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Chris Reeve
Happy that @FabrizioRomano was right all along. One of my favourite accounts to follow to keep me up to date with the wider football 🌍 Hopefully the anonymous online bully-boys apologies will be as loud as their hate. Cancel culture is horrible. Keep up the good work fella 💛
05 Aug, 04:23 PM UTC
Hua Chunying 华春莹
We cannot allow the #US to take itself as "world policeman" and treat other countries as #GeorgeFloyd whom it can bully and strangle at will.
05 Aug, 01:58 PM UTC
Libertarian Party
Social justice is a Marxist lie created to bully and divide the American people. Justice only exists at an individual level. Collectivizing it betrays our entire understanding of liberty and justice itself.
05 Aug, 02:49 PM UTC
China tells U.S. it can't 'treat other countries like George Floyd' and 'bully and strangle them at will'
05 Aug, 10:24 PM UTC
재민제이님제이민쟤 D-2 SEONHUI DAY
seasons of blossom parallels (part 1) — a thread ⚠️ might contain triggering contents such as su*cide attempt, depressi0n, self-h@rm and bully!ng https://t.co/yNIu1maBSb
06 Aug, 12:36 AM UTC
Daily Mail US
China tells U.S. it can't 'treat other countries like George Floyd' and 'bully and strangle them at will' https://t.co/Yz9s6goU7W
05 Aug, 04:41 PM UTC
Sammy Cee ♠️
Your whole school is going to be seeing your mommy's tits jiggle for your bully https://t.co/LUxWmby1fS
05 Aug, 06:36 PM UTC
FS Yusuf
Those ones wey call their family members “obituaries” then later come here come cry say ‘bush babies’ dey threaten and cyber bully their lives, na which post them give them for Atiku campaign?🌚🌚🌚
05 Aug, 05:34 PM UTC
billie with the lights up!
why does it look like finneas is bullying her and those guys r his bully friends https://t.co/scsBEz34Rt
05 Aug, 08:19 PM UTC
before I go to bed , I just want to throw it in the TurdShit stains face that queen Britney Spears 👑 kept her post up of Johnny .thought y’all were gonna bully her into deleting it . Pathetic MFS 🤣 #BritneySpears #AmberHeardIsAPsycopath #AmberHeardIsALiar
06 Aug, 03:25 AM UTC
Michael Edison Hayden
No one knows or cares what this is. All James Lindsay had was a Twitter account and he used it to annoy and bully people. Now he's going the way of Stefan Molyneux. Bye. https://t.co/4QxVaPer7e
05 Aug, 07:24 PM UTC
It’s Wedgie Time - Your Bully Mike Green
they say giving is better than receiving, that’s why I GIVE so many atomic wedgies 👍 it’s time to thank your generous bully, butt face @SupremeWedgies https://t.co/AOFanX07NQ
06 Aug, 04:18 AM UTC
Mitrovic is back to bully us again ei… Van Dijk don’t give him gaba oo.
06 Aug, 11:19 AM UTC
Tobey "Bully" Maguire vs Andrew Garfield https://t.co/1W7ZahhCSE
05 Aug, 03:47 PM UTC
Queen of Trolls
Dear APC friends, I know you are mature. But they will bully you & blackmail your intelligence here. Don't allow them to get to you. Bully them back with receipts, videos & even your pepper dem pictures. Then tag them. Use a hashtag, if you may. But return the favour. Fire back!
06 Aug, 08:55 AM UTC
For The Love of Paul McGrath Villa Podcast
🚨GIVEAWAY 🚨 In light of our new collab with @NIMugCo We are giving away a mug to one luck winner (Apologies this is only available in Europe due to current shipping constraints) Just like, share this tweet & comment below with who you think will be first goal scorer. https://t.co/orQOWT5b6G
06 Aug, 10:26 AM UTC
Prof Alison Leary 💙#ProtectNurse
Ah (often ex) senior #nurses DMs who think they can bully people into silence Same passive aggressive MO every time "I'm disappointed" (I don't care, I don't know you) Character critique/doubting motives/be kind (maybe look at your own values first? Are you part of the problem?) https://t.co/5mkAT2mpcT
06 Aug, 10:16 AM UTC
Duolingo legend
Pour les meufs ça me fait un peu de peine et d'un pdv politique c'est bof, mais alors les mecs qui disent ça pour politiser le fait de faire de la muscu ou d'écouter Vald... c'est vraiment trop dur de se retenir de les bully
05 Aug, 09:09 PM UTC
Zhang Meifang张美芳
The world MUST NEVER allow the #US to see itself as a "world policeman" or an "international judge" and continue to treat other sovereign nations like #GeorgeFloyd as if the #US can just bully and strangle them at will. @CGMeifangZhang's photo on Bully
06 Aug, 11:14 AM UTC
@IndyArts There is no such thing as 'Princess Meghan', folks, it's hilarious how her fans so badly want her to be associated with Royalty who Meghan claimed was 'racist'! The desperation & hypocrisy is real 😆🤣 It doesn't hide the fact that Meghan Markle is a BULLY. #MeghanMarkleisToxic
06 Aug, 10:43 AM UTC
ミ💖 Kurumi-chan 💖彡 (20$/100$)
Ahhhh i just want to bully you💞 I want you to be squirming and begging me to bully you more while holding back tears🤭 I want you to become brainless asking to become mine forever~ 2DFD • findom • femdom • feet • finsub • catfishfindom • animefindom https://t.co/LJpdhp9hhC
06 Aug, 11:03 AM UTC
B A K I ᴹᵂ💢
N’importe quoi, c’est hallucinant comme vous aimez trop tweeter de la merde hein Tk y’a littéralement tous Twitter qui la bully à mort pendant 2ans, plus de marque, plus d’amis, plus rien Vous pourrez comparer ça avec Kenny dans 2ans pour l’instant stoppez vos tweets de merde https://t.co/hvBtudlmwv
06 Aug, 12:42 AM UTC
Caroline Smith
Reality check. She has done NOTHING and changed NOTHING. Same non descripy word salad. She jumps on BANDWAGONS and reality is she has actually done ZERO. She us a bully and a liar - FACT. Stop embarrassing yourselves. https://t.co/N6jsSSlyCp
06 Aug, 11:10 AM UTC
Read the articles attached. Watch the interview for about 30 minutes. It’s that bad. You don’t need to watch the whole thing. It’s blatant and overt indoctrination and rationalization of a bully (Putin) to murder people he has deemed unworthy of sovereignty.
06 Aug, 09:06 AM UTC
Bill - Stand with Ukraine & for Democracy - Hutt
Tucker Carlson wouldn't have the balls to have Jon Stewart on his show again because he'd be humiliated again. Tucker Carlson is a coward and a bully. https://t.co/95wVNnxIKn
06 Aug, 11:21 AM UTC
I need a man that will bully me
06 Aug, 11:26 AM UTC
Saudade Onsra
@BanuhanObaoglu @mrtsphgl @mentalolarakk Ben çocukken kavga etmek zorunda kalıp dövüp ağlayanlardanım. Sonradan kavga etmeden kendimi savunmanın yollarını buldum. Ama dövdükten sonra karşındakinin saygı göstermesi küçükken çok anlamsız gelmişti. Çünkü ondan önce tanımama rağmen benim kafama vuran bully nin tekiydi.
06 Aug, 11:31 AM UTC