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Historic England
💔 Tired of Tinder? 💔 Bored of Bumble? 💔 Had enough of Hinge? 💓 Find the architectural love of your life in less than three minutes 👇 https://t.co/TdwhhaQ7qO #BuildingsYouLove https://t.co/lE75JPfAVW
11 Feb, 08:00 AM UTC
Historic England
They are the backdrop to our lives, the setting of treasured memories and the familiar sight that says you’re almost home Where is it that makes your heart sing, or stops you in your tracks, every time? https://t.co/Mvg5946Wdi #BuildingsYouLove Historic England's photo on #BuildingsYouLove
11 Feb, 08:15 AM UTC
Trevor Mitchell
I love you Salt's Mill. You are always there for me. You show the way for other mills. Strong and silent outside, full of treasures within. Went in for a coffee, came out with a wife x #BuildingsYouLove @HistoricEngland Trevor Mitchell's photo on #BuildingsYouLove
11 Feb, 08:40 AM UTC
HE Yorkshire
Iconic or quirky, is there around you a building that you absolutely love? And why? Tell us about the #BuildingsYouLove this February! Find out more on https://t.co/FOj5wsBWnt @HistoricEngland HE Yorkshire's photo on #BuildingsYouLove
11 Feb, 09:10 AM UTC
Visit Peak District & Derbyshire
We're spoilt for choice with so many magnificent buildings in Derbyshire and the Peak District! Here are just a few: @EHBolsover, @ChatsworthHouse, @THEhaddonhall, @NThardwick 💙 📸@GuyBPhotography #BuildingsYouLove https://t.co/aIQfD2bDHx
11 Feb, 10:01 AM UTC
Carla 🦒
My beloved Cov Cath. As a born and bred Cov Kid I love our Phoenix from the Ashes. I love the postwar arts and architecture. And I love how it manages to look different every single day #BuildingsYouLove #CovCath @HistoricEngland https://t.co/rddDcoOxor
11 Feb, 11:24 AM UTC
Eskdale Mill
Lake District Vernacular Buildings are our favourites; including Mills, Hogg Houses and Bank Barns like this fab example at Ambleside! #BuildingsYouLove @HistoricEngland @HE_NorthWest Eskdale Mill's photo on #BuildingsYouLove
11 Feb, 12:40 PM UTC
Paul Backhouse
This landscape has a special place in my heart #BuildingsYouLove @HistoricEngland wants to know what your favourite building or place is Paul Backhouse's photo on #BuildingsYouLove
11 Feb, 12:42 PM UTC
Rob Ford
The finest bookshop..... #BuildingsYouLove #woolexchangebradford @HistoricEngland Rob Ford's photo on #BuildingsYouLove
11 Feb, 04:25 PM UTC
Catherine Dewar
This place, and these bridges, have a very special place in my heart 💓 When I cross the River Tyne I know I’m really home. #BuildingsYouLove @HistoricEngland Catherine Dewar's photo on #BuildingsYouLove
11 Feb, 10:58 AM UTC
Maria Blencowe
#BuildingsYouLove - This jewel of a building is one of my favourites. @Fitzroviachapel is stunning in its atmosphere and beauty. https://t.co/Rv8eJY8vUy
11 Feb, 02:44 PM UTC
A seemingly unassuming medieval church in Kent, with an extraordinary interior: the only church in the world to have all of its windows designed by Marc Chagall: Grade I All Saints' #BuildingsYouLove https://t.co/q9DhBmidVi
11 Feb, 04:15 PM UTC
Duncan Wilson
Great to see all the #BuildingsYouLove this morning, please keep sharing! Bulbarrow Hill in Dorset has a special place in my heart (and the dogs like it too) Duncan Wilson's photo on #BuildingsYouLove
11 Feb, 10:47 AM UTC
Ann Chapman
#BuildingsYouLove York Minster is my favourite place. Look forward to my next visit! @York_Minster Ann Chapman's photo on #BuildingsYouLove
11 Feb, 11:54 AM UTC
M&S Archive
Although the sign's changed, the beautiful frontage remains. Pantheon store in 1938 #buildingsyoulove #OxfordStreet M&S Archive's photo on #BuildingsYouLove
11 Feb, 12:37 PM UTC
