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Golden State Warriors
Last time the Dubs & Bulls threw down, @KlayThompson went OFF 🔥 Golden State Warriors's photo on Bulls
11 Jan, 11:01 PM UTC
Carpe Noctem
I have to say this because I was one of the main guys from AK camp who was doubtful about Siva. Siva as a director has matured so much in this venture. 👌 Bulls Eye! Has taken the criticism well and left very little or no room for mistakes. 1/n
11 Jan, 03:45 PM UTC
Utah Jazz Team Store
🔥TICKET GIVEAWAY🔥 Enter for your chance to win 2 tickets for tomorrow’s @utahjazz vs. Bulls game. To Enter: 1️⃣ Follow @jazzteamstore 2️⃣ Like & Retweet 3️⃣ Tag a Friend (Winner will be DM’d tomorrow by 1pm) Utah Jazz Team Store's photo on Bulls
12 Jan, 02:51 AM UTC
Gangbang in Palm Springs final load count this morning: 11 loads. I was blindfolded and never saw one of the guys who bred me. #masterjerryxxx DudeDoesDudes's photo on Bulls
12 Jan, 01:58 AM UTC
Stephen Noh
Robin Lopez is going to fit right in with the Warriors if the Bulls do buy him out. Stephen Noh's photo on Bulls
12 Jan, 05:37 AM UTC
Warriors PR
Golden State's 43-point first quarter marks the team's eighth 40-point quarter this season. The Warriors scored 44 first-quarter points in their previous meeting with the Bulls on Oct. 29.
12 Jan, 04:13 AM UTC
Chicago Bulls
The #Bulls never recover from a rough start and fall to Golden State, 146-109. We got another one tomorrow night in Utah.
12 Jan, 05:54 AM UTC
Dane Swan
The Chicago bulls were much better with Michael Jordan I’ve come to realise
12 Jan, 06:17 AM UTC
Rassie Erasmus
Julias, good point. How about different color balls for different days. Black for the day, white for the night and multicolored for away games. It might even improve the catching for night games. It just cannot be blue as blue balls have been trademarked by the Bulls supporters https://t.co/fmNjLMhMf7
11 Jan, 08:45 AM UTC
Sun-Times Basketball
Jabari Parker is paid over a million more than Klay Thompson ... and they have both killed the Bulls this season.
12 Jan, 04:26 AM UTC
Plastic Cows Dying a Slow & Painful Death
Surgeries done on stray cows/bulls, 20 to 70kg of plastic, nails ,glass pieces taken out of their stomachs. Ignoring the sight of bovine feeding on garbage dumps on roadside is leading them to this acute painful death. Kindly share short videos/pics with us! #SavePlasticCows Plastic Cows Dying a Slow & Painful Death's photo on Bulls
11 Jan, 08:09 AM UTC
BmwM5 Dark🖤😈☠️
Buenos días!!! Chicas, si me ven hoy no me roben besos, porque ando bien pinche enfermo 🤒🤧 al menos que se quieran enfermar lol 😆😆😆😂🖤😈 -Puro Chicago Bulls 🖤❤️ BmwM5 Dark🖤😈☠️'s photo on Bulls
11 Jan, 05:10 PM UTC
Jonas Jerebko
another W tn against the Bulls. Time to get on the road! #dubnation #NBAse🇸🇪 #halfcourtnoproblem https://t.co/wGYEZ18wQQ
12 Jan, 07:13 AM UTC
Mark Medina
Warriors have a 116-76 win over the Bulls. Wait, never mind. There's one more quarter left to play.
12 Jan, 05:26 AM UTC
Klay Thompson loves playing the Bulls. Opens the game up drilling three straight 3’s. TheWarriorsTalk's photo on Bulls
12 Jan, 03:48 AM UTC
Jeff Mangurten
Golden State (149, 146) is the first team to score 146+ points twice against the Bulls in a single season in franchise history.
12 Jan, 05:52 AM UTC
Nick Friedell
The Bulls are down 43 in the 3rd quarter. And it could be worse. The Warriors are getting anything they want. Again.
