022Netball
07 Aug, 08:56 PM UTC
Paćekova 🦊🐯🌩️
Cara Koenen is really showing what she can do in that GS bib!! Dare I say that the Bueta/Koenen combo is just as good as the Bueta/Wood combo. #B2022Netball
07 Aug, 08:52 PM UTC
Lauren Sadler
Bueta is untouchable. The fact she can split land from one end of the circle to the other makes her almost impossible to defend #B2022Netball
07 Aug, 08:31 PM UTC
Fox Netball
Watson to Moloney on the circle to Bueta popping out - yes, more. #B2022netball #CWG22
07 Aug, 08:21 PM UTC
Thomas Nguyen
Wood and Bueta running into each other’s space 🥺 #B2022Netball
07 Aug, 07:55 PM UTC
Such a great match from both @NetballJamaica and the @AussieDiamonds on a great match, with terrific umpiring under huge crowd pressure. Congrats Diamonds! Series MVP: Bobby Bueta #B2022Netball
07 Aug, 09:05 PM UTC
If Australia go on to win this game, Bueta to goal attack is the change that Marinkovich made which turned the Jamaican tide #CommonwealthGames2022 #CWGnetball #gold
07 Aug, 08:25 PM UTC
Lisa Potts
07 Aug, 08:24 PM UTC
Bueta beating Sterling on the baseline a couple times early in the semi would have given Cara a great template and some confidence for this. Good to see the brave calls early from Stacey. #B2022Netball
07 Aug, 08:17 PM UTC
Klau has made such a difference at GK. Not getting called for contact. Great contesting. In play. Bruce able to roam in GD and sticking to her assignment. Coenen at GS has added an awesome target and Jamaica defence still focusing on Bueta, freeing Coenen up. https://t.co/qfXwua17fl
07 Aug, 08:09 PM UTC