Grégoire Hermann
The historic Net Shops in Hastings Old Town, in @Visit1066. 😍😍😍 These lovely wooden huts are grade II* listed buildings. #BuildingsYouLove Grégoire Hermann's photo on #BuildingsYouLove
11 Feb, 06:55 AM UTC
Let us and @HistoricEngland know which Colchester #BuildingsYouLove. From the historic to the modern and the grand to the modest, there's plenty to choose from! VisitColchester's photo on #BuildingsYouLove
11 Feb, 10:06 AM UTC
A concrete bridge over the Waveney, built for swimmers (I assume): sixteen inches wide, just big enough for pedestrians to reach the most serene 'beach' from the marshy expanses of Outney Common. My favourite place in the world 🥰 #BuildingsYouLove https://t.co/N5jkUnts3M
11 Feb, 03:22 PM UTC
Jacquie Jones
Looking for your suggestions as to #Lancashire's most loved buildings. Get in touch with @Gillylancs on @BBCLancashire this afternoon 0800 78 33 583. #heritagetreasures #BuildingsYouLove #architecture #Lancashire Jacquie Jones's photo on #BuildingsYouLove
11 Feb, 11:19 AM UTC
Visit Guildford
#GuildfordCastleKeep is definitely #buildingsyoulove here at the Tourist Office - a little oasis of calm in the centre of our lively bustling town #ChooseGuildford @Gfdheritage @ExperienceGford https://t.co/wrRGh5UqMi
11 Feb, 10:17 AM UTC
Risto Pyykkö
Stirling's masterful One Poultry, a postmodern landmark and out wedding venue. #BuildingsYouLove @HistoricEngland Risto Pyykkö's photo on #BuildingsYouLove
11 Feb, 04:26 PM UTC
Visit Bradford
#BuildingsYouLove too many to choose from in Little Germany #Bradford. 📸: Rob Ford Photography https://t.co/Sx8uz8Lt1w Visit Bradford's photo on #BuildingsYouLove
11 Feb, 11:31 AM UTC
HE Archive
#BuildingsYouLove. Sending love to the quirky follies, towers and pepperpots of the #WentworthWoodhouse landscape - beacons and landmarks of happy childhood holidays, fishing in your dams, walking in your enchanted woods full of fairy grass, running from the wobbling tower. HE Archive's photo on #BuildingsYouLove
11 Feb, 04:26 PM UTC
Madeleine Boom
The @Fitzroviachapel with its angelic baptistery, starry ceiling and intricate marbling #BuildingsYouLove Madeleine Boom's photo on #BuildingsYouLove
11 Feb, 12:19 PM UTC
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿Wendy Smith🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
#BuildingsYouLove John, Noel and Billie outside the beautiful Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay, used in the episode New Earth And close to the rift where the TARDIS fills up every now and again, it’s got a lovely shop! #JohnBarrowman #BilliePiper #NoelClarke #DoctorWho #DrWho 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿Wendy Smith🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿's photo on #BuildingsYouLove
11 Feb, 02:31 PM UTC
Gail Boyle
Having spent a good deal of my life in here I would have to say @bristolmuseum - the architectural detail on the inside is not to be missed #buildingsyoulove https://t.co/vqQ3bFAhln
11 Feb, 04:52 PM UTC
Cait Scott
According to @HistoricEngland, Tudor Architecture is my favourite! What's yours? Discover the type of #BuildingsYouLove with this personality test: https://t.co/8d46t3sj5e :)
11 Feb, 09:42 AM UTC
Royal Society of Sculptors
Dora House is one of the oldest buildings in the borough and we are extremely lucky to call it our HQ! If you're in @SouthKensington our Bursary Awards #exhibition is open Mon-Fri, 11-5pm #BuildingsYouLove @HistoricEngland #sculpture Royal Society of Sculptors's photo on #BuildingsYouLove
11 Feb, 04:53 PM UTC
Lake District TG
