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cristina arreola
I wish I could tell each & every one of you in person but some tough news: my role was eliminated at Bustle & today was my last day. getting to read books & write about them for a living was the absolute dream. I can’t believe I got to do it for three & a half years!
07 Nov, 05:14 PM UTC
emma lord
hey friends! after 5 awesome years, my role at bustle has been eliminated. i'm bummed, but ready to hit the ground running. please hit me up with editing or writing opps in the food news, commerce, quiz, & lifestyle space—i'm forever in the business of making good news go viral❤️
07 Nov, 05:13 PM UTC
E. Jean Carroll
BUSTLE! Women must stop thanking companies for the "dream jobs" they had when they're being fired! WOMEN GOTTA STOP THANKING EVERYONE! Tell them to go hell!
07 Nov, 07:49 PM UTC
Jamie Primeau
Today I lost my job at Bustle. Just wanna say I have so much appreciation for all the writers & editors I’m proud to have worked w/ over the past 5 years ❤️ P.S. If you know of any writing/editing gigs (especially tied to pop-culture), my DMs are open & email is in my bio
07 Nov, 05:15 PM UTC
Hillary Kelly
No bigger slap in the face than telling longtime employees you're letting them to go to hire "marquee writers" for a site relaunch. Loyal means fuck-all to media outlets these days. https://t.co/uzNE0Ny5CF
07 Nov, 07:39 PM UTC
Sage Young
After nearly five years on the entertainment team - one that I am extremely proud of - Bustle eliminated my position. I’m obviously quite available for freelance and staff writing/editing opportunities in film, TV, and culture. Or, you can let me write about Harry Styles for you!
07 Nov, 05:14 PM UTC
Kerry Flynn 🐶
Me: How many Bustle staffers were laid off and why? PR: BDG has recently hired dozens of writers and editors across our many properties.. Bustle's new editorial leadership will soon be announcing several marquee hires as we prepare for a major site relaunch in early 2020 Me: ...
07 Nov, 07:20 PM UTC
Evette Dionne 🏁
It is the fourth quarter. Unfortunately, this means that we're going to see digital media companies begin laying off employees—right before the holiday season—so their executives can end the year in the black. Much love to those losing their jobs at @Bustle today.
07 Nov, 07:10 PM UTC
Mallory Carra
Today, my job at Bustle was eliminated. I'm grateful for all the editors, colleagues & writers I've worked with and, most of all, the friends I've made over the past 5 years as a writer & editor. If you know of any job openings or freelance ops, please let me know! DMs open.
07 Nov, 05:15 PM UTC
Britni de la Cretaz
“So please get angry about what’s happening at Bustle. The layoffs of smart young women doing their best at an oft-derided outlet deserve just as much of your righteous outrage as every other fucked-up media layoff, mass resignation, & closure.” -@mekosoff https://t.co/tutVWXu7LH
07 Nov, 10:05 PM UTC
Laura Sebastian
On a similar note to my last tweet, I’m so heartbroken to see Bustle cutting (most of? all of?) their books team. It was hands down my favorite place to go for book-related stuff and had an excellent team in place. The book world lost an excellent advocate today and it sucks.
07 Nov, 05:36 PM UTC
Sam Dylan Finch 🍓
We should be angry about the layoffs at Bustle. For many reasons, but one that particularly infuriates me is that it's part of a pattern in how women especially are treated in media.
07 Nov, 10:08 PM UTC
Celia Darrough
Worth noting that to my understanding Bustle no longer has a News or Books team, and much smaller Lifestyle/Entertainment teams. But there are now many incredibly smart women available for you to hire.
07 Nov, 06:03 PM UTC
Leah Marilla Thomas
Hello yes the rumors are true I TOO was laid off from Bustle after giving the web five years of conTENT. I’m notoriously bad at seeking out freelance opportunities, so even if you don’t have a job to hand me right now, any chit chat/assistance would be appreciated 🦾
07 Nov, 06:36 PM UTC
Lauren Cox
Today was my last day at Bustle, too. My role at Romper was eliminated. This news obviously sucks, but I’m still grateful for the experience and ready for what’s next.
