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Chuck Schumer
Utterly astounding that 6 wks after slashing taxes on the wealthy & biggest corps, creating a huge deficit, @realDonaldTrump asks older Americans & middle-class Americans to make up the difference by slashing Medicare & Medicaid.
12 Feb, 05:53 PM UTC
Kurt Eichenwald
With trump pushing for $237 billion in Medicare cuts to pay for rich people’s tax cuts, I’m sure Cult45 won’t mind paying for their parents or their own medical care with their giant, temporary $100 tax cut. Oops..not enough. Dig deep in ur pockets. You’ve been conned. Told ya.
12 Feb, 06:30 PM UTC
Kaitlyn Bristowe
Never have I ever put on leather leggings without thinking of Ross Gellar.
12 Feb, 12:19 AM UTC
Joy Reid
Old Republicans: "we must reduce the deficit!" New Republicans: "forget the deficit! Spend it all on tax cuts for the rich and corporations plus huge defense spending increases, and let granny and the poors pay for it."
12 Feb, 09:23 PM UTC
Caroline O.
Asked why people w/o security clearance are allowed to see classified information, Sarah Sanders says "that's a decision made by the FBI." *The security clearance decision is made by the FBI* *The decision to let people w/o clearance view classified info is made by the WH*
12 Feb, 09:02 PM UTC
Yes, our Attorney General just said this. Out loud. https://t.co/ldXCgCYarx
12 Feb, 08:59 PM UTC
Tommy Beer
Knicks minutes allocation Sunday vs. Indiana: Jarrett Jack: 8 minutes Trey Burke: 8 mins Emmanuel Mudiay: 29 mins Frank Ntilikina: 31 mins Mudiay played all of his 29 minutes alongside Ntilikina. #KnicksDontHaveLogJamAtPG
12 Feb, 12:23 AM UTC
Southern Poverty Law Center
For many low-income Americans, the social safety net is the only defense against even further hardship. President Trump's proposed budget would cut $554 billion from Medicare and $214 billion from SNAP, the modern-day food stamp program. https://t.co/BKYmffFEfh
12 Feb, 06:02 PM UTC
Trump VZLA
Grupo de ataque del Portaaviones USS George Washington (CVN-73) adscritos al Comando Sur de los EE.UU. denominado "Washington Battle Group". Forman el grupo los buques destructores misilisticos clase Arleigh Burke, comandados por el USS John Finn (DDG 113). Trump VZLA's photo on Burke
12 Feb, 06:36 PM UTC
han ☮️
Burke cheer team wildin out this year 🤭🤧 han ☮️'s photo on Burke
12 Feb, 09:08 PM UTC
Patty O'Limerick
The leader of the official opposition Andrew Scheer shifted cash to the Tory campaign ensnared in the criminal robocalls probe because he wanted to "help". Didn't Marty Burke leave Canada shortly after the investigation launched? #PierrePoutine #cdnpoli https://t.co/LsusR1jqAY
12 Feb, 11:26 PM UTC
Kennedale HS
Students & Staff--come donate this Wednesday. Students must be at least 16 years old to participate. See Mr. Burke with questions. Kennedale HS's photo on Burke
12 Feb, 04:10 PM UTC
Kansas Wesleyan Coyotes
SB: @KWUSoftball plays three times this week, at Benedictine on Wednesday, at Mid-America Christian on Saturday and then Sunday’s home opener against Concordia University at Bill Burke Park. PREVIEW --> https://t.co/SgcoKJwP7k Kansas Wesleyan Coyotes's photo on Burke
12 Feb, 05:20 PM UTC
Patty O'Limerick
@Picard_M_Maker @journo_dale @AndrewScheer @C_Mulroney Georgeanne Burke Hamish Marshall Stephen Taylor Andrew Scheer associates with the best people. 🙄 @CTVNews @CBCNews @globalnews @ #cdnpoli https://t.co/mH2RvgQ0Ob
12 Feb, 09:46 PM UTC
Tim Gradous
Fraud and Failure in D.C. Public Schools by MAX C. EDEN & LINDSEY BURKE The much-celebrated success of education reform in the nation’s capital turns out to have been a lie. Read more @NRO https://t.co/azzETBK6ol
12 Feb, 11:33 PM UTC
Kevin Burke comes to @iahcchicago this Friday, 2/16 for a concert & fiddle workshop https://t.co/fYnxG9IOvI https://t.co/X6z5TVJxz0
12 Feb, 06:27 PM UTC
Old Soldier
@jamesmassola @murpharoo My issue is the hypocrisy. Shorten, Burke slide through with a nod and a wink. If we have this standard why is it only applied to one!
12 Feb, 10:55 PM UTC
Burke on for WBA. No, not Pardew.
