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Joyce Alene
Trump is arguing Hunter Biden’s Burisma work warranted a criminal investigation. Which means all the deals, trademarks & loans Ivanka, the Kushners, Don jr & Eric have received during his presidency should get the same.
27 Jan, 10:21 PM UTC
Ana Navarro-Cárdenas
Bondi made a strong case Hunter Biden’s Burisma appointment was nepotism. Probably true. But, if giving a job to an unqualified kid or spouse of an influential member of government was illegal, half the Senate would be indicted and Trump would have been impeached for nepotism.
27 Jan, 10:10 PM UTC
Paul Sperry
BREAKING: All Big 3 networks ABC, CBS, NBC blacked out Trump defense lawyer Pam Bondi's presentation this afternoon of Ukraine corruption related to Joe Biden, son Hunter Biden & Burisma. In contrast, Big 3 carried Schiff's p.m. presentations live, preempting regular programming
27 Jan, 10:32 PM UTC
Joyce Alene
Assume Hunter Biden committed crimes in connection with Burisma. Assume the FBI somehow missed it. Why is Trump’s response is to ask Ukraine to investigate (with strings attached) instead of making sure it’s referred to US law enforcement for investigation? Not a defense.
27 Jan, 09:46 PM UTC
Joyce Alene
If we’re going talk about money Hunter Biden made at Burisma, can we at least see Trump’s tax returns? If Trump’s personal finances were a red line Mueller couldn’t cross, why does he get to talk about Joe Biden‘s son’s finances? Anyhow, none of this is a defense to the charges.
27 Jan, 10:01 PM UTC
Walter Shaub
If it wasn't obvious what a goofy diversion this Burisma talk is, the Republicans knew about Hunter Biden's role at Burisma while Joe Biden was VP and they controlled both chambers of Congress. But they're talking about that now so they don't have to talk about what Trump did.
27 Jan, 10:19 PM UTC
Tom Fitton
BOOM! Pam Bondi DROPS A MOAB ON DEMOCRATS, BIDEN CORRUPTION -- Bondi Blows Up Burisma Scandal for All America to See - This was BRUTAL! https://t.co/tWeWKo1Rm1 via @gatewaypundit
27 Jan, 10:09 PM UTC
Charlie Kirk
Everyone knew Hunter Biden's time at Burisma was an issue: Washington Post: "...nepotistic at best, nefarious at worst" BuzzFeed: "...raises questions about a potential conflict of interest for Joe Biden" So why was nothing done? RT if you want to see BOTH Biden's under oath
27 Jan, 10:16 PM UTC
Pam Bondi is completely eviscerating Hunter Biden & his ties to Burisma. The democrats opened a can of worms & there’s no turning back now. Trump’s defense team is rock solid.
27 Jan, 09:46 PM UTC
Team Trump (Text FIRST to 88022)
Pam Bondi on Hunter Biden’s disproportionate pay and lack of experience while working for Ukrainian company Burisma @TeamTrump's photo on Burisma
27 Jan, 10:26 PM UTC
John Ratcliffe
Contrary to Democrats' “it’s debunked” assertion, Ambassador Yovanovitch admitted the Hunter Biden-Burisma pay-to-play board position was so concerning to the Obama administration that Burisma was the only Ukrainian company she was briefed on for her Senate confirmation. @RepRatcliffe's photo on Burisma
27 Jan, 11:05 PM UTC
Senator Ted Cruz
WATCH: Trump legal team member Pam Bondi lays out Hunter Biden’s “nefarious” dealings with #Burisma (as WaPo wrote at the time), validating @realDonaldTrump’s request to investigate corruption. @SenTedCruz's photo on Burisma
27 Jan, 11:06 PM UTC
THREAD: Pam Bondi just completely exposed the Biden connection to corrupt Ukrainian Gas Company Burisma. @bennyjohnson's photo on Burisma
27 Jan, 10:34 PM UTC
Adam Klasfeld
Pam Bondi notes that Hunter Biden joined the Burisma board while there was an *open* investigation into the company, emphasizing that word. That emphasis cuts against her point: Any alleged misconduct predated Hunter Biden's work there.
27 Jan, 09:56 PM UTC
Hunter Biden made $50k a month at Burisma from 2014 to 2019, about $3M. In 2018, Ivanka and Jared Kushner, Trump’s family members AND presidential advisers, made $135M. Republicans can go fuck themselves one thousand percent.