#BuildingsYouLove. Five miles south of #Carlisle #Cumbria is St Mary's #Church, Wreay. Inspired by the travels of two sisters and built by one in memory of the other. @HistoricEngland @HE_NorthWest @FeatureCumbria Lake District TG's photo on #BuildingsYouLove
11 Feb, 04:49 PM UTC
Rob Ford
Another of my favourites #Cartwrighthall #BuildingsYouLove @HistoricEngland @visitBradford Rob Ford's photo on #BuildingsYouLove
11 Feb, 04:35 PM UTC
Louise Lappin-Cook
This one wins for me. The totally glorious Anglo Trading Estate in Shepton Mallet #BuildingsYouLove @EnglishHeritage @HLFSouthWest #Mendip #Somerset Louise Lappin-Cook's photo on #BuildingsYouLove
11 Feb, 01:33 PM UTC
P G-H 🦊
Such a beautiful place @Fitzroviachapel I will be back soon #BuildingsYouLove https://t.co/dToWe27lvy
11 Feb, 04:42 PM UTC
HE South West
Why are the #BuildingsYouLove so special for you? Do you love them for their architecture, their surroundings, their stories? Why are they a big part of your life? Discover more on https://t.co/FpzRxhjYNC HE South West's photo on #BuildingsYouLove
11 Feb, 05:07 PM UTC
Ben Austwick
Novy Swiat, Warsaw. Think again about socialist realism! #BuildingsYouLove https://t.co/7DXOuVbQ4a
11 Feb, 05:02 PM UTC
Ben Austwick
Mercatorplein, Amsterdam, HP Berlage 1925. Subdued Amsterdam School moving away from Arts & Crafts and into the modern #BuildingsYouLove https://t.co/KtWadk5txR
11 Feb, 04:55 PM UTC
So many contenders, but Peasmarsh Place is idyllic - and the nearby lake is the perfect source for its ground source heat pump, making it both beautiful AND environmentally friendly! #BuildingsYouLove https://t.co/9QelC6NH8v isoenergy's photo on #BuildingsYouLove
11 Feb, 11:16 AM UTC
#BuildingsYouLove. We're biased of course but Bath's Royal Crescent is pretty special! BPT's photo on #BuildingsYouLove
11 Feb, 04:39 PM UTC
Plymouth Market
#BuildingsYouLove We love this one! Our lovely Market in #Plymouth - Looking good after its refurb, don't you think? 😍😍 #Market #PlymouthMarket #LoveLocal #ShopLocal Plymouth Market's photo on #BuildingsYouLove
11 Feb, 04:29 PM UTC
Sutton Libraries
One of our favourite spots in the Borough has to be the ponds reflecting beautiful #HoneywoodMuseum. The interior is a treat for the eyes too #BuildingsYouLove https://t.co/ilhsB0p4Cx Sutton Libraries's photo on #BuildingsYouLove
11 Feb, 02:16 PM UTC
Jenna Johnston
Preston Bus Station (GII), in all its contentious glory. #BuildingsYouLove https://t.co/0ARVHlfhBy https://t.co/XaTpdWMIpe
11 Feb, 04:19 PM UTC
Ben Austwick
99a Charing Cross Road, CH Worley 1907. A reminder to look up :) #BuildingsYouLove Ben Austwick's photo on #BuildingsYouLove
11 Feb, 05:14 PM UTC
Tayntons Solicitors
We love the beautiful Gloucester Cathedral! @GlosCathedral #BuildingsYouLove Tayntons Solicitors's photo on #BuildingsYouLove
11 Feb, 05:09 PM UTC
Ian George
According to @HistoricEngland, my architectural taste is eclectic! What's yours? Discover the type of #BuildingsYouLove with this personality test: https://t.co/ZhzjM1Ud2d
11 Feb, 05:04 PM UTC
Ben Austwick
Hortesbrughuis, Amsterdam, Dirk Sterenberg, 1956. Cute lil De Stijl perfection #BuildingsYouLove https://t.co/vSOefahcLr
11 Feb, 04:58 PM UTC
When it comes to #BuildingsYouLove, we'll give a vote to #Holborn Bars aka The Prudential Building, which sits across the road from our #London practice. Not a bad view, especially when the sun hits it! TFT's photo on #BuildingsYouLove
11 Feb, 04:52 PM UTC
SRA Architects
A glimpse of times past, saved and restored at Lark Hill Place, Salford. #BuildingsYouLove @HistoricEngland @SalfordMuseum SRA Architects's photo on #BuildingsYouLove
11 Feb, 04:49 PM UTC