12 Jan, 05:21 AM UTC
Holger Zschaepitz
Well, that was fast. So are the bulls back in charge, now? S&P 500 Index just posted a 3rd consecutive week of gains and the best performance since early 2016 as risk appetite seems back. S&P 500 in rare rapid rebound; leveraged loans erase Dec losses. https://t.co/Hrya26IivR Holger Zschaepitz's photo on Bulls
11 Jan, 11:16 PM UTC
Camron Smith
Chicago’s message to the #Bulls tonight. Enough is enough... Camron Smith's photo on Bulls
12 Jan, 06:06 AM UTC
Sports Illustrated
Glen Taylor deserved just as much blame as Tom Thibodeau for the Timberwolves' problems (by @SIChrisMannix) https://t.co/bdEFvVLtX5
12 Jan, 03:45 AM UTC
Matchup Brasil - NBA 🇧🇷
O Golden State Warriors é a primeira equipe a marcar pelo menos 140 pontos mais de uma vez contra o Chicago Bulls em uma única temporada desde 1969/70 (San Diego Rockets). [@JeffGurt] Matchup Brasil - NBA 🇧🇷's photo on Bulls
12 Jan, 05:53 AM UTC
Jason Patt
The Bulls almost gave up 300 points in 2 Warriors games this season. Dude, 295 fucking points.
12 Jan, 07:26 AM UTC
B.J. Rains
Bulls interim coach Jim Boylen chatting with Leon Rice. B.J. Rains's photo on Bulls
12 Jan, 06:24 AM UTC
AmyRD #TeamLouis
#LouiesDeserveBetter #LouisDeservesBetter All we want is for Louis to have the opportunity to release a new song, an album, tour and get adequate promo. It’s time for him to get the same treatment other artists get and stop all the behind the scenes bulls*t.😒
12 Jan, 01:12 AM UTC
Nick Friedell
You know it's bad for the Bulls when Big Cris is chucking up threes.
12 Jan, 05:53 AM UTC
Jason Patt
The Bulls somehow have a worse net rating under Boylen than Hoiberg, despite the Bulls being much healthier under Boylen. Either Boylen is horrible or these players stink or both?!
12 Jan, 07:19 AM UTC
See Red Fred
Bulls need a major upgrade from Ryan ArcINotMyPointGuard next year. He’s not quick, tall, fast, physical or skilled enough to be your backup point guard. I’m fine with at him at 11-15 on the roster.
12 Jan, 04:02 AM UTC
Johan Baker
Something a lot of people these days don’t know/don’t remember: the refs cost the Jazz game 6 in 1998 vs the Bulls.
12 Jan, 02:04 AM UTC
Gustavo Vega
Sad Chicago Bulls Fan Gustavo Vega's photo on Bulls
12 Jan, 05:52 AM UTC
Bulls Talk
Bulls Outsiders coming up at 12:40 on NBC Sports Chicago... @Bulls_Peck, @jsabine214 & @BawlSports have a lot to talk about with you Comment along: https://t.co/Vw2WIAcinj
12 Jan, 06:30 AM UTC
Mike Christy
Plenty of former Pac-12 stars in the #Warriors 149-109 win over Lauri Markkanen and the Chicago #Bulls Friday night in Oakland. #NBA PHOTO GALLERY 📸🏀 >> https://t.co/3DAkR2nVOp https://t.co/5X2A8kFDXe
12 Jan, 06:37 AM UTC
Klay Thompson torture encore les Bulls, découpés comme jamais dès le 1er quart ! - https://t.co/FVqj623cem Basket-Infos's photo on Bulls
12 Jan, 06:36 AM UTC
Christopher Kamka
Bulls this season: 295 pts allowed in 2 games vs Warriors 289 pts allowed in 3 games vs Magic
12 Jan, 07:41 AM UTC
Klay Thompson picked up where he left off on his record-setting night in Chicago earlier this season, making seven more 3-pointers and scoring 30 points to lead the Golden State Warriors to a 146-109 victory over the Bulls. https://t.co/vpRDCXeFIg
12 Jan, 07:42 AM UTC
Kash Serock ♡
@YoItsPatience @Smedindy Easy solution to early morning Red Bull’s youvould consider too is the sell torani syrups at Freddie’s and buy a case of red bulls! Make em at home 🤗