07 Nov, 08:52 PM UTC
Sam Dylan Finch 🍓
So here's the thing that we need to get crystal clear on, Bustle: WOMEN ARE NOT DISPOSABLE LABOR. WOMEN ARE NOT DISPOSABLE LABOR. WOMEN. ARE. NOT. DISPOSABLE. LABOR.
07 Nov, 10:12 PM UTC
Joshua Benton
With layoffs happening today at Bustle, here are its four most recent reviews from employees on Glassdoor https://t.co/8L1vKlrcHu
07 Nov, 07:46 PM UTC
Jordan Zakarin
Hearing news about the Bustle layoffs today, re-upping this to let people know I'm happy to take pitches and hope other editors can respond if they need writers, too https://t.co/t7vvyvpF8q
07 Nov, 06:34 PM UTC
Olivia Muenter
To all my former Bustle colleagues that lost their jobs today: Sending you all the positive vibes and here if you ever need any freelance leads or tips or just someone to vent to. And to all editors: HIRE THEM.
07 Nov, 08:33 PM UTC
Alexis Benveniste
A lot of incredibly talented people were let go from Bustle today. Send them love (or money on Venmo). Share their work. Keep them in mind when you hear about new job openings. Connect them with people who might be able to help.
07 Nov, 06:38 PM UTC
Joelle Monique ✍🏾
My thoughts are with the incredible staff at Bustle who today find themselves out of work. This industry is such a struggle.
07 Nov, 06:01 PM UTC
Lindsay Denninger
FWIW, @bustle also laid off many part-time freelancers, including me, so if you need words about #GreysAnatomy or #VanderpumpRules or #RealHousewives or #TheBachelor, I am so available: https://t.co/dA3rNGCpRY
07 Nov, 05:26 PM UTC
Rebecca Bodenheimer
So far all of the #Bustle writers I've seen tweeting that they've been laid off are young women (several seem to be WOC and/or Latinas) - in case you were wondering who tends to be the first in line in media layoffs
07 Nov, 07:12 PM UTC
Lucia Moses
Bustle employees are tweeting about layoffs. Read our recent inside reporting on Bustle by @BenjaminGoggin https://t.co/p31AjNOVFq
07 Nov, 05:34 PM UTC
Cade Grimm ☀️ LOKI SERIES ४
Appreciation tweet for Loki's leather bustle in Thor 1, because wow was that a look™ and a half. https://t.co/ohCq9Nq22z
07 Nov, 09:59 PM UTC
Adriana Herrera No Esta Here 🇩🇴💫
🗣️ICMYI I wrote a piece for @bustle about why #ownvoices immigrant stories in #romance are shifting the narrative around Happily Ever After and redefining what "universal" means in genre fiction. https://t.co/yyFlFTAmZg
07 Nov, 03:58 PM UTC
NY Public Library
Rainbow Rowell and Faith Erin Hicks share recommendations for some of their favorite YA graphic novels. Have you read them? https://t.co/E9wQmxGDbq?
07 Nov, 08:53 PM UTC
Jennifer Weiner
Grateful to @C_Arreola and to #Bustle for smart, thoughtful coverage my work, and the work of so many other women writers. https://t.co/UJ2nwcueTx
07 Nov, 10:32 PM UTC
Bustle Staffers Laid Off as Company Promises ‘Major Site Relaunch’ https://t.co/zeQQxIZR27
07 Nov, 07:34 PM UTC
B. Goggin
NEW: At least 14 full and part time employees were cut today at Bustle Digital Group. 8 of those were full-time staff. https://t.co/1hDNZuyLwk
07 Nov, 08:47 PM UTC

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