According to @HistoricEngland, my architectural taste is eclectic! Must admit Not really a surprise! What's yours? Discover the type of #BuildingsYouLove with this personality test: https://t.co/YrkRieX7AP
11 Feb, 04:43 PM UTC
Environment Trust
What is your favourite historic building in Southwest London? We've got quite a few! #BuildingsYouLove https://t.co/5TCICEMsuO
11 Feb, 04:39 PM UTC
margaret Easton
According to @HistoricEngland, Tudor Architecture is my favourite! What's yours? Discover the type of #BuildingsYouLove with this personality test: https://t.co/X9ypJ3dpyS
11 Feb, 04:20 PM UTC
STEAM Museum
Great to see all the #BuildingsYouLove! Did you know? The @steam_museum building is a Grade II listed structure, situated in the heart of what was once one of the largest #railway engineering complexes in the world. #GreatWesternRailway #Swindon Photo by @jackboskett STEAM Museum's photo on #BuildingsYouLove
11 Feb, 05:14 PM UTC
Ben Austwick
Krc, Prague, gorgeous early Large Panel System estate #BuildingsYouLove Ben Austwick's photo on #BuildingsYouLove
11 Feb, 05:11 PM UTC
Marie Ranquet
According to @HistoricEngland, Tudor Architecture is my favourite! What's yours? Discover the type of #BuildingsYouLove with this personality test: https://t.co/FLoimwZrsk
11 Feb, 05:11 PM UTC
David Santiuste
The 'donjon' (or keep) of Warkworth Castle (photo: Iain Smith). It's still extremely impressive, of course - but in its heyday it was also a very practical building, with lots of clever features #BuildingsYouLove #MedievalGrandDesigns David Santiuste's photo on #BuildingsYouLove
11 Feb, 05:07 PM UTC
Garry Monk
My favorite building is @ntmichaelsmount St Michael's Mount #BuildingsYouLove https://t.co/EMVb4PltH0
11 Feb, 05:04 PM UTC
#BuildingsYouLove actually temporary but nevertheless amazing ice hotel https://t.co/X0eryBB3QK
11 Feb, 04:56 PM UTC
.@sophiessuitcse visited Craigievar Castle over the weekend! 🏰 This is one of the many many many #buildingsyoulove in #Aberdeen & #Aberdeenshire. Share your favourite buildings in North-east #Scotland with the hashtags #visitABDN #BuildingsYouLove 🥰 #beautifulABDN https://t.co/aNLGmxLWmD
11 Feb, 04:53 PM UTC
Freshtime UK
#BuildingsYouLove For us it has to be @stump_boston - seen in the background of this shot promoting our @FuturesTrust! Freshtime UK's photo on #BuildingsYouLove
11 Feb, 04:49 PM UTC
Christine Kendell
The Birmingham Rep, now the Old Rep, for its associations and history but also the colour scheme, the tall windows and that interesting bit on top. #buildingsyoulove @TheOldRep Christine Kendell's photo on #BuildingsYouLove
11 Feb, 04:47 PM UTC
High Access
Kielder Castle Cafe, Northumberland Park. V&A Museum, Dundee. Student Castle and the Magistrates Court, Manchester. Just some of the buildings we’ve had the pleasure of working on over the years. #BuildingsYouLove High Access's photo on #BuildingsYouLove
11 Feb, 04:30 PM UTC
Gilbert & Cleveland
Behold the iconic Medmerry Mill! Built circa 1827, this building sits on the edge of the @BunnLeisure holiday park and is a much-loved sight for locals and visitors alike #Selsey #BuildingsYouLove @HistoricEngland Gilbert & Cleveland's photo on #BuildingsYouLove
11 Feb, 04:30 PM UTC
Jenna Johnston
Lincoln Cathedral @LincsCathedral (GI), other end of the spectrum! @rank_nicholas #BuildingsYouLove https://t.co/90oCWFVlin https://t.co/yFdxvVBVuU
11 Feb, 04:25 PM UTC
Guildhall Winchester
Definitely our favourite building! We might be a little bit biased... #BuildingsYouLove 📸: https://t.co/mjLM30q8vr Find out more about Guildhall Winchester here: https://t.co/HK0kZ05YDI Guildhall Winchester's photo on #BuildingsYouLove
11 Feb, 04:23 PM UTC

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