12 Jan, 07:36 AM UTC
Andrew Favakeh
@Ben_Pfeifer_ @mcarlinwustl rui to the bulls is a no from me dawg
12 Jan, 07:44 AM UTC
Simon Parker
Minor Hitch: #bradfordbulls hoping Hitchcox will be fit for season opener after sitting out double-header ... @bradford_TandA https://t.co/aWyMfHqyWO
12 Jan, 07:40 AM UTC
Golden State Warriors 💛💙
Final: Bulls 109-146 Dubs La apisonadora parece que está volviendo a funcionar tras algunos días estropeada. Ha vuelto Klay y ha vuelto el gran juego de los Warriors, Steph Curry superó a Jason Terry como tercer máximo triplista de la historia de la NBA. Gran partido. #DubNation
12 Jan, 07:40 AM UTC
Jason Patt
@deafboricua21 he's just very mad haha
12 Jan, 07:39 AM UTC
¿El mejor de la historia? 3>2👦🏻🏀 #StephenCurry se convirtió en el tercer mejor encestador de triples de todos los tiempos en la #NBA. El “Chef”, superó a #JasonTerry encestando 5 triples en la victoria de los #Warriors 146-109 a los #Bulls. #PonlePlayAlDeporte SportHitsMX's photo on Bulls
12 Jan, 07:33 AM UTC
次の @YouTube 動画を高く評価しました: https://t.co/KMUAhAP6xN Chicago Bulls vs Golden State Warriors - Full Game
12 Jan, 07:44 AM UTC
Richard V Cepeda II
@warriors I was hoping Klay go lightsout in the bulls again lol.
12 Jan, 07:43 AM UTC
NOT Gary Payton
He played for the Bulls last time I heard about him https://t.co/G81WieLwK6
12 Jan, 07:43 AM UTC
Full Game Recap: Bulls vs Warriors | Steph, Klay, and Durant Combine for 80 Points – NBA https://t.co/XfbS1aq8an
12 Jan, 07:42 AM UTC
Gor Abramyan
@Bulls_Jay @ronawsumb please, no! I had enough pain watching the game, tactical recap of this shit will kill me.
12 Jan, 07:42 AM UTC
Jhonathan 🇵🇷
@Bulls_Jay Ah... no wonder he didn’t bother to update his bio.
12 Jan, 07:41 AM UTC
Stanley Ismaillar
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/yc1Ya1QS7M Full Game Recap: Bulls vs Warriors | Steph, Klay, and Durant Combine
12 Jan, 07:41 AM UTC
Jason Patt
@deafboricua21 *used to work for the Wizards
12 Jan, 07:40 AM UTC
@Mielie_Meal Thina ekhaya we don't use goats 😕 we only use sheep and bulls. (At least, I don't remember us ever using anything else). I wonder what that says about us. I'm inclined to think it's an "imizi ayifani" thing. But I dunno.
12 Jan, 07:39 AM UTC
Bourbon Sherlock ❄
Lmaooooo Bulls fan 101 is just accepting our org is trash https://t.co/CFzrvHMpBo
12 Jan, 07:39 AM UTC
Jhonathan 🇵🇷
@Bulls_Jay He’s working for the Wizards. He probably should mind his own business lol
12 Jan, 07:39 AM UTC
Ramón y Álvaro 🏀
Los @warriors se pasean por la cancha de los Bulls...y Stephen Curry se convierte ya en el tercer máximo anotador de triples de la historia (2.285) Bulls 109 - 146 Warriors ✔️Thompson, 30 puntos ✔️Curry, 28 puntos ✔️KD, 22 puntos #DubNation #Warriors #Curry @SFWarriorNation Ramón y Álvaro 🏀's photo on Bulls
12 Jan, 07:39 AM UTC
Eurohoops Türkiye
Chicago Bulls'u görünce kızgın boğaya dönüşen Klay Thompson dün gece yine Golden State Warriors'ı galibiyete taşıdı. Keskin şutörün son skor patlamasının getirdiği zaferden istatistikler ve geniş özet burada: https://t.co/aTzUmEjNk3
12 Jan, 07:38 AM UTC
Everytime i listen to Bulls in the Bronx, I think of when Freddie and I pulled an all nighter on a school night just to watch the video. We ended up falling asleep right when it dropped. Then we went to school running on only an hour of sleep.