12 Feb, 09:05 PM UTC
lil shawty
I stg I'm not mad!!! That's just my face! 🤦🏻‍♀️
12 Feb, 10:27 PM UTC
.@nysut endorsed Patrick Burke, an adjunct prof and UUPer from Buff State for the open 142 Assembly seat for the April 24 special elections. Also endorsed: Shelley Mayer and Luis Sepulveda for state Senate, Harvey Epstein and Ari Espinal, for Assembly https://t.co/7OboDpXf8D
12 Feb, 09:54 PM UTC
Mark Anning
Barnaby Joyce's mate Don Burke is a former chair of IPA-front group Australian Environment Foundation #BarnabyJoyce #Auspol #Barnababy https://t.co/rzdAKvAWXf
12 Feb, 05:05 PM UTC
No. 4 ranked 2019 (No. 351 Overall) and @OregonBaseball commit RHP Clayton Burke @clayb3713 of @vista_baseball and @Slammersbasball added to Preseason All-State Roster. Request Invite. Over 60 players registered. Will Sell-Out. https://t.co/MWOLtHK8BiPBR_CO's photo on Burke
12 Feb, 11:34 PM UTC
Valentina Fernandez
.@TaranaBurke joined @AmericanU's @ausg_wi for a conversation re: #MeToo movement. @wusa9 covered the event and interviewed students prior to it. Hear our thoughts here: https://t.co/vgy1IR7Jny
12 Feb, 05:37 AM UTC
This is just like Burke’s plan to draft both Sedins – if it involved a conspiracy and was orchestrated by Tommy Sedin. https://t.co/W0vBOt8eOS
12 Feb, 10:38 PM UTC
Mark Anning
Don Burke dismissed allegations of pork barrelling against Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce over Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority moving to Armidale ICYMI December 2017 #BarnabyJoyce #AusPol #QandA #BarnaBaby https://t.co/9Vrfd1pk7X
12 Feb, 05:00 PM UTC
Aberdeen Wings
Congratulations Coach Langer, Jack Kelly, Evan Rochowiak, Colton Fletcher, Zach Noble, Keenan Spillum, Jonathan Bendorf, Joe Strada, Gabe Vinal & Nathan Burke! A record number of Wings heading to Top Prospects at the end of the month! #ItsAWingsThing Aberdeen Wings's photo on Burke
12 Feb, 11:47 PM UTC
Firehouse News
.@robertb8731 reviews technical, emergency and mass decontamination procedures. https://t.co/Yhq4zUSErX Firehouse News's photo on Burke
12 Feb, 11:15 PM UTC
PA Prep Live
Haverford School guard Gavin Burke is Main Line Boys Athlete of the Week - https://t.co/BM63QCIMnV PA Prep Live's photo on Burke
12 Feb, 08:35 PM UTC
Having #fomo seeing all the tweets and action from the #xeroroadshow.
12 Feb, 11:32 PM UTC
Erie County Dems
County Legislator Pat Burke addressing tonight’s nominating meeting for the 142nd AD special election in April 24. Erie County Dems's photo on Burke
12 Feb, 11:42 PM UTC
HFH Foundation
"My team works hard to provide the babies with the best care we can give them and they will do whatever it takes to save the life of a premature infant.” - Dr. Micheline, #NICU Director #WomenInScience #WomenInScienceDay #InternationalDayofWomenandGirlsInScience HFH Foundation's photo on Burke
12 Feb, 07:05 PM UTC
Jennie Hill
Burke denied. McLaughlan denied. Doyle denied. Joyce denied. Of course: entitled men are so unused to being challenged and so sure they’ll be protected they’ve no defence left but denial, threats and mock bewilderment. When will they learn that time has passed? #MeToo #Auspol
12 Feb, 11:39 PM UTC
Gail Clifford
@RodS108443078 @BaldrickJnr @PMOnAir @pm_live @Barnaby_Joyce @Tony_Burke @SusanLambMP 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 I saw what you did there...
12 Feb, 11:38 PM UTC
RU Student Health
Come out tonight to the College Ave Gym from 7:30-10pm to hear Tarana Burke speak! Tarana Burke started the #MeToo movement and will speaking about its origins, as well as sexual violence. Doors open at 7pm! RU Student Health's photo on Burke
12 Feb, 11:05 PM UTC
Ellie Burke
How safe is your data? #xeroroadshow Ellie Burke's photo on Burke
12 Feb, 11:50 PM UTC
Michael Elliott
@Arcorn9000 @Barnaby_Joyce @Tony_Burke The expenses you refer to were excessive but 'within the rules'. He's never been found of wrongdoing. Barnaby's sin of trying to hush up by shuffling Ms Campion around and creating well-paid positions for her in colleagues' offices is the main issue. Burke did nothing like that.
12 Feb, 11:50 PM UTC
Chelsea Phillips
brooke burke porn video free teens getting fucked videos Chelsea Phillips's photo on Burke
12 Feb, 11:50 PM UTC
por que homens tem complexo de deus???? q decepção dr burke
12 Feb, 11:50 PM UTC
Jay Kenney
Brian Burke's hair is still glorious after all these years. In attendance like many other front office types across the NHL. #Beanpot
12 Feb, 11:50 PM UTC
Who the fuck thought Burke was worth the money we paid??? He’s no where near premiership quality how can ur record signing not improve ur team???
12 Feb, 11:49 PM UTC
Val. conservativeOz
@LaborFAIL Unless they treat Barnaby & Tony Burke the same we are stuck with double standards, hypocrisy & bias..... Not a just or fair situation.
