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Daniel Swain
Extremely dangerous #CalwoodFire just north of Boulder, CO directly affecting WUI right now. I have observed multiple large fire vortices and a large, rotating pyrocumulus column. Wow. #COwx https://t.co/BCnUhMIScn
17 Oct, 09:23 PM UTC
BOULDER COUNTY — 5min time-lapse of #CalwoodFire burning near Jamestown, CO (as viewed from Niwot.)#FOX31 #cowx @BrooksWeather's photo on #CalWoodFire
17 Oct, 08:35 PM UTC
Boulder OEM
The Town of Jamestown is being evacuated due to the #CalwoodFire.
17 Oct, 07:48 PM UTC
Daniel Swain
Scary scene just northwest of #Boulder, CO where #CalwoodFire is exploding under high wind conditions. #COwx @Weather_West's photo on #CalWoodFire
17 Oct, 08:38 PM UTC
Boulder OEM
Livestock (horses, cows, sheep, chickens, pigs, etc.) shelter at the Boulder County Fairgrounds, 9595 Nelson Rd, Longmont. Pets (cats, dogs, etc.) can go with you to evacuation point at Iris/Broadway or to the Boulder Valley Humane Society, 2323 55th St, Boulder. #CalWoodFire
17 Oct, 10:15 PM UTC
Boulder OEM
Road Closures for #CalWoodFire (cont.) -Olde Stage @ Lee Hill -Lee Hill @ Lefthand Canyon -Broadway @ Hw36 -Neva @ Hwy 36 -Nelson @ Hwy 36 -St. Vrain @ Hwy 36 -Hygiene Rd @ Hwy 36
17 Oct, 09:46 PM UTC
James Dougherty
This is a very serious situation at the #CalwoodFire burning northwest of #BoulderCO. This area is populated with mountain homes. It’s also very dense with camping and hiking trails.... Taking into account how fast this fire has spread so far, I hope everyone makes it out ok. @DoughertyKMGH's photo on #CalWoodFire
17 Oct, 09:02 PM UTC
Steve Fenberg
Let this summer of #cofire serve as a major wake up call that we are woefully underfunding wildfire prevention, mitigation, and response in Colorado. We absolutely must do more in 2021 to adapt to the new normal that climate change is bringing. #calwoodfire @SteveFenberg's photo on #CalWoodFire
17 Oct, 08:54 PM UTC
NWS Boulder
Satellite Imagery shows explosive fire growth on the Cal Wood Fire in Boulder County this afternoon. #cowx #cofire #CalWoodFire @NWSBoulder's photo on #CalWoodFire
17 Oct, 09:17 PM UTC
Phil Plait
Today. 12:45, then 3:45. #CalWoodFire https://t.co/LfPogKNYca
17 Oct, 10:06 PM UTC
Boulder OEM
An emergency call center has been opened for the #CalWoodFire. The phone number is 303-413-7730. Please use this phone number for non-emergency questions about the fire. Please keep 911 for emergency calls only.
17 Oct, 11:06 PM UTC
Colorado Storm Chasers
Heartbreaking. At least 4 homes so far lost west of 36 and Nelson #CalWoodFire #ColoradoFire #ColoradoFires @BrianBledsoe @AdamAtchison @NicoleHeinsTV https://t.co/JxBYkXWNqZ
17 Oct, 10:43 PM UTC
Boulder OEM
For a map with information about the #CalWoodFire please go to: https://t.co/bUhSyWolXj.
17 Oct, 11:01 PM UTC
Mitchell Byars
ALERT: #Boulder County has expanded evacuation area to some areas east of U.S. 36. Pre-evac areas south of James Canyon #CalWoodFire: https://t.co/yglMoqxtxP @mitchellbyars's photo on #CalWoodFire
17 Oct, 10:59 PM UTC
Mitchell Byars
While I am in the office monitoring the scanner and posting updates, @Katielangford35 and @KelseyHammon2 are out in the field looking to talk to #CalWoodFire evacuees. Give them a follow and reach out if you are one of them
17 Oct, 10:53 PM UTC
Neil Lareau
Double trouble on the front range. #CameronPeakFire and #CalWoodFire twin plumes. #COwx #COfire https://t.co/T3Py0jVo5W
17 Oct, 09:31 PM UTC
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#calwoodfire #boulder l #ColoradoFires CalWood Fire Near Boulder, Colorado - LIVE NEWS COVERAGE https://t.co/rSAiIlIe68
17 Oct, 10:25 PM UTC
Anne Gross
My husband took this photo of the amazing pilot fighting the #CalWoodFire right now. https://t.co/N4LQkHTaMY
17 Oct, 10:53 PM UTC
Marc Sallinger
The #CalwoodFire burning in Boulder County is producing a massive smoke plume. You can see the orange flames from many miles away in Boulder. Evacuations underway #9News @MarcSallinger's photo on #CalWoodFire
17 Oct, 08:18 PM UTC
Joshua Barrios
Took these just over an hour ago #CalWoodFire https://t.co/Wrnqb7J6WK
17 Oct, 10:15 PM UTC
Edward O'Malley
This was the situation at my house on Olde Stage Road at about 3:30pm. We've evacuated from the Cal-Wood Fire and we are all safe, including pets. #CalWoodFire https://t.co/hbqQwdsam7
17 Oct, 10:53 PM UTC
Corinna Robbins
Currently in #Boulder: sunny with a chance of apocalypse. Again. #CalWoodFire https://t.co/MSRrcoMPmS
17 Oct, 08:54 PM UTC
Rep. Joe Neguse
After spending the morning with evacuees from the #CameronPeakFire, we learned of the #CalWoodFire now burning in Boulder County. Grateful for the opportunity to drop off supplies for folks at the evac site — follow @BoulderOEM for the latest alerts, and please stay safe! https://t.co/XaqfsmUNQg
17 Oct, 11:09 PM UTC
James Dougherty
Simply unreal. #CalwoodFire #BoulderCO @DoughertyKMGH's photo on #CalWoodFire
17 Oct, 08:25 PM UTC
BOULDER — Extreme fire behavior from the new #CalwoodFire. Winds ripping down the mountain are spreading it fast and some structures are nearby. Extreme drought in the region and dry fuels are worst-case for this blaze ~5mi north of Boulder. #FOX31 #cowx https://t.co/GztXgmM6e6
17 Oct, 10:13 PM UTC
Chad Richardson
Another view of the #CalWoodFire from downtown #boulder #pearlstreet #cowx https://t.co/HrXYu0bz6I
17 Oct, 09:33 PM UTC
sean collins
#calwoodfire from eagle trail at 3:48pm https://t.co/H68bffBcrP
17 Oct, 10:34 PM UTC
New fire in Boulder County as Colorado fires continue to rage https://t.co/Zfh0kj01Yf #cowx #COFire #CalWoodFire #CameronPeakFire #EastTroublesomeFire
17 Oct, 10:40 PM UTC
Allyson Rugg Stebbins
#CalwoodFire from Hygiene Rd about 330pm Sat. https://t.co/3rqumu1pz6
17 Oct, 10:35 PM UTC
Hannah Fertig
Ash and air from #CalWoodFire on my porch. Air quality at 210 and rising quickly. Don’t go outside if you live in Longmont, watch for evacuation orders, and be prepared to get out. Posting resources in thread https://t.co/ks2U0znyhP
17 Oct, 11:09 PM UTC

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