12 Jan, 07:37 AM UTC
Jordi Colomé Batlle
Lleig l'intent de Klay Thompson (30 i 7/11 3p) d'acollonir els Bulls. 14 triples en el duel a Chicago, mireu com ha començat avui... Jordi Colomé Batlle's photo on Bulls
12 Jan, 07:37 AM UTC
Jhonathan 🇵🇷
@Bulls_Jay Why did I laugh after reading this? 😂 he sounds like a baby 🍼
12 Jan, 07:36 AM UTC
@theAOshow_3 No, but I can tell you that the best thing that the Bulls front office has done in my lifetime is draft D🌹 over him.
12 Jan, 07:36 AM UTC
GS Warriors vs Chicago Bulls Full Game Highlights | January 11, 2019 | Warriors Bulls Highlights: https://t.co/570OgDLuQQ via @YouTube
12 Jan, 07:36 AM UTC
Damn, Warriors were disrespecting the bulls tonight lmao
12 Jan, 07:36 AM UTC
New Delhi Times
Klay Thompson torches Bulls again in Warriors 146-109 win https://t.co/NgCJS22POu
12 Jan, 07:35 AM UTC
Bulls fenna fuck up Zion Williamson career or will it be the Cavs...
12 Jan, 07:35 AM UTC
⚽️ Football News
Canterbury #grad Buckmaster drafted by New York Red Bulls | On campus | Journal Gazette - Fort Wayne Journal Gazette #NewYorkRedBulls 🇺🇸 #MLS https://t.co/Rx86Q8JGbQ
12 Jan, 07:35 AM UTC
paapa kobina
Bulls dierr #spriteball19 dem for play in.OWASS saff go lash dem https://t.co/I8pJGPUCXA
12 Jan, 07:34 AM UTC
Dave Medina
@OrdioMongo I just saw the Bulls score. :guffaw: It is not fair the incompetence this team gives its fan base.
12 Jan, 07:34 AM UTC
Ya, um, the #splashbrothers doing it that dirty no one is winning versus that. But, few teams could lose by 40. Go #bulls
12 Jan, 07:34 AM UTC
Thomas Lockett
@CoachStrong_USF @CoachKerwinBell With the addition of my teammate @CoachKerwinBell the Bulls will be #Stronger!
12 Jan, 07:34 AM UTC
Jhonathan 🇵🇷
@Bulls_Jay I bet you shrugged like this... Jhonathan 🇵🇷's photo on Bulls
12 Jan, 07:34 AM UTC
@NBATV Bulls are tanking. The splash brothers going off only helped the Bulls get closer to Zion Williamson. #Bulls #NBA
12 Jan, 07:34 AM UTC
Marianne Hofer
@NiktNiemand @CamEdwards @CalebJHull Four beauties! I had 5 Pit Bulls at one time. I miss them so much!
12 Jan, 07:34 AM UTC
Reuben Hernandez
Not really gonna dwell that much on this loss tonight. Tough game in Utah that’s pretty much it. Gonna have to take care of business at Staples and win the next couple of games tho against the Cavs and Bulls. Should be able to get back on track & play with team effort. #LakeShow
12 Jan, 07:34 AM UTC
@chicagotribune I know Bulls don't have a defense. I didn't know we also don't have an offense
12 Jan, 07:33 AM UTC
@cbefred @DarnellMayberry I LOVE how Darnell destroyed the Red Leviathan pipe dream. He was polite, but NO there are not future MVPs on this actual Bulls roster...
12 Jan, 07:32 AM UTC
Warrios comeram o cu do bulls
12 Jan, 07:32 AM UTC
Anette Fekete
Tarek El Moussa Slams Bulls Reports That Hes Devastated Over Ex Christinas Wedding https://t.co/EL5vETr4Ah #accessonline via @accessonline
12 Jan, 07:32 AM UTC

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