12 Feb, 11:49 PM UTC
Galileo B. Luzano
All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent. - Edmund Burke https://t.co/oPIX2ByaHu
12 Feb, 11:49 PM UTC
Jason Arkley
Ohio WBK: Amani Burke looked more like herself, and Bobcats methodically get past Kent State. Ohio up to fourth in the MAC standings, at struggling EMU on Wednesday https://t.co/fcZtET3tWO
12 Feb, 11:49 PM UTC
Melo was money, but Trey Burke got the last laugh in NY https://t.co/Lj2DiBLOQf
12 Feb, 11:48 PM UTC
@GAThespians All 3 of Matt Burke’s Workshops literally made me a better actor and performer. Definite highlight.
12 Feb, 11:48 PM UTC
burke baalim
worked so hard when he was alive in order to give you individuals of extremely limited capabilities a very undeserved but over financed life and lifestyle. #tards
12 Feb, 11:47 PM UTC
burke baalim
and who is the numb-nuts that opened a letter from someone you don't know when your father is one of the most hated men on earth. Cause who sends letters anymore. Smarten up your little brains. This family is the strangest, weakest bunch of Neanderthals. Good thing Granddad....
12 Feb, 11:47 PM UTC
burke baalim
@DonaldJTrumpJr , you are the most over-dramatic man. Be a real man and stop whining about something that didn't happen. Was anyone hurt? No. It was likely dust. Ah, my god....how tragic...how disgusting and horrible that someone would stoop so low to send a letter....
12 Feb, 11:47 PM UTC
George Hart Munro
@Barnaby_Joyce I thought the high court ruled no dual citizens were allowed to be M.P.s If the labor party is worried about tax payers money take a good look at their own illegalities in this Parliament. As for private matters we need look no further than Burke.
12 Feb, 11:47 PM UTC
Peter Oataway🇦🇺
@ljayes Ms Laris travelled First Class to Spain while she was a staffer to the then Agriculture Minister Tony Burke As previously reported in @dailytelegraph Please stop under reporting this @SkyNewsAust @HumanHeadline #TonyBurke #auspol @theboltreport https://t.co/0ojvYx3JO5
12 Feb, 11:45 PM UTC
Kerrod Gream
@michaelliott95 @Barnaby_Joyce @Tony_Burke I'd argue Tony Burke's is worse as he took her on paid trips while promoting her. So it's probably why Labor have been so quiet during all this.
12 Feb, 11:43 PM UTC
Sitting Bull
@CUhlmann Rubbish. What about Shorten and Burke etc etc
12 Feb, 11:43 PM UTC
@AllBelongHere @CandiceBergenMP @gmbutts @georganneb @JustinTrudeau @CPC_HQ So what you're saying is that Burke lent Brazeau the cap and scarf so that you could make an absolute ass of yourself ? How do you plan to pay that 10,00)$
12 Feb, 11:41 PM UTC
'Rapist' manhunt underway after suspect fails to turn up to court #9News https://t.co/fq5bgaoDJH
12 Feb, 11:41 PM UTC
Dr. Debra Dupree
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/AmTfmO2owB How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime | Nadine Burke Harris
12 Feb, 11:40 PM UTC
12 Feb, 11:40 PM UTC
John Therry
@Tony_Burke @cpyne how did you take this photo - on your spare mobile - hiding it from your wife - Chief of Staff ?
12 Feb, 11:39 PM UTC
@Tony_Burke Why is . Bill shorten isnt going after barnaby and turnbull when if it were a labour mess turnbull would be all over it , just double standards.
12 Feb, 11:38 PM UTC
Elizabeth Burke
White House Proposes $4.4 Trillion Budget That Adds $7 Trillion to Deficits https://t.co/JLP2ULA4lQ
12 Feb, 11:38 PM UTC
Jota Henrique
Edmund Burke
12 Feb, 11:38 PM UTC
Nine News Melbourne
The man who allegedly raped a young girl he met a Victoria train station is on the loose after failing to turn up to court. #9News https://t.co/d5PfOkq3Js
12 Feb, 11:37 PM UTC
Mary Jo Sterling
How to handle mental health in the workplace ➡https://t.co/b0HYYguk8r #workplace #managementMary Jo Sterling's photo on Burke
12 Feb, 11:37 PM UTC
Angelica Garcia
toe pussy naked pictures of brooke burke Angelica Garcia's photo on Burke
12 Feb, 11:37 PM UTC
Police search for Clinton Burke - Victoria Police News https://t.co/VTkuAvr0yu
12 Feb, 11:36 PM UTC
Gillian Parker
brooke burke nude playboy photoshot teen latin lesbian Gillian Parker's photo on Burke
12 Feb, 11:36 PM UTC
@SentinelDoggie @Martin_Sellner @BrittPettibone They were born in reaction against the French Revolution. The vast majority of thinkers on the right from Spain, France, Germany and Italy were not individualists. The closest one the Anglo-Saxon tradition has to them is Burke.
12 Feb, 11:35 PM UTC

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