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Christian Seavey
Hey my names Christian. I’m a camboy. I’m 23. I like to play games. I’m a headass. My lane is Reggie #Camboysfamily @Seavey_Chris's photo on #CamboysFamily
22 Feb, 07:13 PM UTC
The CamBoys™️
WE SEE YALL #CamboysFamily
22 Feb, 08:43 PM UTC
jc is our stream dad😂 #CamboysFamily
22 Feb, 10:34 PM UTC
#CamboysFamily so thankful for all of you💙
22 Feb, 10:19 PM UTC
y’all have absolutely no regards for the algorithm huh? you just get whatever you want trending whenever you want? lmfao i love seeing all your beautiful faces #CamboysFamily 💕 ps. my lane was savagge but ever since the hot cheetos comment now i’m a kian lawley stan.
22 Feb, 08:41 PM UTC
ily guys #CamboysFamily
22 Feb, 09:07 PM UTC
i woke up to #CamboysFamily trending on twitter. i hope y'all know how crazy that actually is to me. i love y'all, forever and always. 💙
22 Feb, 08:54 PM UTC
#CamboysFamily I love y’all so much 💙
22 Feb, 10:13 PM UTC
I love being a part of the #CamboysFamily SUCH AN AMAZING COMMUNITY!!!
22 Feb, 09:15 PM UTC
Savagge 🥀
Appreciate all of the boys and the amazing support y’all show to us 💙 #CamboysFamily
22 Feb, 10:27 PM UTC
Hey lovess💗 this is me ~ I’m Patchy🥰 ~ I’m in Canada, QC ~ I’m 20y/o she/her ~ I love them all but KnJ are my babies & Kevin Langue holds a special place in my heart🥺💛 (ps: I secretly stan reggie but don’t tell him that🤭) #CamboysFamily @theCAMBOYS https://t.co/guyuuLMYm1
22 Feb, 07:32 PM UTC
hey bestiessss this is me:) my name is abby, i’m 17, and i’m from texas:) my fav camboy is danny but i love them all and support them all. i love this community cause it’s my safe place & can’t wait to make more friends<3 @theCAMBOYS #CamboysFamily https://t.co/wfP8m30fOy
22 Feb, 08:14 PM UTC
Hello! My name is Kiersten, I’m 20. I’ve been a huge fan of KNJ since the O2L days. I just recently got twitch and this fan account and it’s the best decision I could have made. Everyone puts a smile on my face easily, this community is lovely #Camboysfamily https://t.co/hZbMsBUiw0
22 Feb, 07:23 PM UTC
late to the trend but lemme introduce myselfffff... -hi im lauren, - im 22, from the UK🤩 -and because of this amazing group of people, i have the most upside down sleep schedule in the world. i love them all dearly though🤍 #CamboysFamily @theCAMBOYS https://t.co/mEXwy1toTh
22 Feb, 09:03 PM UTC
hii, let's be friends!! 💜 • name: luna (she/her) • country: argentina • age: 19 but my bday is in 12 days ;) • i speak spanish, english & finnish i cant choose just one camboy so here's me matching w knj + reggie hit me up, im nice!! ✨ — #camboysfamily @theCAMBOYS https://t.co/Denp0Gikcu
22 Feb, 08:44 PM UTC
ang ♡̷̷ˎˊ || sleeping
hi hey <3 - my names ang - i’m 17 - i’m from germany - i love all the guys, but danny reggie and crawf r my lanes ig :) - kinda also applying for moots w this so hey pls :,) #camboysfamily @theCAMBOYS https://t.co/hFW4iaydUj
22 Feb, 09:05 PM UTC
hii 🤎 - my name is julie - i’m 21 years old - i live in norway - i love them aaaall but i watch these guys the most lets be friends!! i need more moots #CamboysFamily @theCAMBOYS https://t.co/sg6Azs3uPA
22 Feb, 09:26 PM UTC