27 Jan, 10:19 PM UTC
Breitbart News
This is devastating to the Bidens. https://t.co/mjOTjKDAnV
27 Jan, 10:32 PM UTC
Rick Wilson
Having Pam Bondi lead the charge on Burisma/Biden was one of those "this sounds great in the pitch" moments that turns out so so wrong. New Coke wrong.
28 Jan, 12:36 AM UTC
Senator Ted Cruz
Why should the American people care about Hunter Biden & #Burisma? The answer is simple: there is significant evidence of corruption. WATCH Pam Bondi break down #BurismaBiden. ⤵️ @SenTedCruz's photo on Burisma
28 Jan, 12:04 AM UTC
The White House
The House Managers talked about the Bidens or Burisma 484 times. But they never gave you the full picture. These are the people who did:
27 Jan, 10:10 PM UTC
David Axelrod
Pam Bondi asserts that “we would prefer not to be talking about” Burisma, but just HAVE to because the House managers raised it so much. Then she heads down conspiracy theory lane.
27 Jan, 09:43 PM UTC
Fake News Networks Cover For Dems and Bidens! ABC, CBS, NBC BLACK OUT Pam Bondi's Damning Presentation Exposing Biden, Burisma Corruption https://t.co/Jbv8yrCCFE via @gatewaypundit
27 Jan, 11:17 PM UTC
JamieR {🎗} Army Girl ⭐️⭐️⭐️ TRUMP 88022
WOW! Pam Bondi started her highlights of the strong media criticism of Burisma/Biden conflict of interest & 3 huge Fake News Media networks ABC, CBS, NBC cut Thier feed. "The appointment of the VP's son to a Ukrainian oil board looks Nepotistic at best, Nefarious at worst" @Jamierodr14's photo on Burisma
27 Jan, 11:30 PM UTC
Ryan Goodman
Just a little something #PamBondi omits: US Ambassador 2015 speech, coordinated with VP Biden, excoriating Ukraine Prosecutor Office for having covered up Burisma corruption. That's right: They went after Prosecutor Office for failing to confront Burisma. (Also Kent testimony) @rgoodlaw's photo on Burisma
27 Jan, 10:10 PM UTC
Karen Myatt
Bondi defends Trump by attacking Hunter for earning $1M on Burisma’s board. Biden is an atty w experience. Ivanka has no experience or degree. She made $82M last year. Haley was appointed to Boeing’s board. $300k/yr. She has no qualifications in aviation. What did I miss?
27 Jan, 09:57 PM UTC
Hunter Biden joined the board of Burisma in 2014. Also in 2014, Repubs won control of the Senate and the House 247-188, the largest Republican majority in the House Since 1928!. If Hunter's appointment to the board was such a huge problem, why didn't they investigate it then?
27 Jan, 10:03 PM UTC
Lisa Mei Crowley
BOOM! Pam Bondi DROPS A MOAB ON DEMOCRATS, BIDEN CORRUPTION -- Bondi Blows Up Burisma Scandal for All America to See - This was BRUTAL! https://t.co/dvaiisKSYf via @gatewaypundit
27 Jan, 11:59 PM UTC
Elizabeth Harrington
Who raised red flags about Bidens and Burisma? UK Serious Fraud Office George Kent Chris Heinz ABC News Good Morning America Washington Post New York Times Obama's State Department Ukrainian law enforcement But @realDonaldTrump isn't allowed to say, "it sounds horrible to me" @LizRNC's photo on Burisma
27 Jan, 10:15 PM UTC
Jill Wine-Banks
Great and accurate point. If 45 cared about Ukraine corruption, why only ask for investigation of Burisma/Biden and Crowdstrike and why not start DOJ/FBI investigation? https://t.co/dNTyFYqkuR
27 Jan, 11:45 PM UTC
Shem Horne
Hunter Biden was paid significantly more than other Burisma board members from top companies in the US even though he had no known specific duties on the board other than attending meetings once or twice a year and had no experience at all. Devastating arguments by Pam Bondi.
27 Jan, 09:51 PM UTC
Jim Hoft
Fake News Networks Cover For Dems and Bidens! ABC, CBS, NBC BLACK OUT Pam Bondi's Damning Presentation Exposing Biden, Burisma Corruption #FakeNews @CristinaLaila1 @gatewaypundit on Burisma">https://t.co/ikkkiHQXhx via @gatewaypundit
27 Jan, 11:14 PM UTC