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Love from the planet Mars
What do y’all even be talking about forreal https://t.co/gPI1Kgv1EO
02 Dec, 04:23 AM UTC
Natasha Bertrand
Under repeated questioning, Sen. Burr won’t say he’s seen evidence that Ukraine interfered in 2016. https://t.co/FyoLB7AikD
03 Dec, 12:09 AM UTC
Seth Abramson
There are *so many things wrong* with Sen. Burr's responses in this interview, I don't know where to start. But I guess here's a good spot: media did *not* say that Russian officials just having a *preference* for Trump was "election meddling." And Burr saying so is *outrageous*. https://t.co/W8yxVtWA85
03 Dec, 12:40 AM UTC
Adam Parkhomenko
There have been a lot of sad episodes of pathetic Republican senator shows us how weak he/she is. But Burr ignoring his own committee’s report because he got shit on for daring to question junior is even worse than Lindsey’s endless ass-kissing.
03 Dec, 12:15 AM UTC
Aaron Rupar
The Ukrainian government didn’t commit crimes against Americans and then use stolen goods as part of a propaganda campaign meant to destroy one candidate. But Burr understands this and is trying to gaslight people anyway. https://t.co/AnXKmoQkRk
03 Dec, 12:24 AM UTC
Adam Parkhomenko
Y’all can keep calling him Richard if you like, but after the shit he said today, he’ll always be Dick Burr to me.
03 Dec, 12:39 AM UTC
Sam Stein
Even Burr is dabbling with this stuff now. https://t.co/86Iu3hrbpT
03 Dec, 12:56 AM UTC
Mark S. Zaid
Why doesn't @SenJohnKennedy simply ask his GOP colleague Sen. Burr what Senate Intel Committee learned abt Ukraine & 2016 election? SSCI has USGOVT evidence, or lack thereof, of role Ukraine did or did not play to interfere. SSCI should release its investigative report ASAP. https://t.co/qMx4pyA4wn
02 Dec, 08:29 PM UTC
Red T Raccoon
North Carolina, can't vote out Richard Burr because he already said he isn't running for reelection in 2022. What we can do is cancel him out by getting rid of Thom Tillis in 2020. Let's take a Senate seat back in North Carolina now and later. https://t.co/o245zCE4Yf
03 Dec, 01:46 AM UTC
Technically most of America was for Clinton, too, not really sure that's the smoking gun Burr thinks it is. https://t.co/EUD6MbCfwl
03 Dec, 12:40 AM UTC
Frank Thorp V
@SenatorBurr Q: Is there any evidence that Ukraine meddled in the 2016 election? BURR: I don’t think there’s any question that elected officials in Ukraine had a favorite in the election.
03 Dec, 12:02 AM UTC
Josh Marshall
It appears the body snatchers have taken Mr Burr https://t.co/1GwJcNVZVK
03 Dec, 12:53 AM UTC
Frank Thorp V
@SenatorBurr Sen BURR: "You considered Russia meddling with just the preference they had before you knew the rest of it. Apply the same standard to Ukraine. The President can say that they meddled because they had a preference, the elected officials, that's not the current people."
02 Dec, 11:50 PM UTC
Seth Abramson
8/ So when Burr says Ukrainians supporting longstanding US policy in Europe is *the same as* Trump supporting Russian war crimes, there's no jury that'd come to that conclusion. In fact even making the argument is risible; almost like saying—as Trump did—we should kill civilians.
03 Dec, 01:00 AM UTC
Ryan Goodman
@samstein “Even”? I wrote this retrospective on Sen. Burr’s work while a formal advisor on Trump Campaign in 2016–including his public rejection of Russian interference on behalf of Trump despite his being briefed about it by intelligence community: https://t.co/7BSyeb6ovo
03 Dec, 01:06 AM UTC
Frank Thorp V
@SenatorBurr Q: Would you consider that meddling? BURR: I mean, you’ll have to define meddling, but that was something that was publicly out there.
03 Dec, 12:03 AM UTC
Dustin Volz
Russia waged a deliberate and well-funded influence operation, ordered by Putin, that included the hack-and-leak of Democratic emails and widespread social media targeting, as Burr’s own committee concluded. That is not the same thing as having a preference. https://t.co/kNm0HGzx11
03 Dec, 12:09 AM UTC
Adam Rifkin 🐼
@frankthorp @SenatorBurr Just Senator Burr directly contradicting the testimony of Dr. Fiona Hill by trying to distract everyone with a false narrative about Ukraine. https://t.co/qZrN6x4rv2 https://t.co/Herzvbr5Ep
03 Dec, 12:32 AM UTC
Paula Chertok🗽
@frankthorp @SenatorBurr Shame on Burr. Russia’s attack was NOT trivial “meddling”! It was a sweeping & systematic multi-pronged information warfare assault!! Republicans are exploiting the fact that we don’t even have language that adequately describes what happened! That’s how novel an attack it was!
03 Dec, 12:46 AM UTC
Raw Story
WHOA -- GOP Senator Richard Burr refuses to tell reporters whether his committee’s investigation confirmed GOP conspiracy theory on Ukraine https://t.co/lRebf3q18K
03 Dec, 12:56 AM UTC
ᴸᵁᴸᵁ ᴸᴱ No.
REMINDER: Burr was on Trump transition team. Reminder 2, paragraph 2: https://t.co/AIHNUgR2S0 https://t.co/xferF0EYQM
03 Dec, 01:15 AM UTC
Burr, to this point, has been inclined towards some semblance of facts and truth. This turn towards Putinesque propaganda is disturbing. Highly disturbing. https://t.co/RGS07o392E
03 Dec, 01:03 AM UTC
Contented Independent
Richard Burr is retiring in 2022. Tillis is up next year. Dems will take both seats.
03 Dec, 12:12 AM UTC
⧗ Natasha Romanoff 2020💥
Too many people have the impression that @SenatorBurr is reliable simply because he’s not as loudly supportive of 45 as some. Sure he’s reliable—for the GOP only. He’s extremely partisan and not to be trusted. Compare his voting record to anyone: https://t.co/b7HeIvFiA1 https://t.co/espNDwOkPq
03 Dec, 01:38 AM UTC
Tony Stark 2020 💥⎊
@natasharesists @SenatorBurr Richard Burr is chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee. The Senate Intelligence Committee concluded that Russia interfered. Not Ukraine. https://t.co/98UEucIjRB
03 Dec, 01:49 AM UTC
vic skywalker #moreodaat
“hamilton was wearing his glasses. why? if not to take deadly aim?” burr ele é MÍOPE CALMA
03 Dec, 01:51 AM UTC
@brianstelter @jaketapper I’m sure it pains Burr and the rest of the Trumpublicans to admit as much.
03 Dec, 02:11 AM UTC
ᴸᵁᴸᵁ ᴸᴱ No.
2017 Burr tried to kill the Russia story: https://t.co/x2KmXdyKfx https://t.co/hpr7tGVVr8
03 Dec, 02:24 AM UTC

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