hii since we’re introducing ourselves i’m darya, i’m 21 and i’m living in germany i loveeee everyone but my favs are these three because they make me laugh every single day💙💙 annnnnd i love to make new frieeeends here #Camboysfamily https://t.co/6dzf19FTET
22 Feb, 09:00 PM UTC
hey it me cassie aka shaky camera girl, im sixteen from canada 🤌🏻 i guess kane, willbert, and shrimpford are my favs 🤺 — their streams have been my safe space and i cant thank them enough for everything they do 🤍 #CamboysFamily https://t.co/5byRXRfI8z
22 Feb, 07:31 PM UTC
hhhey cuties lemme introduce myself, - my name is amelie 😁 - i’m 18 almost 19 - i’m from cali - i mostly watch dev & jc but don’t tell them.. - i love the scamboys sm they deserve the world i guess <333 they been busy cutting the checks recently fr #CamboysFamily https://t.co/kxhaCxqHUf
22 Feb, 10:04 PM UTC
hi guys - im a ginger named jessica - 23 years old from Michigan - fav color is black - i wanna make more friends in this fandom talk to me i love all the camboys and am so happy to be part of this family. I have too many favs but these boys are my go tos <3 #camboysfamily https://t.co/lyHGwPXdUp
22 Feb, 08:00 PM UTC
hi baes -my name is mary -i’m 19 from arizona -my fav is danny but i love them all <3 -let’s be friends yeah? 🤍 #CamboysFamily https://t.co/qCZvvKCSrW
22 Feb, 08:38 PM UTC
hii i’m allison and i’m 18! i’m from toronto, canada🤍 i love all the guys but my favs are fs kevin, jc and crawf! #CamboysFamily https://t.co/4JfYewwhOA
22 Feb, 09:12 PM UTC
hey guys !! I just made this account so I’d love to make new friends 😚 so lemme introduce myself i’m kay ♉️🤍 • i’m from the bay area • 22 • I love all of them all but you’ll see me mainly in kian,jc and dannys chat ! #CamboysFamily https://t.co/El2TIsA3dm
22 Feb, 09:56 PM UTC
angel 🕊💙
✨hi! let’s be friends✨ • i’m angel • i’m from virginia, united states • 20 • she/her • love all of them but dyl and brian are my favs <3 #Camboysfamily https://t.co/OVDjF0cQ8D
22 Feb, 07:49 PM UTC
Hello everyone 👋🏻 My name is Katelyn. I’m from Indiana and I’m excited to meet all of you!! I don’t really have a favorite camboy. They are all amazing in their own way and bring so much joy into my life, so it’s hard to choose 🥺❤️ #Camboysfamily https://t.co/tkPaWGnKm6
22 Feb, 07:16 PM UTC
Sarah 🌸
Hey guys (I know I’m late but) -I’m Sarah -I’m from Florida -I’m 16 -My lanes are Christian, Dyl, and Kevin <3 -I love you all so much! Thanks for being such a major part of my happiness💙 #CamboysFamily https://t.co/XekYL9hlqF
22 Feb, 08:58 PM UTC
Hi💙 - My name is Emilia - she/her - I’m 19 - I'm from chile:) international supremacy - sadly, danny's lane, but I love them all:) [#CamboysFamily @theCAMBOYS] https://t.co/ZyjpRu78KO
22 Feb, 08:50 PM UTC
lauren ♥
hi pals! i’m lauren. i’m 19. i’m from michigan. :) i really don’t like picking favorites bc i love all of the boys but i watch danny the most. i’m v shy so making friends is a lil hard for me but i’m open to becoming mutuals! #camboysfamily https://t.co/m7WAHVgoK3
22 Feb, 07:35 PM UTC
i’m late and i’m reusing these pictures but - im hope - i’m 20 she/her - from virginia - and i love the camboys w all my heart <3 they make me happy #CamboysFamily https://t.co/tZ40QroWhs
23 Feb, 12:08 AM UTC

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