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you gotta "lol" shit and keep it moving.
11 Apr, 08:58 PM UTC
Sometimes Just Staying Home & Doing Nothing But Relaxing Is Well Needed!!!
11 Apr, 03:04 PM UTC
One Perfect Shot
TO CATCH A THIEF (1955) Cinematography by Robert Burks Directed by Alfred Hitchcock Explore more shots in our database: https://t.co/z8qbeAhwjA @OnePerfectShot's photo on burks
11 Apr, 01:24 PM UTC
THE NBA Hustle 🏀
Alec Burks throws it away and then Pascal Siakam with the clutch double dribble to secure the tank https://t.co/df1lqDTRD8
12 Apr, 02:45 AM UTC
Rit Holtzman
For all those “Elf is a good player” folks. For all of the “Thibs knows best and he trusts Elf” folks. I ask you to please rewatch Alec Burks run the point down the stretch in a huge game and understand that Thibs said to himself, “I’m going with THIS guy over my starting PG.”
12 Apr, 02:56 AM UTC
Knicks Videos
BIG. SHOT. BURKS. (via @nyknicks) @sny_knicks's photo on burks
12 Apr, 02:33 AM UTC
Naomi Kritzer
@dataandpolitics Have you read about Ruth Coker Burks? This really moving article talks about this story and fills me with both gratitude (for Ruth Burks) and rage (at the coldly indifferent families of the men she cared for and buried): https://t.co/7QtH2V5nyS
12 Apr, 01:59 AM UTC
David Futernick
BREAKING: Alec Burks took shrooms before the game and then slipped some into all the other players' gatorade at halftime.
12 Apr, 03:03 AM UTC
Athletics Jendro/Doctor
Great start to the @PGMidwest Spring Spectacular. 6-0 victory over the 18U Force. Hannah Burks with her 1st no hitter! That’ll do Hannah!!! @BrianJendro @JendroRussellAs @MSUSoftball @MizzouSoftball https://t.co/DQgqHQgyLg
11 Apr, 03:12 PM UTC
Alex Trataros 🇯🇲🇬🇷🏁✊🏽
2H Knicks 📝 - Knicks lost an 18 point lead, but they were able to rally and close out the game - “We live and die by Burks” - @Jmeleka - Defense was top notch tonight - RJ has become clutch and a closer after the Edwards slander — RJ continues to get better every game
12 Apr, 02:52 AM UTC
Rit Holtzman
@netw3rk I think you meant to say Alec Burks.
12 Apr, 03:04 AM UTC
Frank Barrett
@TheKnicksWall @iHateShaun @YouTube Thanks for the shoutout @iHateShaun! Your take on the difference between Burks creating out of the primary & secondary p&r was so spot on. Secondary his tunnel vision is more acceptable bc he's usually operating with an advantage that doesn't exist when the D is honed in on him.
12 Apr, 04:25 AM UTC
Thibbs closing lineup with burks gives the Knicks spacing shooters and defense. Love that payton mins were cut it was hurting the offense. Knicks offense much more efficient with burks closing.
12 Apr, 04:19 AM UTC
Road to 21-51 🦖
Bro had ALEC BURKS on him please miss me with some in depth breakdown on why he double dribbled. Why he couldn’t just get to the basket is beyond me
12 Apr, 03:25 AM UTC
This is kn truth the issue with all of the Knicks’ ball handlers. Rose is the best, but IQ, Burks, and RJ all thrive better in secondary P&R or taking the ball off a kickout/against a scrambling defense. That’s a good skill and those guys can sometimes play a primary role https://t.co/y2I8MLuCkZ
12 Apr, 04:30 AM UTC
@nyknicks Almost gave me a stage 8 heart attack, BUT ROWAN ALEXANDER BARRETT AND ALEC BURKS SAVED US
12 Apr, 02:52 AM UTC
Man siakam didn’t want to go against Alex burks. He is finished
12 Apr, 02:46 AM UTC
Ron from Owings Mills
12 Apr, 03:00 AM UTC
He was driving on Alec Burks. If he can’t take Alec Burks in transition he’s finished. 😭 https://t.co/iT5mcLNayx
12 Apr, 03:10 AM UTC
Burks at best option for point down the stretch in a very tight game in a very tight playoff race is screaming at the desperate need for the #knicks to get a legit PG in the draft, free agency or trade... rose loses gas in 2nd half, Payton give no space & IQ is not a PG
12 Apr, 03:07 AM UTC
Yessirrr✍🏽🖤 https://t.co/qt25N5BOqU
12 Apr, 05:12 AM UTC
intelligent l.ife
@ThomasCDee That bassline cut by Randle resulting in the pass from Burks was beautiful basketball. Randle's timing was impeccable & Burks hit him perfectly in stride. I almost shed a tear.
12 Apr, 04:18 AM UTC
@StateNYKPOD @nyknicks Lmao I’m with you on number 6. Burks be on his JR shit. He plays like a madman but he’s capable of huge plays
12 Apr, 03:58 AM UTC
@OGtheClampGod Bro, watch the replay again lmao, Alec Burks came up real quick on trent, which is where Pascal was looking too. He should have just made the decision to drive it.
12 Apr, 03:39 AM UTC
Depressed Bulls Fan (22-30)
@bullsVIx @logolavine I actually just checked and Paul Millsap, Solomon Hill, Jeff Green, Kelly Olynyk, TJ McConnell, Alec Burks, Trey Lyles, and James Ennis are all unrestricted free agents this summer
12 Apr, 03:20 AM UTC
Burks is such a fucking loser and he’s lucky as fuck that Asscal is terrible
12 Apr, 02:44 AM UTC
Frank Barrett
@benjy43 To be clear I'm anti-Elf. I wish IQ/Rose/Frank got all of his minutes. I just don't understand how, after a season of re-inserting Elf into games he had no business playing late in, he decided *this* was the night to Ride Alec Burks. It makes no sense to me. Give the ball to RJ!!
12 Apr, 03:01 AM UTC
German Morales
@NYKnicksLATAM confirmado que nos cuesta el tercer cuarto cuando vamos ganando por buena diferencia y como será que Burks termina de Base lo positivo que no los pasaron la linea de 100 pts y RJxJulius esta volviendo la dupla
12 Apr, 02:59 AM UTC
Pamela Burks
Lilibug brought me a present back from Seattle. It’s an RBG pop figure. So naturally she’s gonna check on the former guy & drop some tRuth on his orange ass! Yes I do have a toy trump jailed on my bookcase. Is that weird? 🤪 https://t.co/NkQFqobiHy
12 Apr, 05:36 AM UTC