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Crazy ass moments in Transformers History
Optimus returns in Transformers Go as a triple-changing bullet train/dragon. (2013) https://t.co/cWseoEsryI
10 Aug, 05:00 PM UTC
What? Does China spend it's own money when they transfer funds to people like ME to route to It's Moles? पगला गए हो का? It's"YOUR" India's Own Money which"MY"China uses to Screw You Indians, Your Economy & Your Developmental Projects like Bullet Train or Mumbai Metro etc. 11/17
10 Aug, 12:33 PM UTC
When these sleeper cells are asked to shut down a factory or close a road project, they go and protest. That is how Bullet train project Mumbai metro and every good project that will help India gets closed or delayed.
10 Aug, 07:51 AM UTC
Lionsgate UK
Reckon he'd do well on a Bullet Train. #ChrisEvans #Snowpiercer @LionsgateUK's photo on Bullet Train
10 Aug, 05:00 PM UTC
Rose Dommu
Aaron Taylor Johnson in bullet train @rosedommu's photo on Bullet Train
10 Aug, 11:06 PM UTC
Going to go see bullet train >:3c https://t.co/wfzkP49JIt
11 Aug, 02:16 AM UTC
Andrew Koji Archives
Behind the scenes + making of Bullet Train - On set interview with Andrew Koji (his part starts at 1:28 mark) 🎥: https://t.co/zLvri57q5d https://t.co/XWAh5Hy4Vf
10 Aug, 04:36 AM UTC
fran multi ST Era
Bullet Train was amazing, one of the best movies in the year, awesome characters too. Brad Pitt was phenomenal. #BulletTrain https://t.co/QBP3MAIWfg
10 Aug, 08:05 PM UTC
Los Angeles Times
In an interview with @jenyamato from the set of “Warrior” Season 3, Koji discusses his work in the entertainment industry, from stunt doubling for Sung Kang in a #FastAndFurious film to landing a role opposite Brad Pitt and Hiroyuki Sanada. https://t.co/tB1zjbeEfh @latimes's photo on Bullet Train
10 Aug, 11:32 PM UTC
Los Angeles Times
Andrew Koji, who compares his #BulletTrain character to Nicolas Cage in “Leaving Las Vegas,” lends gravitas to the film’s otherwise cartoonish violence: “For me he’s a guy who is on the verge of losing it.” https://t.co/tB1zjbeEfh
10 Aug, 11:32 PM UTC
masaji - 暗いおうし座 -
Buat yang belum tau, film Bullet Train diadaptasi dari novel berjudul Maria Beetle. Edisi bahasa Indonesia udah diterbitin sama Gramedia. Ini rekomendasi toko langganan gue: Dojo Buku: https://t.co/aOuTnsPfAD Santoso Jaya Bookstore: https://t.co/DVQQ9LyNwH https://t.co/DFmBUqRPD4
10 Aug, 05:31 PM UTC
✿new tag✿ 4️⃣全肯定のただの変人です 03(04)/kansai/拒否無し/おひたし🌱 next☞8/20 8/21 ※普段から連番とかして鬼濃く絡める子! ❤︎&♻︎でお迎え 普段から色んなこと企画してる人です🪬 #8号車さんと繋がりたい #8号車さんと繋がりたくてガッタンゴットン #ffさんのffさんと繋がりたい https://t.co/zerIuz2PIZ
10 Aug, 04:14 PM UTC
ComicBook NOW!
Bullet Train Star Brad Pitt Keeps a List of Actors He Won't Work With https://t.co/PIkP2s1Gz3 @ComicBookNOW's photo on Bullet Train
11 Aug, 02:22 AM UTC
𝑹𝒊𝒄𝒉𝒂𝒓𝒅 🇺🇦
BULLET TRAIN ! 🚄 Merci @materielnet et @BloOpGreG 🤍 https://t.co/hv1p9Lc8fa
10 Aug, 07:48 PM UTC
Adrián González
Acabo de ver Bullet Train y no le doy un 10 nomás porque estos dos no se juntaron para cantarse la de Ignorantes https://t.co/1fsTABBCHN
11 Aug, 02:38 AM UTC
Screen Queens
“BULLET TRAIN is a star-studded feature that’s as face-paced as it is quirky and violent, although one would expect nothing less from David Leitch.” Kacy Hogg (@KacHogg95) reviewed BULLET TRAIN, playing theatres now: https://t.co/0i8kqB179G
10 Aug, 05:00 PM UTC
Cody Crumley
Latest blog post is me catching up on all the things I have been playing/watching/reading! At the link I talk about the cat game that broke the internet: Stray, Taylor Jenkins Reid novel Daisy Jones & The Six, and Brad Pitt led action comedy Bullet Train! https://t.co/atin8gzRIt
10 Aug, 11:41 PM UTC
Harry Khachatrian
REVIEW: Bullet Train https://t.co/Xv5FYHBfd6
10 Aug, 04:15 PM UTC
Jose Sandoval
Bullet Train: 11/10
11 Aug, 02:40 AM UTC
Coby Dominus
Shout out to Laemmle, who put Sharp Stick in a bigger auditorium than Bullet Train
11 Aug, 02:27 AM UTC
Did not like Bullet Train but I did like Pitt of course. Glad he had fun
11 Aug, 02:41 AM UTC
Ms. 🌞
I could see how having a bullet train from SF to LA might effect the market for self driving electric cars… rich people won’t let us have nice things 😢 https://t.co/tfdveyJIaB
11 Aug, 02:33 AM UTC
that witch bitch
11 Aug, 02:43 AM UTC
Brad Pitt Share
Film Review: ‘Bullet Train’ takes Brad Pitt on a chaotic ride - Northdallasgazette https://t.co/y1ap0ZfyZ5
11 Aug, 02:40 AM UTC
jorjor wel
Cast: $2M Cinematographer: $30 Director Salary: $16M Uncredited Cameos: $800M Racism: $20M someone who is good at the economy please help me budget this. my bullet train is dying.
11 Aug, 02:39 AM UTC
Brennen #RedInstead
@tomasthetankie Talking about the movie Bullet Train
11 Aug, 02:33 AM UTC
✬ lilli ✬
suddenly I’m Bullet Train’s #1 fan ….
11 Aug, 02:31 AM UTC
just saw bullet train, actually amazing me thinks, would watch again
11 Aug, 02:28 AM UTC
Cassie Logan
Bullet Train is a perfect movie.
11 Aug, 02:22 AM UTC
gave myself a headache hate-ranting about the bullet train movie and how good the book is.
11 Aug, 02:21 AM UTC